#ILTA14 and InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey is Released

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The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and InsideLegal, an insider’s guide to doing business in legal technology, released the findings of the “2014 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey” (Survey). The Survey, expanded in 2013 to include feedback from all ILTA member law firms, includes detailed technology budget data; updated information on firms’ social media and publication preferences; a look at tablet and mobile purchases and security plans; legal IT and Big Data trends, and expansive sections on current and future legal technology purchases. Survey findings will be presented as part of ILTA/InsideLegal’s Vendor education program in conjunction with ILTA’s Annual Conference, taking place at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, August 17-21, 2014.

The 2014 survey, the 9th edition of this ILTA/InsideLegal collaboration, garnered a 20% response rate with 281 unique ILTA member firm responses. The 31 question web-based survey was distributed to 1,407 ILTA member law firms. 86% of all responses came from the U.S., 8% from Canada, and the remaining 6% a mix of the U.K., Europe, Australia and South America.

“ILTA and InsideLegal have long collaborated on legal technology education focused on enhancing our value, not only at the annual conference, but throughout the year,” stated Peggy Wechsler, ILTA’s Program Director. “The ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey is a perfect example of how InsideLegal partners with us on giving back to the industry and provides additional benefits to our members. The feedback we receive from the broader legal community validates our decision to take on this project every year and distribute and share this free resource.”

2014 Survey highlights include:

·         54% of all respondents, including 72% of ‘Over50’ firms, spend 2-4% of total firm revenue on technology

·         62% of all responding firms spend more than $8,000 on technology per attorney; 61% of ‘Under50’ firms spend less than $8,000 on technology per attorney

·         Top technology purchases among all surveyed firms in 2014 include: laptops/notebooks (64%), desktop hardware/PCs (63%), network upgrade/servers (50%), printers/multifunctional devices (47%) and antivirus/antispam/spyware software (41%)

·         Over50 firms dominated purchases in several application areas including analytics software; docketing/calendaring; electronic discovery software; HR management software; mobile device management and workflow automation

·         Based on survey responses, internet research, peer recommendations and consultants are the top influences for legal IT purchasing decisions

·         76% of survey respondents have not worked with an industry/research analyst

·         Big data planning: 10% of all respondents are working on formalizing their big data strategy and an additional 6% already have a big data plan in place

·         90% of respondents rely on outside consultants to assist with some aspect of firm operations, technology and infrastructure

·         91% of surveyed firms’ attorneys use tablets as part of their day-to-day work

·         86% of survey respondents indicated that they either have a formal mobile device security policy in place or are establishing one

·         Outside of the IT department, attorneys (80%) most frequently request technology purchases followed by Firm Administration (53%) and Practice/Litigation Support (31%)

·         Top answers to the open-ended ‘most exciting technology or trend’ question included mobility (e.g., tablets, mobile device management); cloud services, specifically –as-a-Service models including analytics, disaster recovery, security, and DMS; virtualization; and wearable technologies.

“InsideLegal has partnered with ILTA for over a decade on various industry programs and deliverables including the legal technology survey, now in its 9th year,” said JoAnna Forshee, CEO, InsideLegal. “We are continually astounded by the great data and participation we receive from ILTA members, and this year was no exception. The IT purchasing, budget and technology trend data just keeps getting richer, so we are keen to share these findings and analysis with the legal industry.”

The complete survey can be downloaded at InsideLegal. For more information on the survey results, methodology and other legal market research initiatives, contact Jobst Elster.

Wow! Blam! Pow! Wham! #ILTA14 Comic Con Kick Starts the Conference

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What a blast last night in the exhibit hall Grand Opening for ILTA 2014 at the Gaylord in Nashville. Although I was busy fighting crime as Docket Man, I got a chance to run around and get some quick shots of our fellow comic characters.


Flex Print did a marvelous job of getting into the spirit – in several ways ;)


Cap’n Jack Sparrow – in full character – from Cavo was moving around so much that it was hard to get a good shot off!


But the Cap’n did manage to stumble into the Traveling Coaches booth for a quick photo – Traveling Coaches – top dogs at the show from my perspective.


Let’s not forget our own JuraLaw Justice League complete with Power of Attorney Woman, Docket Man, Wonder Calendar Woman, Themis and Judge Dreadline.


“Luke, I am your father,” so said the Winscribe gang – love the Chewbacca outfit!

ILTA 2014 – Imagine the Possibilities!

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IMAGINE-banner1Let’s imagine the possibilities at this year’s ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) Conference that begins on Sunday, August 17th and runs through Thursday, August 21st at the Gaylord in Nashville, TN. An exciting schedule filled with educational sessions, networking events, exhibits and keynotes that will help to incubate the many creative and highly intelligent minds of attendees.

Keynote speakers include Peter Diamandis, author of “ABUNDANCE – The Future Is Better Than You Think.” He will provide insights on the impact of artificial intelligence, computational Systems, digital manufacturing/3-D printing, synthetic biology/bioinformatics digital medicine and robotics and nanomaterials.  Rod Beckstrom, a well-known cybersecurity authority, Internet leader and expert on organizational leadership and former President and CEO of ICANN, will talk about his experience dealing the global cybersecurity scene. Rohit Talwar, global futurist, will draw on ILTA’s Legal Technology Future Horizons study findings to describe the journey of reinvention law firms must embark on in the decade ahead.

Education Sessions are organized under several tracks: Information Management, Organization Management, Applications and Desktop, Technology Operations and The Future and ILTA initiatives.  Over 200 programs are being offered at this year’s conference.

ILTA and InsideLegal to Release 2014 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey

ILTA and InsideLegal, an insider’s guide to doing business in legal technology, are set to release the findings of the “2014 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey” (Survey) during conference. The Survey, expanded to include feedback from all ILTA member law firms, includes detailed technology budget data; updated information on firms’ social media and publication preferences; an in-depth look at tablet and mobile purchasing patterns; legal IT and Big Data trends, and expansive sections on current and future legal technology purchases. Survey findings will be presented as part of ILTA/InsideLegal’s Vendor education program on Monday, August 18th, in conjunction with ILTA’s Annual Conference, taking place at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville.

Along with the keynotes, networking and ed sessions are the exhibitors.  ILTA has a fun exhibit hall opening planned for Monday night with a Comic Con theme.  Exhibitors will decorate their booths and dress up in costumes – this should prove to be quite a lot of fun.

Here is a preview of some key vendors at the show:

JuraLaw_Shield_smallJuraLaw® by Law Bulletin Publishing Company
Booth 633

The JuraLaw® Justice League will defend the rights of lawyers to properly calendar and docket their cases at the ILTA Conference in Booth 633. The JuraLaw team will get into the Comic Con spirit of this year’s ILTA conference as the JuraLaw Justice League. JuraLaw will be demonstrating several new features including multiple reminders, seamless connectivity to Outlook Exchange, document management with NetDocuments and New York court calendars and dockets. Don’t miss the full features of JuraLaw, the only completely web-based docket management product available at ILTA in Booth 633.  For more info, visit JuraLaw.com.

Booth # 406/408

As the legal industry continues to evolve against the backdrop of BYOD trends, legal professionals are searching for ways to share large, confidential files from a number of different devices. Securing the document at surface level is only one part of it – just as concerning, if not more, are the implications of letting hidden data (metadata) fall into the wrong hands.

Last year at ILTA leading enterprise collaboration provider, Workshare, announced Professional 8 to address this very concern. Professional 8 protects legal documents that are shared beyond the corporate network. Its key features include metadata stripping in addition to permissions settings that control how documents are accessed once shared, such as preview-only or time-restricted access. Since its launch last year, Professional 8 has been selected by some of the top legal firms, including Ward Hadaway in the UK.

Workshare is passionate about educating legal professionals about file sharing and collaboration risks and recently introduced Workshare Detect, a free tool that identifies sensitive data contained within documents. Users simply upload the file of their choice, and Detect rates the document based on risk level.

This year at ILTA Workshare is reimagining collaboration with a number of major announcements that reaffirm its dedication to the legal sector. Workshare will also be showcasing its latest developments on the stand. Stop by Workshare’s booth at #406/408 to learn more.

Levit & James, Inc.

Levit & James, Inc. now reports that all of the ten largest U.S. law firms, as ranked in the National Law Journal’s 2014 NLJ 350 list, are using Best Authority to create their Tables of Authorities (TOAs).

“Few, if any, legal-specific software products have ever achieved such an overwhelming market share as Best Authority,” said Ian Levit, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for Levit & James. “We believe our reasonable pricing structure has made the software affordable to organizations of every size and makeup, by basing the price on the size of a firm’s litigation practice.”

In all, more than 750 customers, including 83 of the 2014 NLJ 350 list’s 100 largest law firms, are using Best Authority. Customers range from sole practitioners to the largest firms, as well as numerous government agencies and nonprofits.​

Catalyst Repository Systems
Booth #1016

Catalyst Repository Systems, creators of the secure, cloud-based e-discovery platform Insight and a pioneer in developing secure, cloud-based software to help corporations and their law firms take control of e-discovery, compliance and regulatory matters will be showcasing their latest innovations in action, partnerships and progress. Catalyst’s highlights for ILTA 2014 include:

Introducing TAR 2.0: Catalyst will be showcasing the latest features of its next-generation technology assisted review (TAR 2.0) platform, Insight Predict. TAR 2.0 and the next generation of predictive ranking overcome TAR’s initial limits by allowing continuous active learning, continuous ranking, and training by large review teams. Come for a demo and see TAR 2.0 in action!

Results-side Analytics: Catalyst will unveil a major enhancement to Catalyst Insight, results-side analytics. Results-side analytics provide a powerful new ways to refine search results, enabling users to quickly cull and narrow document sets and reduce the cost and time of review. The addition of results-side analytics to Catalyst Insight will now empower users to more quickly cull and filter search results and produce charts that provide on-the-fly visual analysis of results.

E-discovery & Predictive Coding in Asia Pac: E-discovery adoption is on the rise in the Asia Pac region and Catalyst has been at the forefront of this development with proven expertise in solving the challenge of multi-language e-discovery and predictive coding engine designed to handle and analyze Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) data. Catalyst will be discussing new use cases from its work in the Asia Pac region.

Partner News: Catalyst will also be discussing some of the latest developments with their new partners which include both new Asian partners and integration partners.

Business Integrity®
Booth #504

Business Integrity®, the world leader in automated legal document automation solutions for law firms and corporations, will be demonstrating the latest 5.2 version of ContractExpress.

ContractExpress 5 was introduced in March 2014 featuring a new mobile-first user interface. ContractExpress has always enabled attorneys to create and maintain their templates directly within Microsoft Word and then publish to the ContractExpress web server with one click, all without requiring programmers. The latest version is even better, with many new features for all aspects of document automation.

Users can choose to install ContractExpress on-premises, to have it hosted, or to use it as a Cloud service. For law firms, ContractExpress 5.2 includes features to strengthen the lawyer-client relationship including client interviews by email to gather client information more quickly and efficiently. For a public example of ContractExpress 5 in action, see Cooley GO.

The ContractExpress team will be demonstrating ContractExpress 5.2 running on PCs, Macs, iPads, and smartphones. Also, the team will be demonstrating ContractExpress for SharePoint for law firms looking to leverage their SharePoint based client extranets, as used by Seyfarth Shaw as part of its ILTA award winning SeyfarthLean client site, and by Baker Donelson and Davis Wright Tremaine as part of their client extranets.

Booth #601, 603

BigHand delivers innovative productivity-enhancing software to busy time-focused professionals, wherever and whenever they need it. BigHand offers cloud-based and enterprise versions of our voice productivity technology – the next generation of digital dictation – and incorporates desktop, remote digital device and smartphone access; workflow; and voice recognition.

Innovative Computing Systems
Booth #728

Innovative Computing Systems, Inc. (ICS) has focused exclusively on the technology needs of law firms since 1989. The company services large and midsize firms in California and across the United States and takes a best-of-breed approach to all of its offerings. ICS selects only premier technology partners to provide solutions to its clients and is committed to maintaining long-term strategic relationships with clients to ensure the highest levels of success with IT initiatives.

Tikit North America
Booth #513/515

Tikit North America (Tikit NA), a division of one of the largest providers of technology solutions and services to global legal and accounting firms, Tikit Ltd., today announced its technology solution line-up for next week’s International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Annual Educational Conference. The Tikit NA team will be engaging ILTA members throughout the four day conference with its latest innovations in the Tikit Carpe Diem timekeeping suite of software solutions including Carpe Diem Classic 2014, just released Carpe Diem Mobile app for Windows Mobile 8, Carpe Diem Enterprise and Carpe Diem TimeFinder; and a sneak peek preview of the next generation of Carpe Diem holistic timekeeping technology. Conference attendees will also be able to benefit from a preview of the soon to be released latest version of Tikit eMarketing; the new and improved Tikit Template Management System (TMS); as well as the North American legal launch of the Dolby Voice-enabled audio conferencing solution, BT MeetMe.

Tikit NA’s parent company’s conferencing product, BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, is also making its North American legal market premier. The high quality sound and innovative voice separation completely eliminates awkward and inefficient audio quality thereby improving communication and collaboration levels which are especially relevant for the legal sector. BT is one of the leading conferencing solution providers globally and has over 2,400 customers in the US and Canada, and now through Tikit NA law firms can access a full range of audio, video and web conferencing solutions. ILTA conference attendees won’t be able to miss the BT MeetMe launch with Tikit setting up two British-style phone boxes where they can experience first-hand BT Meet Me with Dolby Voice.

Beyond experiencing live demos of all Tikit offerings at booth 513/515, ILTA conference goers will be able to join Tikit subject matter experts in specially designated sessions in Tikit’s demo suite to discuss and preview next generation timekeeping and template management trends and solutions.

Lucid IQ
Booth # 200

Lucid IQ created CaseManagerPro, the leading cloud-based case and matter management platform. CaseManagerPro allows all parties involved in a case or matter to be better organized and connected to all elements of a case. Unique features allow the system to be customized to the specific needs of the case and the client. The platform offers improved productivity and reduced cost to the firms that use it. CaseManagerPro is backed by a highly intelligent and client-driven team who work to ensure the system meets and exceeds the needs of every client.

Keno Kozie Associates
Booth #334

Keno Kozie will be onsite to talk with attendees about why law firms across America are making Keno Kozie their IT partner of choice. Keno Kozie can help law firms with:

· IT Consulting
· System Integration & Support
· Document Management Services
· Advanced Legal Applications
· Security and Risk Management Services
· Managed Services
· 24/7/365 Help Desk Support

Booth #1014

The company will be unveiling the most secure and user-intuitive cloud file sharing solution for legal professionals at ILTA 2014. By partnering with Hitachi Credeon Cloud Data Protection, TitanFile is able to deliver the first-of-its-kind cloud file sharing solution to the legal market, which enables users to maintain control of the encryption key. Traditionally, the service provider of the cloud solution owns and maintains the encryption keys, and clients who want client-side encryption must use third-party software and add-ons.

Booth #729

LawBase is a powerful and customizable case management solution known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software in order to maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

Booth #635

The New CoSign Click: Fast, Efficient and Secure Digital Signing Processes for Partners and Clients

ARX, the global leader in digital signature solutions, is announcing the launch of CoSign Click, an add-on component to CoSign Central and CoSign Cloud. CoSign Click helps seamlessly extend digital signing capabilities, accelerate workflow processes, and improve collaboration by enabling law firms to easily and efficiently collect digital signatures from their partners, clients and other external parties. Documents are exported for signing directly from the user’s existing workflows and sent securely to external parties from the CoSign Click interface. After the document is signed via a web-based mobile-ready application, the signed version is sent directly back to the user’s document management system. The system is based on centralized management, ensuring document security throughout the signing process and enabling access only to authorized users. CoSign Click can be deployed in one of two ways – cloud-based, where both the CoSign Click application and the digital signature processing flow are provided as a service, eliminating the need to set up any hardware or software; or on-premise, where both the CoSign Click application and the CoSign Central server that handles digital signature processing flow are installed on-site, ensuring complete control over the signing process. Visit CoSign at booth #635 to take CoSign Click for a test drive.

Booth #536

Encoretech, a premiere learning & development organization delivering technology training and migration solutions to the legal and corporate communities, is introducing the Technology Training Program Audit, a Training-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering that helps law firms develop and align training objectives to their business objectives and strategic imperatives. The audits will help legal IT and legal training leaders really know what’s working, what can be improved and how, and to what extent technology training goals and application use and overall adoption are in alignment. The purpose of the audit is to establish a benchmark of where the firm’s technology training program is today, its learning objectives, needs, and performance gaps impacting program effectiveness. The training audit program, which typically takes 30-90 days, includes the following core components:

• Training department analysis: Which training systems are in place? Are they working and aligned with how firm attorneys and other users need to consume training? How does the lack of technology training skills impact the ability to deliver documents in a timely and secure manner?

• Training needs and GAP analysis: The audit will identify key business drivers and align the technology training objectives. How can I ‘reboot’ my training program to align my current program with what business needs to be delivered in the future?

• Performance analysis: Is overall training department performance keeping up with user and client demands? Are training program delivery, style and availability aligned with positive results?

• Skills and learner review: Assessing basic skills and benchmarking proficiency requirements provide a starting point for achieving efficiency and productivity gains. Do legal professionals understand the types of skills clients expect them to have?

Encoretech will be at booth 536 and, led by Jeffrey Roach, will be teaching several educational sessions including a Solution Showcase on TaaS and technology training program audits. View their full onsite program here.

7th Annual eDiscovery Survey Response Analysis

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By Tom O’Connor


The Law Bulletin Publishing Company has just concluded its 7th Annual eDiscovery and Technology Survey of Illinois attorneys. 144 lawyers replied to the survey, almost exactly the same number as last year. This year’s survey asked 34 eDiscovery-specific questions regarding attorneys experience with eDiscovery matters, vendors and products. The final two questions asked for responses on the most important eDiscovery issues as well as thoughts on litigation hold policies.

Who’s Who?

The respondents to the survey represented a good cross-section of practitioners, with the majority being in private practice (73% – slightly higher than the past three years level of 70%), 10% in government practice (down from 13% last year) and 9% in corporate practice, down slightly from 10% from last year. The remainder were in a variety of administrative, teaching or public service roles.

Of the private practitioners, 35% were in a solo practice (up from 20% last year) while respondents from firms between two and twenty attorneys at 32% dropped from 38%. Firms between 20-50 were at 9% (down 4%) while firms over 50 dropped again from nearly 1/3 of the total respondents two years ago to 23% this year. Firms over 300 also dropped significantly from 11% last year to .05% this year. The distribution of responses has clearly gone from a more balanced set of answers from both small and large firms to one where 2/3 of the responses now come from solo or small firms.

The number of partners answering continues to grow at 43% (from 32% two years ago) with 15% being associates (12% two years ago). In-house counsel remained steady at 9% while the number of non-attorneys dropped dramatically from 42% last year to 14% this year. The trend last year was more involvement from large firm participants such as partners and an increasing number of ediscovery specialists, including IT managers, practice managers, paralegals, claims examiners, law students and even document reviewers. The rise in solo and small firm respondents this year has clearly reduced the number of answers from non-attorneys.


46% of the respondents identified themselves as litigation specialists, with specific areas of Family Law, Personal Injury and Insurance dominating their practice areas. Coporate law dropped from 19% to 9% , with drops in other areas such as Taxation (13% to 7%), Real Estate (18% to 14%), Finance (12% to 7%) also reflecting the lower large firm responses. Probate law increased slightly from 8% to 9% while Bankruptcy remained the same at 7%.

eDiscovery Initiatives

Once again this year, an extremely high number of the respondents (53%) did not answer the very first question. This is still an improvement from two years ago, when more people skipped the question than answered it, but seems to reflect an ongoing lack of awareness of how ediscovery rules and principles are evolving.

Although 74% of the respondents knew about the 7th Circuit ED Pilot Project which has been underway in Chicago for the past three years) only 5% had heard of the pilot project in the USDC for the Southern District of New York. 46% were familiar with the EDRM project (down from 51% last year) and the Georgetown ED Academy had a similar drop off from 17% to 10%.

eDiscovery Activities

Just as familiarity with the EDRM project dropped, so too did the rate of knowledge with the components of that project. 45% felt they were familiar with identification (54% last year), 37% with processing (50% last year), 58% with review (61% last year) and early case analysis went form 62% to 54% .

But familiarity held steady with both the Meet and Confer process at 53%, although 80% said they had not actually participated in a Meet and Confer and of those who did, 82% didn’t know if it helped lower the costs in their matter. Also holding steady were knowledge of litigation hold requirements at 78% and, curiously, collection procedures at 54%.

Reference Sources

SourcesSources of information showed some significant shifts. Case law (39%) and court rules (38%) continued to be the leading sources, but conferences rebounded from last year’s 30% to third place at 36% while RSS feeds finished close behind that at 34%.

Print media dropped to 17% from last year’s 31%, better than the previous years and websites also dropped from 36% to 30%. Consultants dropped from 21% to 16% while vendors dropped from 18% to 13%. Social media stayed roughly the same at 5%.

The rise in small firm respondents appears to have changed the scope of answers to this question from last year’s even distribution of electronic sources. This year, responses are spread around a number of web sites, led by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and then sites from professional organizations such as the ABA, Illinois Bar and Chicago Bar Associations.

Direct RSS feeds and conferences are a much higher source of information for this group and they are less reliant on consultants and print media. But lawyers clearly continue to think that there are multiple sources of information and are availing themselves of most of them.

How Much Is That Case Worth?

The surge in small firm respondents and subsequent drop in answers from non-attorneys resulted in an increase in people saying they handled matters involving eDiscovery from 42% to 50%. Of those, 23% said that their ED caseload had increased from last year, continuing a decrease from the high of 31% two year ago.

22% of those had matters valued under $100,000 (down from 30% last year) while cases valued between $100,000 and $1,000,000 jumped from 20% last year to 33% this year.

But for those who had cases, the number spent less than $50,000 on ED services held steady at 70% while the number spent between $50,000 and $1,000,000 went from 25% to 33%.

Those figures continue to counter the common perception that eDiscovery is a high cost/big case area of practice. In fact, like most legal work in the U.S., the majority of the cases and the median costs appear at the low end of their respective ranges and that number continues to grow more than the high end number.

Methods and Services

Like last year, the current survey shows that in-house performance of eDiscovery continues as a strong trend. 57% of respondents are doing some form of in-house eDiscovery. In-house processing is at 36% while 61% are doing some form of in-house document review. A more specific breakdown of in-house tasks shows that on the technical side, 54% are doing collection themselves, while 60% performed redactions as part of the review process. Deduping dropped slightly, from 20% to 15%.

On the non-technical side, 48% engaged in some form of overall ED project management (55% last year) while 25% performed Early Case Analysis. Only 33% said they rely on an outside service provider compared to 35% in 2011, while the hiring of an independent consultant took a slight drop from 33% to 26%.

The choice of outside service providers continues to be widely diversified. Of the 26 named providers, none had a double digit response and the single largest response was “Other”, where a list of small local companies figured heavily. Applied Discovery continued its strong showing from last year and came in first at 28% followed closely by Kroll at 25%. The next strongest were FTI at 15% with DTI and Clearwell at 1%.

The “Other” response jumped from 25% to 41%. But it is important to note that this question, like several others, continues to have more non responses than answers. 77% of the respondents did not answer this question. That margin may, in fact, may dilute the significance of the specific answers.

Software of Choice

Just as with the choice of service providers, the selection of software continued to show major shifts. Several long-time leaders in this area dropped, including Summation ( 47% to 32%), Concordance (44% to 30%) and Ipro (18% to 9%).

Diversity continued to be the rule with numerous companies mentioned here including Relativity and CaseLogistix at 19%, Clearwell at 9% Autonomy at 6%.

Web-based products showed similar diversity but with some different names.

On the Web

These numbers show a continued rise in web-based applications to host eDiscovery documents. No single product dominated the responses, although Relativity retained its home field advantage at 33% (39% last year). Case Logistix jumped into second place with 17% and FYI, Catalyst and IConnect all showed the same response rate. Lexis Nexis’ FYI dropped the most from 37% last year to 10% this year.

But the largest response in this category is also “Other” with the greatest response being “I don’t know”. This answer baffles me.

Once again this year the numbers reflect a diverse use of products and lack of clear market domination by any one product. But I also believe the drop in overall numbers reflects the increase in smaller cases which cannot afford the vast majority of web based ED products on the market.


Most Important Issues Regarding eDiscovery

Several questions were asked about the scope of the eDiscovery process and most answers continued to show strong opinions that jumped to the forefront last year. The number one concern of respondents, price, took a drop from last year at 57% to 48% this year. Processing was second at 23% and collection third at 20%.

But education stayed at 17% to capture fourth place, above both review costs (14%) and predictive coding at 8%.

Judicial decisions held at 7% and both predictive coding and concept searching came in under 10% again. In fact, despite all the national attention around the predictive coding field, when asked whether they used predictive coding, concept searching or other analytics software, only 4 respondents even answered the question and one of them said the product didn’t help them.

When it came to simplifying that process, 44% stated they would like to see the processing stage simplified compared to 64% last year while 26% would prefer to see collection made easier compared to 45% last year. Changes to review went from 34% to 44% and identification from 29% to 26. ECA held steady for the third year in a row at 29%.

The two top issues listed by the respondents are overall price and processing cost but the next two, education and litigation holds, are not price related. And when asked to discuss specifics of their litigation hold experience, more respondents skipped the questions than answered them.

So what exactly does that tell us? Cost is still the leading concern but education about the process is a close second.


We noted last year that eDiscovery had clearly matured into an integral part of the litigation process. It not only continues to cut across all the legal demographics of firm size, case values and attorneys, but this year’s results show that small firms are becoming much more involved in the eDiscovery discussion. Case decisions and ED-specific rules continue to dominate the resource landscape but education on the ED process has jumped significantly as a major issue as attorneys become more aware of the need to understand their ethical responsibilities in this part of their practice.

Well known products such as Summation and Concordance continue to see the market share erosion we first saw last year as web-based applications continue to grow in usage. Cost continues to be a major issue but attorneys continue to press for easier technical solutions to procedures such as collection and processing. And while many firms turn to full-service ED vendors for support on those procedures, an increasingly larger number are performing them in-house, also a sign of increased understanding and comfort with Ediscovery as a whole.

Yet we continue to see signs of unfamiliarity with and even fear of eDiscovery as a whole. Education remains a top concern of both judges and attorneys, so the continued growth of web sites and conferences will undoubtedly carry over through the remainder of this year.

About our author Tom O’Connor

Tom is a nationally-known consultant, speaker and writer in the area of computerized litigation support systems. His involvement with large cases led him to become familiar with dozens of software applications for litigation support and he has both designed databases and trained legal staffs in their use of eDiscovery tools. Tom is the author of The Automated Law Firm, a guide to computer systems and software published by Aspen Law & Business and The Lawyers Guide to Summation, published by the ABA.

About the Article

This article will appear with several others covering the topic of legal technology in this month’s Legal Technology Update, a special supplement to the Chicago Lawyer Magazine.

JuraLaw announces integration with NetDocuments at ABA TECHSHOW 2014

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JuraLaw National Case, Calendar and Docket Management SaaS Announces Integration with NetDocuments Cloud-based Document Management System

ABA TECHSHOW CHICAGO – March 27, 2014 – At the American Bar Association TechShow 2014 today, Law Bulletin Publishing Company (LBPC) announced a new integration between its JuraLaw® web-based national case, calendar and docket management Saas (Software-as-a-Service) and the NetDocuments® cloud-based document management system. The integration will be demonstrated at the ABA TechShow, booth #108 on Thursday, March 27th and Friday, March 28th.

JuraLaw-Team-TechshowThe new integration enables JuraLaw® users to associate documents stored in NetDocuments® to cases, dockets and diary events in JuraLaw®. The integration works in real-time, so as new documents are added to NetDocuments®, users can immediately link them to records in JuraLaw®. The intuitive interface makes selecting and viewing documents directly within JuraLaw® quick and easy. Since both JuraLaw® and NetDocuments® are cloud-based, users can access both programs anywhere and anytime from any web-enabled device.

David Glynn, Vice President of Docket Management Technologies at Law Bulletin Publishing Company, explained, “With the integration of NetDocuments®, JuraLaw® now offers the ability to associate all cases, dockets and diary events to source documents for validation and convenient reference. Access to the documents through JuraLaw® is seamless and takes advantage of NetDocuments®’ extensive enterprise search engine. When users associate documents with diary events that appear in lawyers’ calendars, lawyers can click on the link in the diary event to quickly and easily view the associated document. The efficiency advantages of the integration plus the convenience of the cloud is a winning combination which we are very pleased to be able to offer to our customers.”
“Having NetDocuments®’ rich document management functionality now available inside the JuraLaw® interface is a fantastic win for both companies and more importantly, it brings incredible value to our customers,” said Marriott Murdock, Marketing Director at NetDocuments®. “The JuraLaw® team did a great job integrating and embedding the core NetDocuments® features and crafting an excellent user experience directly in the JuraLaw® interface.”

About Law Bulletin Publishing Company and JuraLaw®
Since 1984, Law Bulletin Publishing Company (LBPC) has been a legal docket software provider, having produced the DM2000 docketing system and now JuraLaw®, a web-based national case, calendar and docket management SaaS product. LBPC’s experts have a combined 120 years of proven experience in proofing, verifying, correcting and formatting court data to ensure information is accurate and timely. JuraLaw® helps keep lawyers on track for important deadlines and on time for court appearances and in these ways reduces the risk of legal malpractice claims.

Founded in 1854, Law Bulletin Publishing Company provides a wide variety of legal and real estate publications, including the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin® newspaper, the Chicago Lawyer® magazine, Sullivan’s Law Directory® and a number of other regional legal and real estate publications and blogs.

For more information, visit www.JuraLaw.com
– Facebook: http://on.fb.me/GSfL3P
– LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/GObOKI
– Twitter: http://bit.ly/GUWIVm
– Google+: http://bit.ly/GSK0d4

About NetDocuments®
Founded in 1999, NetDocuments® web-based service has given law firms of all sizes the ability to reduce costs and increase security, mobility, and disaster recovery to documents and emails from anywhere and on any device. With fully redundant datacenters in the US and UK, NetDocuments® is used in over 1,000 law firms and financial services organizations. With anytime, anywhere access, firms are able to increase productivity and improve the client experience through a comprehensive cloud-based document management service. For more information about the company, go to www.netdocuments.com.

LegalTech NYC 2014 Offers Escape from the Polar Vortex

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You have an opportunity to escape from the polar vortex by going inside to the LegalTech New York Conference 2014 at the New York Hilton in Midtown on Tuesday, February 4th through Thursday, February 6th. This is one of the most exciting legal technology conferences of the year. This year’s schedule offers something for everyone including the solo practitioner, the managing partner, the CTO, the managing attorney/clerk and anyone who serves in or around the legal profession.  The first scheduled keynote sounds downright scary: TOR, Bitcoin, Silk Road and the Anonymous Web: Drugs, Bombs and Murder-for-Hire presented by Jason Thomas, Chief Innovator, Thomson Reuters. And there will be several sessions around the word “disruption” – back in my Catholic grade school days that was not a good thing and usually ended in some sort of corporal punishment.

The eDiscovery vendors will be out in full-force with several of them offering/sponsoring sessions. Of most interest to those practicing eDiscovery in Federal court will be the second day keynote, Judges Panel: Changing Rules and Best Practices in e-Discovery featuring several US District Court judges.  Another eDiscovery plenary session will focus on eDiscovery without the Strings Attached: how the Cloud will Change eDiscovery in 2014 and Beyond.

Remarkably, there are few sessions covering the cloud of DIYs, subjects that are near and dear to the heart of most law firm IT folks, but there is a track specifically geared to IT officers that will cover those topics.  In fact the CIO Forum that is happening in conjunction with LegalTech offers the following:

Chelsea Office Systems, Inc. celebrates 30 years in legal technology consulting, and the company’s founder and president Roberta Gelb will be moderating a distinguished panel at LegalTech’s CIO Forum  on Wednesday, February 5th.   Entitled “Why Does it Cost $800,000 to Edit a Document?”, the CIO panel was inspired by Ms. Gelb’s classic Law.com article “Beware the Hidden Costs of Document Formatting” which has become the “bible” for law firms and their trainers to justify use of technology rather than traditional manual document formatting methods.  The CIO Forum discussion will address how corporate counsel is pushing for new efficiencies and how law firms are addressing those demands by deploying software for document production, contact management and attorney timekeeping.   Panelists joining Ms. Gelb include D. Casey Flaherty, Corporate Counsel at Kia Motors America, Inc., Eugene P. Stein, Director of Information Technology at Choate Hall & Stewart LLP, and Sam Shipley, Chief Information and Operating Officer at Cole Valley Software. Mr. Flaherty will share his specific expertise pertaining to the Suffolk-Flaherty Audit, an innovative technology audit he developed in partnership with Suffolk University Law School’s Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation to test the efficiency of his outside counsel.

LegalTech NYC is a high-energy show and will provide some good information from vendors and experts.  I have attended the show for 19 years now and it’s been very interesting to see the trends and how far we have come.  We all hope to travel a little further along the road (or at least to warmer climates).  But for now, put the dog sled away and hop into the NY Hilton for a few days.  There’s always plenty of body warmth in the close quarters of the Hilton at LegalTech.Here are some of the vendor highlights below that you’ll happen upon in the exhibit hall – Enjoy!

Booth 437

Law Bulletin Publishing Company will announce at LegalTech that its JuraLaw® web-based national case, calendar and docket management SaaS product now includes New York State court calendar and docket information, as well as New York federal and bankruptcy court calendar data, all directly obtained from the courts. Additionally, JuraLaw® integrates court rules from across the nation to automatically create calendar events.

JuraLaw® notifies law firms of critical court calendar dates and deadlines in advance, and connects directly to Microsoft Outlook to populate lawyer and staff calendars. The JuraLaw® sophisticated algorithm-based system analyzes and precisely matches law firm cases to New York court information. This superior case pattern number technology leaps far ahead of anything offered by competing docket management products, providing the most accurate match of law firms’ cases to court calendar and docket information. The JuraLaw® user-friendly dashboard interface allows New York managing attorneys and clerks to review court information first, before releasing it into JuraLaw®. JuraLaw® will be demonstrated in booth 437.

Cavo eD
Booth 2404

Cavo eD, the Intelligent eDiscovery Solution, is a complete product with thematic search, automation and advanced processing. Cavo eD integrates Pre-Processing through Production on a single platform. Since eDiscovery workflows naturally are multi-dimensional and non-linear, the intuitive Ribbon Bar provides all the navigational power a user needs. Jumping from workflow to workflow and feature to feature is simple and powerful.  The platform’s intelligent search, predictive coding and distributed processing support litigation professionals tasked with Big Data discovery. Note that industry luminary Tom O’Connor has just joined the team and is extremely excited to be part of the next generation of eDiscovery software.

Booth 220

DTI provides electronic discovery and document review services, legal business process outsourcing and facilities management for F500 corporations and AmLaw 100 law firms. DTI is focused on two big announcements at LegalTech this year. The first is that it has acquired industry veteran Applied Discovery. The acquisition will add to DTI’s strong bench of experienced discovery professionals and give Applied Discovery clients access to benefits made possible by DTI’s financial stability and national reach. Secondly, DTI has opened a new state-of-the-art knowledge and document review center in Midtown Manhattan. They are offering tours of the facility daily during the show. Visit them in Booth 220 for more information.

Booth 310

RenewData, a legal consulting and technology company with solutions that address the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), will be sharing two new offerings at LegalTech New York: Language-Based Analytics Incoming Productions and enhanced dashboard features that help counsel monitor review progress, focus review efforts, and prepare for depositions. In-house and defense counsel often find themselves confronted with the task of analyzing large incoming document productions which is time-consuming, costly and difficult to analyze. Language-Based Analytics Incoming Productions uses a strategic workflow, RenewData’s Language-Based Analytics tools and consultation to help you quickly and inexpensively pinpoint key documents and answer fundamental concerns such as did you receive the documents requested, did you ask for the right documents, what do the documents say about issues and which documents will become exhibits. The company also announced enhancements to its Language-Based Analytics dashboard. By tracking key information such as hot custodians, review status by custodian, hot time frames and review progress and acceleration, the dashboard helps counsel monitor review progress, focus your review effort, and prepare for depositions.

Booth 328

World Software has expanded its mobility suite and is proud to announce the all new Worldox iPhone app and Worldox iPad app, version 2. These powerful apps provide access to the feature-rich document management system so you can access your most essential documents and collaborate on the go.

New enterprise tools for document sharing and extranet connectors will also be shown, such as:

Citrix ShareFile communicates directly with Worldox without the need to access the ShareFile web interface. Easily and securely share files with users within or outside of your organization across corporate devices, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
LegalAnywhere enables you to send and replicate files to the extranet from within Worldox (up to 100 at a time). This ultra-secure extranet system conveniently makes confidential information available to clients, outside counsel and other parties to a matter.

Booth 334

With today’s workforce becoming increasingly mobile, organizations must provide their employees with the tools they need to work efficiently while on the move. But for highly regulated industries like legal, maintaining document security is just as important, so getting this balance right is crucial.

Workshare recently announced several updates to its mobile application that will allow users more flexibility when working remotely, all while maintaining topnotch security. Updates include a new annotation feature, improved search and navigation, and file sharing and sync.

In addition to creating a truly enterprise-ready mobile app, Workshare is also catering to the needs of its users by offering a hybrid cloud deployment option for its cloud collaboration suite. This gives legal customers an opportunity to choose data center infrastructure that guarantees control and ownership of their data, giving them peace of mind that their content is behind a private firewall.  Stop by Workshare’s booth at LegalTech, #334 to learn more.

@Legal Discovery, LLC
Booth 1500

@Legal Discovery, LLC, a full service eDiscovery technology provider, announces the latest release of their CasePoint unified eDiscovery software. The new version of CasePoint was developed using HTML5, which makes all the features of the platform operable on all web browsers and nearly every mobile device. In addition, the company released a native iPad app that allows CasePoint documents to be available both online and offline through an easy-to-use touch interface.

Booth 311

LawBase will be showcasing the company’s customizable case management solution at booth #311. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software in order to maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes.

Lateral Data
Booth 1414

Lateral Data, a Xerox company, will be showcasing the upcoming version of its Viewpoint all-in-one e-discovery platform at LegalTech. The latest enhancements of the software include significant user interface and functionality updates that further streamline the review process for its law firm and corporate end users.

Viewpoint 5.6 includes extensive early case assessment capabilities that allow case teams to gain critical insight into their data early on in the process, eliminating the time and cost of reviewing unnecessary information later on in the process. The software’s integrated Relationship Analyzer tool now includes dynamic visualization tools to help users analyze data faster over very large data sets, such as communications between domains and email addresses, spikes in communications between custodians and communication patterns of interest.

Booth #2012

Actiance to Showcase First Context-Aware, Cloud Archive at LegalTech 2014 – Launched January 27, Alcatraz is a new cloud-based archive for email and other real-time communication channels that reduces the cost of eDiscovery by displaying electronic communications in context. Alcatraz now extends social governance from policy control and real-time content monitoring to legal holds, records retention and disposal, and archiving. With Alcatraz, Actiance aims to reduce the risks and costs associated with today’s real-time communications channels so organizations can truly benefit from using unified communications, collaboration tools, and social media. Actiance is a global leader in communication, collaboration and social media governance for the enterprise.

Here’s a company that won’t be exhibiting but will be doing things around the show:

Orion Law Management Systems, Inc. (www.orionlaw.com), a leading provider of financial and practice management software for law firms, will be announcing iOrion Version 2.0, and also releasing new features including the Expense Reimbursement Manager, and the Orion Productivity Pack for Microsoft Office at LegalTech New York.  iOrion Version 2.0 is a complete financial and practice management mobile application that allows legal professionals to access data from Orion using any recent-model iOS device. Version 2.0 has expanded the application’s capabilities by providing integration with Orion’s newest features, including the Expense Reimbursement Manager.  The release of the new Expense Reimbursement Manager eliminates paper-based, manual tracking systems making submitting and managing reimbursement requests quick and easy.  Orion Productivity Pack is also a new feature to Orion software which improves the continuity between entering time inside the traditional Orion desktop and outside by using Microsoft Office Applications.  Orion will not have a booth at this year’s conference, but they will be onsite to provide web demos and more information about their newest announcements. To meet with Orion please contact Heather Rutt at hrutt@orionlaw.com. To learn more information, visit www.orionlaw.com or contact info@orionlaw.com.

See you there – or be square?  Or frozen!

American Bandstand at ILTA 2013 in Las Vegas – Dick Clark would have been proud!

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There was a great turn-out for the grand exhibit hall opening at this year’s ILTA 2013 Catalyst Conference in Las Vegas. Fun was enjoyed by all with an exciting American Bandstand theme. The exhibitors went all out in carrying out the theme in both costumes and booth decorations. I was able to capture some of the fun with my camera. Enjoy!


Managed Print Services went 1960’s and knocked us all out with their matching go-go outfits. Love the natural hair-do, gives Weird Al a run for the money.


The Payne Group did a great job of decorating their booth with vinyl and costumed in 1950’s rock ‘n roll.


Michelle from the Payne Group showed off her ‘record’ skirt and big smile.


Traveling Coaches always puts on an exceptional show and this year was no exception. They sang and danced all night long.


Thomas Jefferson meets Motley Crew! Not sure if Scott (second from left) is Edgar Winter, a member of Twisted Sister or Tina Turner – and I really don’t want to know.


The Workshare Supremes put on a fine performance and later they deliberated on a pressing case ;)


..that pressing case was whether to allow three guys into the group. Scary.


Forcing Tom O’Connor at Digital WarRoom to wear a Hawaiian shirt was a true hardship. Was Don Ho on Bandstand – or is this the Elvis Goes Hawaiian theme?

Truly a fun time!

– Dave Glynn


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