Browning Marean, Rounding Third and Being Thrown Out At Home

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The post below is reposted from Techno Gumbo with author Tom O’Connor’s permission.  Browning Marean, whom I had the pleasure of knowing, was the kindest man in legal tech and is sadly missed.  Tom’s visit to ILTACON stirred up his memories of Browning, albeit the post below.  Enjoy!

The 2 and Only

Tom O’Connor and Browning Marean

Later this week, Gayle and I will be heading to ILTACON18. And in making our travel plans, I began thinking of Browning. He and I had been going to ILTA conferences since they were VSLUG meetings, back when the two of us first met in San Diego.

Browning left us in 2014, right at the same time as an ILTA conference, and it still seems like it happened last week.  To say he was friend of mine doesn’t even begin to describe that relationship and his absence feels like how Shoeless Joe Jackson described getting thrown out of baseball in Field of Dreams: “it was like having part of me amputated”, Still.

Numerous people wrote about how they felt when he passed. If you want to capture the sentiment at the time I’d suggest you read Craig Balls tribute or that written by Chris Dale on his site  or the words of Ralph Losey.

I’d tell you to look at my thoughts at the same but since I wrote them for ALM, they were somehow grabbed by the fine folks at Lexis and put behind a paywall so you can only read what I wrote if you have a Lexis subscription. I refuse to give them a dime to read an obituary I wrote for my pal and I have posted the original at the end of this piece.

But here on the anniversary of his passing, I’ve asked a few of his friends to tell us what he meant to them.  I started, as I always do when looking for inspiration, with Gayle. She told me she always thinks about how he had a big smile and bigger hug when he saw her and how he always made her feel “part of” not just the conversation but the entire legal community.

Other thoughts came quickly:

“A mischievous sparkle in his right eye. More pithy sayings than any person has the right to know. Browning in the lobby with his Tilly hat and rain jacket, ready for a power walk somehow always ending at the best pub you ever wanted to visit.  And friends.  Friends everywhere.  Everyone knew Browning (no need for a surname).  Everyone wanted to be with Browning.  And everyone was special, truly special, to Browning.”

– George Socha

“Browning is missed everyday by me and overall within Today’s General Counsel Magazine and Institute. As one of the creators of our “Exchange” interactive programs, we honor what he has helped us achieve and his contributions are recognized at the start of each of our programs.  A true friend in every regard of the word.”

– Neil Signore

“Although he and I worked at competing law firms, for many years Browning had a huge positive influence on my career.  At a couple crucial junctures, he took the time to mentor and support me.  Especially when I co-chair conferences in a unique format that he pioneered, I miss him dearly.

– Robert Brownstone

“ILTA’s scholarships in Browning Marean’s name are a fitting tribute to a man who inspired many of us who talk and write about eDiscovery. It was not just the law and practice – though there was plenty of that – but Browning was the best communicator I knew.”

“Browning showed that you can be interesting and light-hearted about serious subjects so that audiences absorbed knowledge without realising it. He went out of his way to encourage others, especially younger people, to take part in panels and webinars. He mixed naturally and easily with everyone from judges to the rawest recruit. I still miss him.”

– Chris Dale

“It’s been four years since we lost Browning Marean.  It feels like forever…and yesterday.  I think and speak of him often.  Every day I feel his absence in the arc of e-discovery since his death on August 22, 2014.  Browning witnessed law’s transformation from esteemed profession to big business.  His career from local litigator to global presence was emblematic of that sea change.  Browning dutifully served the consolidation even as he mourned what it had done to his firm and to law practice generally.  Perhaps the monster snuck up on us for the very reason that good and decent men like Browning were its face.”

“I miss Browning’s face at the many events where he was a welcoming, warming presence.  His attendance was assurance that courtesy, camaraderie and mischief had also arrived.  He connected people and empowered them.  He bridged the old and new with a smile and kind word.  Often, I ask myself, “how can I be more like Browning?”  The answer always points in  a better direction.”

– Craig Ball

“Browning was an excellent attorney, technologist, communicator and motivator. But as good as he was at all that, he was even better at being a human who celebrates life.”

– Bill Speros

“Browning had a special gift. He was able to present e-discovery in a soft, approachable way. Of course e-discovery is difficult and important, but Browning also made us laugh and that encouraged everyone –lawyers, clients, professionals — to dig into together.  I recall his quip that he always had a defibrillator ready when discussing e-discovery costs with clients!  Browning made sure the weight of e-discovery was always lighter.”

– Bill Hamilton

And this last remembrance is from Paul Weiner.  We read it at the Second Line for Browning that we did in New Orleans after his death.  Paul couldn’t make it but he sent this and asked that I read it … I did so on a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street with food and music and friends all around.  A real New Orleans funeral. I think Browning would have liked that.

The 2nd line hits Bourbon Street (002)

2nd Line Celebration of Browning Marean in the New Orleans French Quarter

Paul wrote:

“I first met Browning through Laura Kibbe who had invited me to participate in a West LegalWorks conference.  When I asked Laura on what topic I would be speaking she told me: “Reach out to Browning, and he’ll take it from there.”

“When I first connected with Browning on the phone, we had the most wonderful conversation where he asked me all about myself and when he found out I was a voracious reader, gave me some recommendations of books to read.  He also briefly noted that my panel would be on the use of Special Masters in eDiscovery.  I asked whether we should prepare an outline and schedule some prep calls with the other panelists?  Browning’s response: “I don’t like my panels to ‘peak too soon’; we can get together at the conference.”

“Fast forward to the conference.  The night before: no prep.  At breakfast: no prep.  During lunch: no prep.  Because I am an über-“Type A” personality who over prepares for everything – especially public speaking – I was now getting nervous.  About five minutes before we were set to take the stage, Browning called all of us together and said, “By now you all probably have gleaned that I believe in ‘just-in-time preparation’.” Pointing at each of  us, he continued, “You’ll cover topic A, you’ll cover topic B and you’ll cover topic C.” We then went on stage … and Browning proceeded to ask each of us questions about totally different topics than the ones he had just identified.  But you know what?  The panel was GREAT.  DYNAMIC.  INFORMATIVE. Instead of pre-planned scripts and talking points, we actually had a dialogue with spontaneous interaction.  And because we were so engaged, the audience was as well.  Furthermore, because of Browning’s great skill as a moderator, there was never a lull in the conversation.  Although I may not have fully appreciated it, Browning knew each of us on the panel actually knew the subject matter and could handle this format, and we covered the essential teaching points that would have emerged had we prepped for weeks on end. ”

“While I am still a firm believer in (over) preparation, Browning taught me that oftentimes life is about “just-in-time” preparation,  both from a professional standpoint (like when a client calls with a pressing issue that needs immediate attention, or when a Judge puts you on the spot during oral argument, or when a witness opens up an unexpected line of inquiry that can turn a case during a deposition), as well as from a personal standpoint (like when a friend calls and needs your help, or when a family member has an unexpected moment to celebrate, or when your daughter walks for the first time and you take the morning off to laugh and play with her despite the pressures of your career). ”

“Just as importantly, Browning was a total class act.  He was selfless, witty, brilliant, kind and a gentleman.  I will miss laughing for hours with him over drinks and dinner, his thought-leadership and his friendship.  However, I will also continue to remember a great lesson from a great man that sometimes “just-in-time” preparation is the best way to live your life.”

So Browning, we’ll miss you my friend, but none of us will ever forget you.

gayle at second line

Gayle O’Connor holds a picture of Browning Marean during the 2nd Line parade in the French Quarter

And, as promised, here’s what I wrote right after Browning died

When the great Irish poet Yeats died, W.H. Auden wrote a commemorative poem with the refrain “… the day he died was a cold dark day.”  When I heard of Browning’s death, it was 96 and humid in New Orleans but my mind immediately went to a cold dark place. Bil Kellerman said losing him was like losing a brother and it was. But I felt, and continue to feel, more like Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Field of Dreams when he told Ray Kinsella that “Getting thrown out of baseball was like having part of me amputated.”

I feel like that. Like some vital part of me is gone.

Because Browning was more than just a colleague to me. He was my friend.  For nearly 25 years.

We met in San Diego at the wonderful  tech conference that Stuart Hubbard (now with Epiq) used to put on every 4th of July at the Hotel Del Coronado. It was a wonderful show …… I met Neil Aresty there and Michael Arkfeld and Anne Kemp.  I had just moved to San Diego to help a firm install Summation (the DOS version) and ended up staying to help them convert a Wang network to Novell. Browning was at Gray Carey fending off complaints from his fellow partners that he had been seen by associates typing on his personal computer.

But technology wasn’t what led to our friendship.  In fact we were an unlikely pair. He was, as Craig Ball noted, a patrician Yankee from New England. I was a working class Irish guy from south Boston. He was a WASP. I was Catholic. He liked to quote Shakespeare, I dropped lines from The Boss. He was a Republican (yikes) …  I was a die-hard Democrat.

But two things led to our friendship. We were both world class smart asses, way too smart for our own good.  We were witty and pretty and …… well you know. Despite his mostly well-spoken demeanor, he would often erupt in a blaze of vulgarity worthy of Bull Halsey and refer to these outbursts as the appearance of his evil twin brother Skippy. As in, “I was listening to him speak thinking what a stupid SOB he was when, lord love a duck, up popped Skippy and let him have it with both barrels.”

These outburst were legendary with vendors who crossed his path or more importantly made life difficult for his staff and a dictionary of his most popular  phrases was actually used by several law firms as their way of checking emails for inappropriate content.  He was singularly proud of that.

But our true bonding occurred when he learned that I was a fan of Bob and Ray.  Actually I think he liked me the minute he realized I KNEW about Bob and Ray. The Two and Only …  New England comic legends. Think Bob Newhart but even more sardonic and more laid back.  And two of him. We would talk incessantly about characters like Wally Ballou, an inept news reporter “and winner of 16 diction awards” or sportscaster Biff Burns (“This is Biff Burns saying this is Biff Burns saying goodnight”) . He particularly liked their commercial sets such as  “Gerstmeyer’s Puppy Kibbles, the dog food guaranteed to turn any pet into a vicious man-killer”.

His favorite was the interview with the President and Recording Secretary of the Slow Talkers of America. He played a recording of that piece on his laptop in the lobby of a hotel one evening and we were both literally doubled over, laughing, gasping for breath, tears running down our faces and squealing like two little girls. A staff member came over and asked us to “please quiet down or retire to your room”. We looked at each other and erupted in another uncontrolled fit of hilarity. We weren’t staying at that hotel!

But he wasn’t all wise cracks and belly laughs. I’d  be remiss if I didn’t mention several other qualities which Browning pretty much kept to himself. He was from New England, where good fences make good neighbors. He was a man of great faith but he didn’t wear his faith on his sleeve or beat you over the head with it. It was his faith not yours.  I’m not a bible thumper myself  but in thinking of him I think of Acts 11:24, “He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith…”.

He loved his family but wasn’t one to show pictures or talk of family vacations. Thank God.  Yet whenever he mentioned his wife, even in passing, a look came into his eyes and a tone came into his voice that anyone who has been in love with another person for a long, long time would recognize immediately.

And he had a sense of old school manners and social propriety that were very New England.  He loved the fact that I would open car doors for Gayle or stand when a woman came to the dinner table.  He once became so incensed at a fellow panelist of mine at a Masters Conference session ( and I am beating back my own personal Skippy to not name names here) who kept referring to our moderator, Judge John Facciola, as “John” that he stood up, glared at the person and walked out of the room. When I asked him later if he had spoken to the person, he said “No I was going to give him a piece of my mind but I couldn’t spare one and I didn’t think he’d know what to do with it.”

So as I’m writing this Gayle walked by and mentioned, “oh, this is just the time of day Browning would call you”.  On his morning commute into San Diego (which as Chris Dale noted was often only a brief stop on his travel itinerary) he would call friends because we were, as he put it, “smarter than most of the talk radio I can get here”.  We would talk about everything from how long it took the British navy to disperse citrus fruits throughout their entire fleet to cure scurvy (42 years) to whatever happened to wearing hats that didn’t have a sports logo.  We talked about the sea and our wives and our friends and Ted Williams and, as the great Walter Mosely had Easy Rollins say at the end of the novel Devil In A Blue Dress,  “we talked and laughed a long, long time…”

So I’m tempted to say something like “good night sweet prince” but he’d hate me sucking up to him like that. And he’d say so.  No he wouldn’t want us making a big fuss about his life or his death. As Marc Lauritsen tweeted this morning  “He’d exhort those of us still living to cherish each other.”    As we say in New Orleans, “Yeah you right Marc.”

Last year when Ross Kodner died, I walked around ILTA telling my friends I cherished their friendship and wanted to be sure they knew that BEFORE they died. So go do that. Tell all your friends how much they mean to you. Today. While you can .

I regret so much that I didn’t get to speak to him one last time.  Bruce said it in a song,  “I wished I would have known. I wished I could have called you. Just to say goodbye”.

But like Browning, Yeats wanted no fuss over his life or death.  The Irishman had these words written on his headstone in a remote cemetery on a country road in Ireland where people pass by every day, words from one of his last poems that I think Browning would endorse:

“Cast a cold eye

On life, on death.

Horseman, pass by.”

Oh, and write if you get work Browning.


LegalWeek and LegalTech usher in second machine age

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LegalWeek, the expanded version of LegalTech begins this coming Tuesday, January 31st at the New York Hilton in Midtown. Leading the charge of session speakers will be Andrew McAfee, Visionary Futurist & Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and NY Times Best Selling Author of “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies”.  Mr. McAffee will explore the anticipated technological disruption on business structures and employment. He will discuss leadership in this new, ever-changing environment. Here’s hoping he relates it to the legal profession.  Other sessions during LegalWeek cover the march of the Millennials who will make up 75% of the legal workforce by 2026. “eDiscovery, the Cloud & Beyond” will cover strategies, technologies, and workflows surrounding eDiscovery and the Cloud. And some of the top minds in Legal will present the view of where the future is heading in regard to the battle for talent, global expansion, increasing cost pressures and prioritization of in-house vs outsourced legal services.

Every year LexTekReport offers a preview as to the exhibitors at LegalTech East Coast:

Booth #100

On Wednesday, Feb. 1, at the Microsoft’s flagship store in NYC, LexisNexis will unveil Lexis® for Microsoft Office 365®, a redesigned, cloud-based version of the award-winning Lexis® for Microsoft Office® productivity software and legal drafting and review solution. The company will also announce and showcase the integration of several products and technologies to meet the needs to today’s data-driven attorneys.

Lexis for Microsoft Office enables users to conduct research, draft, share, review and store documents – all directly within the Word and Outlook applications they use every day. Working closely with Microsoft, LexisNexis created a new, cloud-based version of Lexis for Microsoft Office 365 that is accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device directly within Microsoft Word online. The new offering enables users to:

  • Securely conduct legal research, draft documents and share with colleagues within a single Word document – whether they on the road, in the courthouse, at the office or at home.
  • Expanded document portability and accessibility, as the only legal drafting solution to operate on a PC, a Mac® computer, and a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Receive automatic software updates of both Office 365 and the Lexis for Microsoft Office add-in – eliminating the need for IT Departments to host Microsoft Office and manage complicated software update schedules.

Moving to the cloud allows LexisNexis to be more agile, and enables them to bring new products, features, updates and innovations to market faster.

In addition, over the past several years, LexisNexis has begun to integrate its legal research and other solutions to create an increasingly connected platform that enables users to find what they need – seamlessly quickly and precisely. At Legaltech, LexisNexis will demonstrate several recent product/technology integrations that focus on combining practice advice with broad legal research capabilities, and infusing legal research with powerful analytics capabilities that enable attorneys to make strategic, data-driven decisions, anticipate behaviors and illuminate probable case outcomes.

Booth #311

LawBase will be at Legaltech New York 2017 and will be showcasing its partnership with LegalShift to bring the award-winning legal project management (LPM) framework, BakerManage® into its signature offering. The company will be showing this innovative LPM toolset in booth #311 and in the company’s Product Demonstration Suite.

This latest enhancement offers clients an LPM methodology that has been implemented across thousands of legal matters and is proven to achieve significant cost savings and efficiencies for legal teams and their clients. The LPM software is available as an integrated component of LawBase or as a stand-alone product.

LawBase is a powerful and configurable case and matter management solution, known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software that maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

Paper Software
Booth #1414

Paper Software is the developer of Turner for Mac and Contract Tools for Windows PCs, both powerful applications for creating and analyzing contracts. The company will be showcasing both products in booth 1414 at Legaltech New York.

Specifically, the company will be showing recent updates to both applications. The latest version of Contract Tools makes finding important information within contracts simpler than ever before. Now, important information is highlighted right within the document view that users are accustomed to seeing in Word. Potential contract drafting problems are visible at a glance. Text that you can use for navigation (a Contract Tools-exclusive feature since its release last year) becomes highlighted with a click. When using Contract Tools’ enhanced search features, search results are immediately highlighted.

The latest version of Turner adds support for the Touch Bar on Apple’s new MacBook Pro computers. The Touch Bar offers a revolutionary way to work with the keyboard by giving users controls that change depending on what they do. When using Turner to work with contracts, the Touch Bar can show controls for editing provisions, looking up defined terms, adding comments, and much more.

Yerra Solutions
Booth #525

Yerra will be at Legaltech New York 2017 in booth #525 showcasing how e-discovery can be brought in-house with a trusted partner who will manage everything from the people to the technology needed for large-scale, global e-discovery functions all while advising on the best processes for individual situations.
Yerra serves the operational and technology needs of in-house legal, eDiscovery and intellectual property organizations. The company’s offerings include consulting, managed services and technology solutions that drive operational efficiency and improved outcomes. Yerra is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with offices in the UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Poland so they are able to bring in local e-discovery experts across the globe.

Booth # 1401

FRONTEO is a global technology and services company specializing in big data, artificial intelligence, information governance, managed review and litigation consulting for the eDiscovery market. Legaltech highlights include:
•    The new FRONTEO ROI Analyzer, an automated tool that helps law firms and corporations develop effective business plans and budgets for eDiscovery projects
•    FRONTEO Managed Review & Staffing services
•    eDiscovery & Managed Services
•    FRONTEO TRUST BI Portal, a self-service dashboard providing eDiscovery teams with project status, details, analytics and performance tracking
•    FRONTEO Forensic Collections and Advisory Services

FRONTEO will sponsor a Legaltech session, January 31st from 1:15pm – 2:15pm:
Business Analytics: Data Driven Decision Making in eDiscovery
This panel will discuss how business data analytics apply to the e-discovery world: what kind of data is valuable, the costs and challenges associated with effective data capture and analysis, and what can be accomplished when you use analytics to drive business process in internally- and externally- focused service organizations.
Daryl Shetterly, Director, Orrick Analytics, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Cat Casey, Director, Global Practice Services, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Richard Dilgren, Vice President, Data Science & Analytics, FRONTEO

Booth 513

NetDocuments to depute Dropbox-like file synch, MS Office integration on iOS device, enhanced Search and security-as-a-service and governance upgrades

NetDocuments (nd), the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments will be unveiling several new product enhancements at Legaltech 2017 including: ndSync™, a secure Dropbox-like file synchronization and share application for improved usability and offline working; native Microsoft Office integration on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that connects Microsoft Office apps directly to NetDocuments for seamless opening and saving of documents; and two key searching enhancements to provide intelligent personalized search as well as advanced entity extraction.  In addition to the new product enhancements, NetDocuments will announce several initiatives addressing key aspects of security, compliance, encryption, and infrastructure facing law firms and corporations. These include the achievement of SOC 2+ certification of the NetDocuments platform; end-to-end application-layer search index encryption and cryptography; and next-generation erasure coding data storage infrastructure for improved data security and high availability. Theses major advancements, all a first for any legal DMS solution, reinforce NetDocuments’ commitment to continually leading the legal industry through a world-class security platform, accessed and leveraged by all of NetDocuments’ global customers. Visit NetDocuments at booth 513.

Legal Workspace
Booth #509

Legal Workspace, a leading provider of cloud-based work environments designed specifically for law firms, now offers consultative services for law firms that focus on overcoming common business challenges. The services, led by legal applications expert Lisa Zurcher, will help law firms simplify complex tasks around time, billing and accounting, document management and practice management to save time and money and introduce more efficiency. The offering will include strategic planning, technology selection, implementation and training.

Zurcher joined the company in November. Before Legal Workspace, she founded legal consulting firm Systematized Office Solutions, LLC in 2004. The consulting firm worked hand-in-hand with law firms to identify business pain points and create process road maps to correct them. She has several legal technology certifications including Time Matters Advanced, PCLaw Advanced and Rocket Matter CCP.

Legal Workspace counts many leading legal technology companies as partners and provides hosting and certified support for Amicus Attorney, ProLaw, Needles, Time Matters, Worldox, QuickBooks, LawBase, Timeslips, PCLaw, Tabs3 and more.

Booth # – 1517

Salladore recently announced the availability of two-tiered advanced analytics in its workflow technology to give law firms and legal departments access to actionable, real-time business intelligence at the individual attorney level for partners and senior attorneys and at the practice group, department and office level for management and general counsel. At the individual attorney level, partners and senior-level attorneys will have access to advanced analytics to track individual associate performance using objective data. At the practice group, department or office level, Salladore’s advanced analytics compiles in real time ongoing performance data for each business unit at the law firm or legal department.

Salladore was designed by attorneys for attorneys. The software allows attorneys to check availability of other attorneys and find the right resources for a project – whether the attorneys work down the hall or across the country. The software allows attorneys to find associates with specific skills, gives them instant access to workloads and lets them assign tasks and manage follow-up. Salladore also offers law firm or department managers analytics on efficiency and productivity, giving them data to offer feedback and make informed decisions.

Edge Legal Marketing
Sky Suite 6

Edge Legal Marketing, a Minneapolis-based marketing and public relations firm serving the needs of entities in the legal industry, announces its 20-year anniversary. The award-winning agency began as a PR boutique, expanding to become a full-service marketing firm. Edge offers consultation and support from strategy development through tactical execution for companies targeting legal and accounting professionals as well as accounting and law firms.

Founded in 1997 as LegalVoice, the agency quickly became a leading provider of PR services and gradually added an array of marketing support. Legal industry veteran and then-LegalVoice president Amy Juers purchased the firm in 2007 and rebranded to better convey what the agency had become: a cutting-edge provider of both PR and marketing services.

Edge Marketing has an impressive client list and extensive relationships with industry media, associations, consultants and analysts and is routinely recognized for its expertise and professionalism in both the PR and marketing industries as well as the verticals it serves. The agency also partners annually with premier trade events to provide The Edge Room, a modern version of the traditional trade show press room to conveniently connect conference exhibitors and qualified members of the media.

Lex Machina
Booth #100

Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company, will be unveiling two new ‘apps’ that enhance the functionality and usability of its award-winning and industry leading analytics platform, Legal Analytics. These unique apps instantly provide customized, data-driven answers to critical legal questions at the click of a mouse, and deliver critical litigation information to help attorneys make strategic decisions, win more cases and close more business. The two new apps are:

  • Damages Explorer: delivers the first-of-its-kind ability to search, discover, and compare individual damages awarded for any patent, copyright, trademark, securities or antitrust case since 2009.
  • Parties Comparator: allows lawyers to compare parties by different criteria, such as litigation volume, performance, resolution and outcomes.

Booth # 2104

Leading managed services provider UnitedLex will be hosting three educational panels on Wednesday, Feb. 1, featuring GCs from AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, Bank of America, Chubb, HSBC,, Mass. Mutual Life Insurance, T-Mobile and others. The panels will cover a range of topics, including: the evolution of the legal department; achieving cost predictability in eDiscovery; and ways that legal departments can realize their full business potential


In addition, senior UnitedLex executives will be on hand to discuss issues and trends they are seeing in the marketplace:

  • For Corporate Counsel: Regulatory hurdles and & litigation challenges facing In-house legal; cost mitigation for litigation and for legal management; the changing GC Role.  (Available on hand: Nancy Jessen, SVP, Legal Business Solutions)
  • For Cybersecurity experts: Changing DOJ requirements for Security, regulatory/businesses/legal requirements related to Data Management Act, Insider threats and privacy, etc.  (Available on hand: Jason Straight, Chief Privacy Officer/SVP – Cyber Risk Solutions)

In other legal technology news…

On Monday, January 30th, DocsCorp, a global leader in PDF software and workflows, announces the release of pdfDocs 4.4, a major update to its PDF management software which is relied upon by hundreds of thousands of users in legal, accounting and government organizations across the globe. pdfDocs 4.4 offers important changes including improvements to DMS integration, dynamic XFA PDF forms handling, and streamlined interaction with Microsoft’s Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

pdfDocs 4.4 enhancement highlights include:

  • Increased DMS integration – substantial improvements for users of iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, and OpenText Content Server. UK customers will appreciate the new built-in support for Laserform documents.
  • Ability to make annotations permanent
  • Improved management of Dynamic XFA Forms
  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks retained from Excel and PowerPoint
  • Right-click on attachment, ‘Open in pdfDocs’ in Outlook
  • Improvements to the Binder feature

– DG

Embracing Change – ILTACON 2016 offers a look into your future

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Disruption, change, evolution, revolution…can’t a person just relax?  Not if you want to stay alive and be job-secure in the fast-paced, constantly eruptive, shifting world of Legal IT.  What better place to get a grip and get your yoga on than ILTACON 2016.  This year’s location is DC’s National Harbor Gaylord Resort.  The Gaylords always remind me of “Silent Running”, that film with Bruce Dern about the atrium on another planet.  The Gaylord has it’s own ecosystem – you can check out, but you can never leave.

Here’s more to check out from the exhibitors at this year’s show:

Booth #327
LawBase will be showcasing their signature case and matter management product at ILTACON 2016.

LawBase is a powerful and configurable case and matter management solution, known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software that maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

Booth #827
TCDI launched CVFox  earlier this year and will be demoing it at ILTACON 2016.

CVFox is an affordable end-to-end discovery solution for the legal industry and brings together data processing, complex databases, workflows and review strategies in one simplified SaaS product to streamline the review process for the corporate and law firm market. With CVFox, all cases are given access to the best available technology, including CAAT® analytics, at predictable pricing so they can be properly litigated and defended on merit.

Booth 1014

Law Bulletin Publishing Company (LBPC) announced that its JuraLaw® web-based national case, calendar and docket management Cloud-based product is now accessible from a mobile app called JuraLawyer™. JuraLawyer allows lawyers in a firm to have a clear view of their cases and upcoming events. JuraLawyer mobile also enables an attorney to comment on the outcome of an event and directly notifies the docket department through the JuraLaw dashboard. JuraLawyer is available from both the Apple and Google Play stores.

Levit & James
Booth 413

At ILTACON booth#413, Levit & James, Inc. will be demonstrating its Best Authority Table of Authorities software, which is now being used by 87 of the Am Law 100 law firms list for 2016 according to a recent announcement from the company. Best Authority is used by over 900 organizations and holds a commanding position in the TOA software category, having established an overwhelming lead over Thomson West and LexisNexis TOA products. Earlier this month, the company also announced that Ohio law firm Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty (KWGD) has successfully implemented Best Authority.

Booth #326

FRONTEO vice president of data science and strategy Richard Dilgren will speak in a panel session on “A Road Map for Gathering and Analyzing Client Discovery Data across Matters” on September 1 at 1:30 pm in National Harbor rooms 12 and 13. The panel will explore how legal departments are using business intelligence across matters to reuse work product such as privilege calls, relevance and specific coding calls — all on the same documents and previously reviewed.

In the exhibit hall FRONTEO will show the TRUST Business Intelligence Portal, a client portal powered by Business Intelligence (BI) technology. The TRUST portal summarizes volumes of data from the Relativity eDiscovery platform, the Relativity User Activity and Status function and financial data repositories.
Sample Dashboards Include:
· Relativity Database Statistics (Hosting Storage, Last Access Database Information)
· Relativity User Statistics (Users Provisioned, User Activity and Last Usage)
· Project Management Dashboard (Ticket Status and Trends from FRONTEO’s ERP PM Tool)
· Finance Dashboard (Spend information from Finance and Accounting Systems)
FRONTEO experts will be on hand to discuss Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in legal solutions.

Booth # 801/803

In August, BigHand celebrates 10 years of operation in North America. They will be demonstrating just how far they have come with their go-to voice solutions which support paperless, efficient working and allow users to work in smarter and leaner ways than ever before. BigHand specializes in speech, task delegation, document creation and process improvement solutions that help customers achieve more in less time. The company has worked with clients over many years with highly successful digital dictation solutions, and has built on this deep customer knowledge to extend its offering further. BigHand’s Voice, Delegation and Improvement product suites are HIPAA compliant to protect the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) as defined in the HITECH Act. BigHand is also ISO27001 certified.

LawStudio by Veritext
Booth # 1022

Veritext, the world’s largest court reporting company, will be demonstrating its latest version of LawStudio, the company’s secure cloud-based collaboration platform and online workspace. The latest version includes improved security features, tighter integration with Microsoft® Office and new time-saving aspects. When e-discovery is complete, LawStudio allows users to organize and manage all case materials, including case documents, transcripts, exhibits, video testimony and more. LawStudio has a robust set of tools to facilitate the identification and tracking of pertinent evidence such as issues, facts and testimony. It also allows users to collaborate and securely share documents with their litigation team, clients, experts and outside counsel.

Booth #: 1028

nQueue announces the launch of InfoRoute. InfoRoute allows you to scan documents consistently from any number of “onramps” – multi-function devices, desktop scanners, facilities management, even already-electronic documents – process them into any file format and accurately OCR them, and then route them automatically to the “offramp” of your choice, such as DMS, email, or network folder. All in about one second per page.

Booth #506

InOutsource, a trusted consulting and technology implementation services company, now offers law firms business intelligence consultation and implementation services. The new business intelligence services will help law firms gain real-time insight into performance, enable key stakeholders to regularly evaluate business practices and empower rapid changes and ongoing improvements. InOutsource will scope and define requirements for a business intelligence solution that is efficient and effective in solving business problems. The company will assist with:

• Firm-wide business intelligence and analytics strategy development
• Platform evaluation and selection
• Intuitive data analysis and data visualization design
• Predictive analytics and data modeling

InOutsource will demonstrate its business intelligence capabilities and the industry-leading records management solution FileTrail at ILTACON 2016. Contact to reserve your demonstrations.

Company leaders will also be speaking at ILTACON. Megan Beauchemin will discuss “Data Analytics You Can Do Now in Legal” on Monday, Aug. 29 at 2:30 PM ET. On Thursday, Sept. 1 at 9 AM ET, Nancy Beauchemin will join panelists Roger L. Bonine of Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin and Abby Ross Spilker of Miles & Stockbridge P.C. to discuss “Maximizing Efficiencies with Technology-Backed Workflows.”


Booth 101/ #103

Join Tikit and a panel of law firm experts for their solution spotlight session “LTC4 and Attorney Technology Competency: Going Beyond Theory to Reality” on Tuesday, August 30  from 8.30am – 10:00am in  Annapolis 1 & 2. This session is ideal for anyone interested in attorney technology proficiency and an update on how competency certifications like LTC4 and legal technology assessments are moving the needle in law firms and influencing legal service delivery. Tikit also just announced increased demand for its new Carpe Diem Next Generation timekeeping solution. Within the last 13 months, more than 25 law firms in North America and the UK have chosen Tikit’s latest Carpe Diem Next Generation solution as either an upgrade or a new acquisition  including leading national firm Harris Beach PLLC. Currently, there and more than 100,000 timekeepers worldwide running Carpe Diem timekeeping solutions. According to Rick Shutts, Chief Information Officer at 200+ attorney firm Harris Beach, the firm chose Carpe Diem Next Generation based on new technology architecture, a focus on risk reduction, and a new UI/UX that promotes user adoption specifically related to time capture and entry. “Tikit’s complete redevelopment of Carpe Diem Next Generation Timekeeping started with new and better architecture and development practices, both of which helped to reduce risk related to integration issues and future development and support. Most importantly, the redevelopment did not negatively affect our attorneys’ affinity for the proven Carpe Diem interface including the popular, productivity-enhancing smart-timers,” added Shutts. Carpe Diem Next Generation, eMarketing version 6 and its document lifecycle solutions can all be test driven at theTikit booth #101/103. For a complete list of Tikit ILTACON 2016 events, demos and sessions, click here.

Handshake Software, Inc.

Booth 513/515

Handshake Software, Inc., the market leading, award-winning provider of SharePoint-based products and services to the legal market, and the native cloud DMS provider NetDocument just announced the release of Handshake Portals for NetDocuments. This new product, developed by Handshake Software and based on its core product architecture, provides a comprehensive portal environment within the NetDocuments DMS user interface.  NetDocuments customers can now view and interact with integrated, contextualized Financial, CRM, HR, news, and legal research information about clients and matters all from within their DMS. The Handshake Portals for NetDocuments solution extends Handshake Software’s popular products to deliver portal functionality in NetDocuments without requiring SharePoint. In addition, Handshake will feature its Universal Search solution. Recently, Am Law 100-ranked firms Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart and Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz selected Handshake Universal Search  (formerly known as SP Bridge) to deliver SharePoint-based enterprise search solutions, replacing Recommind’s Decisiv Search platform.  To date, 20% of the Am Law 100 have licensed Handshake’s Universal Search. ILTACON attendees can visit the Handshake booth for more details and live demos.


Booth 601/603

As has become customary for its ILTACON participation, NetDocuments is heading into this year’s conference with major Microsoft news. NetDocuments has deepened its Microsoft Office 365 integration by now offering support for Microsoft Flow, a new SaaS offering in Office 365 for automating workflow across a growing number of applications and cloud services. NetDocuments’ Microsoft Flow announcement follows Microsoft’s selection and inclusion of NetDocuments into its exclusive cloud storage provider program, and is the latest example of increased collaboration and integration with Microsoft Office 365. This integration enables an individual to securely login and create/edit/save content simply from within a web browser or iOS device, eliminating the need for either the local installation of Office, or being forced to save contents in OneDrive. The integration also enables Office 365 single sign-on, streamlining the user experience and highlighting both NetDocuments’ and Microsoft’s commitment to a cloud-first approach to application development, delivery, and integration. The Microsoft Flow and NetDocuments integration automates manual repetitive tasks across the ecosystem of productivity tools and technologies to improve the lives of busy legal professionals. Microsoft Flow can detect trigger events from NetDocuments, Office 365 or other applications automatically causing actions or initiating workflows within Microsoft Flow supported apps.

The NetDocuments Microsoft Flow integration will be presented at the ILTACON 2016 conference in National Harbor, MD on August 31, in demo room Chesapeake D at 9:00AM. For a full list of NetDocuments educational sessions and product showcases, click here. NetDocument’s ILTACON products & services update can be downloaded at

11th Anniversary ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey to be unveiled at ILTACON

ILTA and InsideLegal will be releasing the findings of the “2016 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey” at ILTACON 2016. The law firm technology purchasing survey, which is distributed to all ILTA member firms, includes detailed technology budget data; updated information on firms’ purchasing influences and patterns; legal IT department trends and challenges; and expansive sections on specific legal technology purchases – both last year’s and those planned for the upcoming year. The 2016 survey findings are being presented as part of the 13th Annual ILTA/InsideLegal Vendor Education Program on Monday, August 29th, 1:30-4:00 pm, Gaylord National, Potomac 1 (Ballroom Level/Conference Side) [Map to Potomac 1]. The 2016 survey can also be downloaded at after 5 pm EST on Monday, 8/29.

eDiscovery/eDisclosure Core Competency (ECC) Learning Plan

On Monday at ILTACON 2016, LTC4 announces the official release to its members of its much anticipated eDiscovery/eDisclosure Core Competency (ECC) Learning Plan following the peer review announced at LegalTech earlier in the year.  Designed to assess legal professionals’ understanding of eDiscovery, the LTC4 ECC Learning Plan is a competency curriculum created by the LTC4 ECC Learning Pod, a team of U.S. and U.K. based eDiscovery thought leaders.

Inspired by the globally accepted eDiscovery framework of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the ECC Learning plan provides a practical, workflow-based scenario approach to assess knowledge of eDiscovery/eDisclosure areas including Identification, Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review, Analysis and Production.
LTC4 Chairman and Founding Member Bonnie L. Beuth, Information Systems Trainer at FordHarrison, noted: “The ultimate goal of the ECC Learning Plan is to facilitate widespread eDiscovery competence for law firms, legal departments and law schools.”  Beuth will be speaking on a panel at ILTACON on Tuesday, August 30 entitled “A Crash Course in Attorney Tech Audits.”

Tinker, Lawyer, Justice, Spy – LegalTech NYC 2016

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legaltech-logoIt’s that time of year again! At least the snow storm hit NYC a week earlier than usual so that this year’s LegalTech won’t be a big ‘if’ for visitors traveling to the Big Apple.  Weather looks clear at least for the first day – Tuesday, February 2nd – which kicks off with the Keynote session, “How is Technology Being Used in Today’s Court Rooms and Cases?” and features a panel of several US District Court Judges to talk about how they are using technology and some of the challenges they face.  “Cybersecurity and Data Espionage: Spy Stories for Lawyers” starts off day two featuring Eric O’Neill, Founding Partner of the Georgetown Group.  If you attend this one, they may have to kill you :).  And finally, day three is led by the keynote, “Private Network Servers, Deleted Emails & Texts and Other Controversies in the News“.  A host of other sessions will be offered on advanced eDiscovery topics, information and cloud-governance, risk management and regulatory compliance.  One of the spicier series of sessions is sponsored by Codex, the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology (LST), entitled, “Legal Disruption Lightning Rounds One and Two.  All of the session information is available online in the LegalTech sessions list.

LegalTech NYC is the first big tech show of the year and always includes big product announcements and launches.  Here is a preview of what you can expect to see in the LegalTech NYC exhibit hall – a complete list of exhibitors can be found here.  Here’s what’s to come:

JuraLaw (Booth 1521)

JuraLaw® from Law Bulletin Publishing Company will be rolling out its new mobile version of its cloud-based case, calendar and docket management product.  JuraLawyer™ provides firm lawyers with a view into their upcoming calendars and cases and allows them to send comments back to the firm’s docket professionals with regard to outcomes.  JuraLaw, the most innovative legal calendaring product available, is the first and only completely cloud-based docket management product. The JuraLawyer™ mobile app is the first of its kind and will greatly improve communication between lawyers and the docket department furthering risk aversion in the law firm.  Stop by JuraLaw Booth #1521 and experience the mobility of JuraLawyer™.

Inventus (Booth #507)

Inventus, LLC, a top-tier international legal process outsourcing (“LPO”) services provider to Fortune 1000 corporations, global law firms, and government agencies, announced that the company is launching Spotlight. Inventus Spotlight is a sophisticated business data analytics platform which provides clients with unparalleled insights into their litigation portfolio, enabling comprehensive outsourcing visibility, predictability and cost management.  Inventus will showcase Spotlight in booth #507.

Inventus Spotlight is an advanced business analytics application.  Aggregating data from various sources including Relativity, LAW and other third party applications, Spotlight gives clients real-time insight into their data and litigation portfolio.  This tool empowers clients to quantify the ROI on eDiscovery spend and better manage and predict the capital that goes into their eDiscovery budget.  Because data is presented in fully customizable charts and graphs, clients can now easily prepare law department budgets and executive level presentations. Spotlight is available on mobile devices and tablets providing clients with access into their data anytime and anywhere.

Omtool (Booth #310)

Omtool™, Ltd. (OMTL.PK), the trusted provider of document capture, fax and workflow solutions, will be demonstrating its popular AccuRoute Document Capture Platform solution at LTNY booth #310.

AccuRoute is used by law firms in many innovative ways, to scan and route current documents and also to digitize the records room, an increasingly popular request.  Omtool Executive Vice President Karen Cummings explains, “Many law firms are now facing the final frontier of document scanning – the records room. With AccuRoute, we are able to help them scan their entire records room contents directly into their DMS which provides the benefits of efficiency, searchability, cost savings and greater client responsiveness.”

This week, Omtool also publishes results of a survey entitled “Patterns and Trends in Digitizing Client Records at Law Firms.”  Conducted by ALM, the survey polled legal professionals to uncover trends in legal records scanning including whether firms were scanning, to what extent, what drove these initiatives, the benefits they realized, and what their future plans were.

The survey’s findings showed that 69% of firms were already scanning at least some records. Of those, the biggest benefits of implementing records digitization were increased efficiency (on locating and retrieving records), lower costs (related to storage, courier costs, office space requirements, etc.) and improved staff productivity. However, only 35% of them were scanning both current and historical records; most firms’ digitizing initiatives were limited to only current records.  65% of respondents had yet to digitize their records room, so law firms still have far to go in their quest to go paperless.

Catalyst (Booth #1411)

Catalyst, the leader in powerfully simple e-discovery, today announced its agenda for Legaltech NY 2016 that includes an opening night concert, “Rock More, Review Less,” a fund raiser for Equal Justice Works, and the plenary session on the first day of the show.
The Catalyst Legaltech Agenda

  • Throughout the show at Booth #1411, Catalyst will demonstrate Insight Predict, Legaltech’s 2015 new product of the year honoree, and discuss the launch of its new global forensic investigation and collection services, and how to lower the total cost of review
  • Catalyst will present the Day 1 Plenary Session, “TAR for Smart People: The Future of CAL,” on Feb. 2, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The session will discuss how to take technology assisted review to the next level, using it to enhance early case assessment, quickly find key documents in inbound productions, protect privilege and more. Speakers will be John Tredennick, CEO and founder, Catalyst; Diane Barry, assistant attorney general/e-discovery, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office; Dera J. Nevin, director, E-Discovery Services, Proskauer Rose LLP; Daniel J. Polatsek, partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP; and, Sharyn M. Procaccio, vice president, assistant general counsel, Hunt Companies
  • Catalyst will also be releasing the second edition of “TAR for Smart People.” Revised and expanded, the second edition has new chapters focused on learning about TAR and CAL, along with new case studies that reinforce the power of TAR 2.0 systems, and updates on TAR case law with the latest decisions. This edition also reflects comments from readers that led to the updated and clarified sections. Available in hard copy or eBook format at the booth.
  • Opening night party, “Rock More, Review Less,” an informal event with live music, all to benefit Equal Justice Works – a non-profit network dedicated to the mission of creating a just society by mobilizing the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice – on Feb. 2, 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., in the West Grand Ballroom. The event is co-sponsored by Catalyst’s partners DSicovery, Ricoh, BIA, Brainspace, The Claro Group, the Document Control Group, Innovative Discovery, and ALM

Venio Systems (Booth #1994)

At Legaltech 2016, Venio Systems is launching VenioOne, the latest incarnation of its flagship end-to-end e-discovery platform. As a single, end-to-end platform, VenioOne is designed to reduce risk and cost while increasing speed to completion of discovery projects, as data need not be transferred from one system to another, so it cannot be lost in transit. There is also a cost savings because there is no need to buy multiple software products and an end-to-end platform also improves project workflow, as documents that have been culled out stay in the system, in case they are needed later due to a change in trial strategy or key words.

BQE Software (Booth #1520)

BQE Software, Inc., a world leader in time, billing, accounting and project management software, has released powerful updates for BillQuick® Legal 2016 to accelerate the efficiency, effectiveness and convenience of legal time tracking and billing. The new features in BillQuick Legal 2016 enable attorneys and legal professionals to effortlessly organize matters and manage accounts payable. BQE Software will offer demonstrations of the solution during Legaltech New York in booth number 1520, February 2-4. Designed to help attorneys and legal professionals optimize processes for maximum results, the new features for BillQuick Legal 2016 focus on automation, efficiency and technical excellence.

LawBase (Booth #311)

LawBase is launching LawBase 12.5 at Legaltech New York Feb. 2-4. The product will be available for viewing at booth #311 or private demos are being offered in the company’s suite. LawBase 12.5 includes a new workflow editor, customized tool tips, improvements to LBConcierge automation tool and Exchange integration, enhanced html and rich text data types, and improved product update distribution method.

LawBase is a powerful and configurable case and matter management solution, known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software that maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

TCDI Fox (Booth #1311)

TCDI is launching Fox, an affordable end-to-end discovery solution for the legal industry at Legaltech New York. Fox brings together data processing, complex databases, workflows and review strategies in one simplified SaaS product to streamline the review process for the midtier corporate and law firm market. Fox ensures all cases are given access to the best available technology, including CAAT® analytics, at predictable pricing so they can be properly litigated and defended on merit.

In addition to having demos of Fox available in its booth (#1311) at Legaltech New York, the company is partnering with ALM to bring a Fox Hunt to the event. Attendees will receive texts throughout the event to learn more. More information is available at

LawStudio by Veritext (Booth #1515)

Veritext will be demonstrating LawStudio – its new secure, cloud-based collaboration platform built especially for the legal industry and released this past fall. Veritext is also offering Legaltech attendees a special introductory offer of $99 per user per month when users sign on for a one-year subscription.

BigHand (Booth #1404)             

BigHand’s  productivity technology offers enterprise digital dictation, mobility applications, speech recognition, document creation, formatting, and metadata management software applications; giving professionals proven business applications that enable them to increase operational efficiencies and reduce overhead costs. BigHand also provides a workflow management solution that allows businesses to use BigHand’s extensive workflow, priority and collaboration tools to digitize and manage the document production and task delegation processes. This enables clients to attain greater visibility over their workload and benefit from greater efficiency through increased collaboration.

UnitedLex (Booth #2104)

UnitedLex (Booth #2104) will be showcasing its industry-leading legal and cyber risk strategies and solutions as well as their just-announced Total Project Cost Guarantee supported by its QuestioTM Discovery Service. In addition, UnitedLex will be discussing results from their Legal Department Operations Survey being released at the conference and trends that will have significant industry impact in 2016. See additional detail below.

  • Announcement of a Total Project Cost Guarantee: In response to the growing concern around rising legal spend, UnitedLex has announced a Total Project Cost Guarantee supported by its QuestioTM Discovery Service. As part of that guarantee, UnitedLex promises to deliver better and faster results at a fixed-fee price point – enabling greater cost predictability and a significant reduction of legal spend compared to vendors who price eDiscovery services using unit rates.
  • Total Project Cost & Performance Guarantees: The “old way” of pricing e-discovery services (per-gigabyte pricing, hourly rates and unrealistic estimates) is being replaced by the “new normal”: a focus on total project cost, fixed fees and performance guarantees. A recent ALM study found that a majority of respondents preferred “total cost” arrangements vs. negotiating lower unit rates, as the latter fails to provide the desired cost-cutting results.
  • Continued M&A in 2016: With recent acquisitions such as Consilio/Huron, DTI/Merrill, Epiq/Iris, legal tech companies need to demonstrate continuous positive valuation through innovation and differentiation or they will be ripe targets for consolidation.

In addition to the above topics, UnitedLex will be hosting a track, The “New Normal”: Coping with Today’s Leaner, Meaner, More Demanding Legal Environment, on Wednesday February 3. The track will include three sessions: 1) Transforming Your Legal Department into a Profit Center; 2) Slashing E-Discovery Costs: Innovative Approaches and New Pricing Models; and 3) Cyber Security: GCs on the Front Lines. We hope you will participate in one or more of these informative sessions.

Opus 2 (Booth #1304)

Building on the momentum of consistent triple digit growth rates, prestigious industry awards, a series of technical innovations, and surging use of its technology among US law firms, The US division of Opus 2 International (, a worldwide litigation services and software development company, today announces the company’s plans for exhibiting at the LegalTech New York 2016 conference. Opus 2 intends to showcase two significant new developments for LegalTech attendees in Booth #1304:

  1. Opus 2 Magnum 6.0 empowers law firms with firm-wide transcript and case analysis software in a private cloud. At LegalTech New York, the company will officially launch enterprise licensing for Opus 2 Magnum with the release of Version 6.0 of its cloud-based platform for collaboration on transcripts, documents, key facts and attorney work product. Opus 2 Magnum 6.0 enables law firms to leverage the award-winning transcript and case analysis software on a strategic, firm-wide basis. Magnum 6.0 continues to drive workflow efficiency and empower case team members with better tools for managing work product, and it includes new functionality that will enable law firms to self-manage aspects of the tool and leverage it across all cases, while still gaining the advantages of a private cloud-based service. Demonstrations may be pre-booked by sending your preferred date and time to
  2. Opus 2’s blend of cutting-edge software, state-of-the-art infrastructure and industry-tested collaborative tools fuels a richer M&A experience. By appointment, Opus 2 will offer exclusive previews of its soon-to-be-released deal room of the future. This modern VDR will redefine how sensitive information is secured, accessed, reviewed and shared during 21st century transactions. It will streamline due diligence and give sellers unprecedented confidence throughout the process. To schedule an exclusive preview with Opus 2 legal consultant and product manager, Charlie Harrel, please send your preferred date and time to

NetDocuments (Booth #513)

Earlier this week, NetDocuments, the leading native cloud/SaaS-based document and email management service for law firms and corporate legal departments, announced its products’ integration with DocuSign Inc.’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform. SignatureBridge, a middleware technology developed by NetDocuments technology partner Trumpet, Inc., will deliver seamless, end-to-end digital signature and cloud-based document and email management for law firms and corporate legal departments. SignatureBridge addresses the needs of law firms and corporations who use NetDocuments and want the ability to “close the loop” as they route documents digitally for approval and electronic signature via DocuSign. Streamlining the process of managing digital signatures while securing transaction documents within the confines of the document management service ensures that security, compliance, and encryption are maintained while the digital signature takes place – this is a critical piece of firms’ overall information governance practices. In addition to showcasing the latest technology/third party integrations, NetDocuments will be hosting an invitation only executive briefing for large firm CIOs to provide an update on a record fourth quarter that saw the addition of 130 new NetDocs customers. NetDocs leaders will provide updates on the company’s expanding Microsoft alliance; current firm security and governance challenges and how NetDocs is addressing them; an update on the company’s predictive email management technology, and review of ndOffice, its embedded MS Office integration. Visit NetDocuments at #LTNY16 booth #513.

Zapproved (Booth #1400)

At LegalTech NY, Zapproved, creators of the Z-Discovery platform and Digital Discovery Pro, will be demonstrating a significant technological advancement in electronic discovery. Zapproved is breaking the data access barrier with 1TB/hour processing with Digital Discovery Pro. Digital Discovery Pro offers corporate legal teams immediate access when responding to litigation or conducting investigations. As SaaS based software built from the ground up, Digital Discovery Pro takes full advantage of cloud computing by tapping into the power of parallel processing, first pioneered in supercomputing. The software applies the amount of computing power required to accomplish any task quickly. The technology gives in-house legal teams unprecedented control, efficiency, and affordability over discovery.
Additional Show Highlights:

  • Mini-Survey Results: Zapproved will also be discussing the newly released findings of a mini survey they conducted on in-house legal staff’s use of and experiences with E-discovery Data Processing and Review.
  • Updates on Legal Hold Pro, Data Collect Pro, & the Z-Discovery Platform.

Lex Machina (Booth #100)

At LegalTech New York, Legal Analytics® creator Lex Machina will be previewing an exclusive new feature that dramatically improves the quality and accuracy of government-supplied attorney data for District Court cases. The new Attorney Data Engine is designed to enhance attorney information from PACER, which can be inaccurate, missing, or flat-out wrong. Attorney Data Engine enables lawyers to correctly identify which attorneys were associated with a specific case, and what role they played, so that they can better formulate winning legal strategies.


Earlier this week, DocsCorp, a global leader in integrated document workflow solutions and technologies, announced plans to deliver a new, cloud-based capability that will be called DocsCorp Cloud. In addition, DocsCorp will publish new Add-Ins that will extend the functionality of cleanDocs and compareDocs within Office 365.

The new solutions will be hosted on public cloud platform Microsoft Azure. The DocsCorp Cloud-based versions of cleanDocs and compareDocs will not replace desktop editions of these products, but will provide clients with additional options and a greater degree of flexibility in accessing DocsCorp technologies from devices such as Surface Pro, iPad, Mac, and web browsers. DocsCorp will continue to develop and enhance its suite of Windows-based desktop products, including contentCrawler and pdfDocs in addition to cleanDocs and compareDocs. The company is also in discussions with key partners in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management System (DMS) space about integrating their software with the DocsCorp Cloud.

Also, DocsCorp will be announcing enhanced integration between its suite of document productivity tools for PDF creation and editing, document comparison and metadata removal with iManage Work 9.3 and iManage Share at next week’s LegalTech New York (LTNY).

iManage Work and iManage Share are leading work product management solutions for professionals. iManage Share is the fastest and easiest way to secure share work product, such as documents, images and spreadsheets, from inside iManage Work. iManage Share fully integrates with iManage Work, Microsoft Outlook and the key legal productivity tools from DocsCorp, such as cleanDocs, to enable users to share and collaborate on business-critical documents in a way that maintains security and complies with industry standards on data governance, including audit control and tracking.

DocsCorp is not exhibiting at LTNY, but several executives will be attending so for more information or to schedule an in-person meeting at the show, email


Lecorpio, the leader in intellectual property (IP) management and analytics software solutions, will be attending LTNY next week. Earlier this week, the company released results from a Patent Program Benchmarking Survey conducted to measure how companies are actively engaging with inventors, how they are communicating with them, and how they are rewarding them.

Elisa Cooper, VP of Marketing at Lecorpio, explains, “As expected, the survey shows that most IP-focused companies are financially rewarding their inventors at patent milestones including invention disclosure, patent filing, and issuance. However, we were surprised to learn that only 58% of respondents are tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge quality, quantity and efficiency since corporate executives are often keenly interested in accountability derived by objective metrics.”

For more information about the Lecorpio survey or to schedule an in-person appointment during LTNY, email

Handshake Software

Handshake Software recently unveiled its integration partnership with the legal research platform Ravel Law. The strategic integration between the two companies’ products will significantly improve users’ Microsoft SharePoint-based search experience, underpinning Handshake Software’s “All knowledge. One place” approach to developing a comprehensive legal Knowledge Management (KM) technology solution. The integration combines Ravel Law’s powerful tools including interactive visualizations and analytics with Handshake Software’s SP Bridge, which extends SharePoint Search to a firm’s enterprise search platform and creates an environment where users can easily find and review critical firm data, firm expertise as well as on-premise and online legal research materials. This creates a powerful set of search results that allow an attorney to more effectively manage both the business and practice of law in a single environment. Lawyers, CIOs and Knowledge Management professionals want one system to deliver one-stop KM information to their users and Handshake Software delivers. This news comes a month after Handshake announced its integration with West km, the Thomson Reuters knowledge management platform. The integrations enable lawyers whose firms use Handshake to directly search West km from within their firm intranets. Visit the Handshake team at the Law Firm Chief Information and Technology Officers Summit 2016 #LFCIO16.

What is your passion? ILTACON 2015 Las Vegas wants to know!

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Passion and Creativity

The organizers of ILTACON 2015 made a wonderful decision when they chose Sir Ken of TED Talk fame to kick-off their Conference with his Keynote Address on “How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” on Monday, August 31st at 9 am at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.  Sir Ken Robinson is a leading speaker and ‘authority’ on creativity and innovation. He is also extremely entertaining and willing to flip every norm upside down for amazing results.  This will be a great start to this year’s conference that promises to work on our strengths.  Building on the strengths of Las Vegas location, ILTACON has hired the comedian/juggler Mark Nizer for the second keynote on Wednesday.

IT and the Sexes

Another session of great interest is the session entitled “HELP! More Women Wanted!” This session will be presented by Donna Payne of the PayneGroup, Inc., Constance Hoffman of Bryan Cave, LLP and Sheryl Nolan of Microsoft Corporation – Legal and Corporate Affairs. The session will discuss the lack of women in technical roles and upper management in the legal profession. According to the statistics to be presented, only 26% of the positions described are occupied by women and they receive 73% the pay of their male counterparts. May be a worthy session to get some recruiting tips and help to balance and diversify the IT work environment.  Set for Monday 8/31/2015 from 4 to 5 pm. Another session on a similar theme is entitled “Lead with Confidence: Play to Your Strengths and Own Your Expertise” was formerly titled “Women Who Lead: I’m Not Sorry: Speaking Your Truth”.  This promises to bridge the gender communication gap and hopefully will be as entertaining as “Defending the Cave Man” and “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.  Scheduled for Tuesday 9/1/2015 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Hey You, Get Offa My Cloud!

Inevitable Cloud sessions will ensue including, “Considerations and Consequences: Moving to Cloud Document Management” taking place on Monday 8/31/2015 at 2:30 pm.  Vendors that are part of that discussion include NetDocuments and iManage. “Deploying and Supporting Web Apps: Don’t Lose Your Head in the Clouds!” is set for Thursday 9/3/2015 at 3:30 pm. “Fact or Fiction? Will Legal Be Able To Leverage the Microsoft Cloud?” will hopefully answer some questions about Office 365 on Tuesday 9/1/2015 from “Up, Up and Away! Your Ascent into the Cloud!” rounds out the Cloud sessions on Monday from 1 to 2 pm.

10th Anniversary ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey to be unveiled at ILTACON 

ILTA and InsideLegal will be releasing the findings of the “2015 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey” at ILTACON 2015. The law firm technology purchasing survey, which is distributed to all ILTA member firms, includes detailed technology budget data; updated information on firms’ purchasing influences and patterns; legal IT department trends and challenges; and expansive sections on specific legal technology purchases – both last year’s and those planned for the upcoming year. The 2015 survey findings are being presented as part of the 12th Annual ILTA/InsideLegal Vendor Education Program on Monday, August 31st, 1:30-4:00 pm, Caesars Palace, in Anzio meeting room (Promenade Level, 3rd Floor). The 2015 survey can also be downloaded at after 5 pm PST on Monday, 8/31. In addition, InsideLegal, joined by Skip Lohmeyer (CIO, Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP), is offering “10 Years of the ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey Findings”, a dedicated conference session for ILTA law firm members, on Thursday, September 3rd, 1:30-2:15 pm, in Roman Ballroom IV.


In addition to the sessions – of which they are four days of them – Exhibitors will be touting their wares in hall beginning with the Once Upon a Time themed Gala on Monday evening. Vendors will be in costume and hamming it up to get attendees in the right spirits. Among this year’s vendors are:

The Sackett Group, Inc., Booth 805

The Sackett Group, Inc. (“TSG”) celebrates its 25th year at ILTA (International Legal Technology Association), and also will unveil four new Windows 10 compatible releases of its Forte and MacPac software applications. First, to commemorate its 25th year in business, TSG has a creative exhibit at its ILTACON booth (#805) tracing the evolution of its software which started as a “Macro Package” or “MacPac” in WordPerfect and became the fully-integrated MacPac and Forte product lines available in Microsoft Word today. The interactive exhibit, called “Alice in Wonderland: Re-Envisioned,” transports ILTA members back in time “down the rabbit hole” to work hands-on with technology from the 1990’s such as MacPac for WordPerfect 5.1 DOS – TSG’s first-ever product, introduced in September 1990 – and MacPac for both Word 2.0 and Word 95.

Second, on the technology front, TSG is demonstrating updates to four of its software programs at ILTACON, including Forte 11.1, Forte Tools 11.1, MacPac 9.9.2 and MacPac Numbering 9.9.6. As mentioned before, each update has compatibility with Windows 10, and each has been fine-tuned based on Microsoft updates to Office 2013. TSG has completed phase one testing for compatibility with Office 2016 and is preparing updates for full compatibility. The new Forte 11.1 version includes an Insert function on the Forte ribbon, which enables users to create and save their own document packets (i.e., a living will, notary, cover letter, labels) and apply the saved data to all documents simultaneously. The same function works for clauses, precedents, and blocks of text.

JuraLaw Booth 109

JuraLaw®, the only completely Cloud-based legal calendaring and docket management software product available will be exhibiting in Booth 109.  Among the hot features JuraLaw will be demonstrating will be Global Find-and-Assign lawyers to cases and diary events, Multi-Copy of diary events and docket entries to multiple cases, and Multiple Reminder sets that make it almost impossible to miss critical court dates and deadlines.  The new features greatly increase workflow by minimizing data entry. JuraLaw does even more to limit data entry by combining court events, court docket entries, and automated court rules into the most easy-to-use, innovative legal calendaring and docket management system available. JuraLaw integrates well with NetDocuments to connect documents to cases, diary events and dockets. Finally, JuraLaw’s integration with MS Outlook calendar and email is top notch and helps keep lawyers from missing important dates and deadlines!

Opus 2 International, Booth 311

Opus 2 International, the leading provider of collaborative workspaces, will be focusing on “21st Century Transcript Management for the Modern Law Firm” at ILTACON 2015. Opus 2 will be exhibiting at Booth #311. The theme highlights dramatic changes in today’s legal marketplace as litigation becomes increasingly global and legal team members use mobile devices to collaborate across geographical and jurisdictional borders. ILTACON will be held at Caesars Palace Las Vegas from August 30 to September 3.

Chelsea Office Systems, Litéra Demo Room

On Monday, August 31st at ILTA, Roberta Gelb of Chelsea Office Systems ( will be speaking on how to “Inspire Attorneys to Use Innova Document Production (Even Styles!)”. Roberta, an Innova expert, will explain how Innova 7.5.1 can be structured to encourage lawyer adoption of Innova document production and styles. She will demonstrate how even the most skeptical users can be impressed with the ease and benefits of complex document production. The session runs from 2-2:30pm in the Litéra Demo Room – Siena Room – Promenade Level at Caesar’s Palace. A new Apple iWatch will be raffled off at the end of the program.

Levit & James, Booth 617

Virginia-based Levit & James will be demonstrating Version 4 of Best Authority, which will be released in September. Best Authority software creates a Table of Authorities (TOA) and is used by over 850 law firms, government agencies and nonprofits, including 84 of the 100 largest law firms. Version 4 includes support for both Windows 10 and Office 2016, as well as 32- and 64-bit versions of Office. The new release also includes a variety of new features that make the formatting of a TOA exceptionally easy, especially for large or complex documents. In addition, there are performance enhancements that make the TOA creation process even faster. For more information, visit

BigHand, Booth #518-520

With the launch of the BigHand Now workflow platform and BigHand Capacity Manager workflow planning tool, as well as the addition of the BigHand Office suite of products (formerly Esquire Innovations product line), the company is evolving the BigHand brand to better represent its growing portfolio of law firm productivity technology.

BigHand Now enables law firms to streamline all of their task delegation processes into one easy-to-use solution, enabling attorneys to easily move work to their support staff. This enhanced solution will serve to reduce inefficiencies and increase accountability between attorneys and support staff, via an incredibly easy to use and implement workflow solution, similar to the one incorporated in BigHand’s popular voice productivity software.

BigHand Capacity Manager is a new tool that will give firms insight into their overall workload across the firm and the capacity of their resources. This knowledge enables management to balance team workloads for the most efficient results, as well as plan for contingencies when work suddenly picks up or slows down.

BigHand will also be previewing a new product, BigHand Assemble, that allows organizations to automate content assembly in their documents, empowering users to achieve standardization and reduce human error.

Innovative Computing Systems, Booth #304

The experts at Innovative Computing Systems expect most conversations at ILTA to surround cloud computing, managed IT services and enterprise content management. Law firms are moving at a faster pace than ever to cloud storage or a hybrid of cloud and physical servers to store their firm’s data.
Cloud computing offers firms a number of benefits, including the elimination of repeating capital expenses, easier mobile access to information, security, and faster disaster recovery.

The trend of law firms engaging outside expertise to provide IT services is on the rise. Law firms have very unique needs for IT support and should only consider using experts with legal industry experience when it comes to managed services.

Enterprise Content Management – iManage is a great document management system for law firms, and our experts can make it an even more powerful and easy-to-use tool for your firm, but law firms need expert help to configure iManage to their firm’s needs.

NetDocuments, Booth #: 701/703

NetDocuments has announced next generation security and compliance technology for customer-controlled, cryptographic encryption keys, private storage options, and local HSM (hardware security module) which provides a complete “silent subpoena defense, and data sovereignty with in-country data storage requirement” solution for global firms operating under regulatory restrictions, across international jurisdictions, or who have corporate clients who demand it.

On the heels of the Decisiv Email acquisition from Recommind earlier this year, NetDocuments’ email management offering, NetDocuments EM, has incorporated key components of the Decisiv predictive and mobile email filing technology into NetDocuments global cloud infrastructure, eliminating much of the complexity and initial investment required to use the service. This reduces the dependency on a CAPEX investment and moves NetDocuments EM in line with NetDocuments DM (document management) leveraging a true cloud/SaaS OPEX model for service delivery.

Recently new AMLAW clients include Pillsbury, Baker Donelson, Davis Wright Tremaine, and Buchanan, each of which have over 1,000 people and multiple offices. NetDocuments now has more than 15 of the AMLAW 100 using either NetDocuments EM, NetDocuments DM, or both services combined.

Founded in 1999, NetDocuments services hundreds of thousands of users across 140 countries. The software provides organizations with the power and simplicity of built-in disaster recovery, matter centricity, enterprise search, mobility, records management, collaboration, security, and compliance for documents and email.

Duff and Phelps, Booth #814

At ILTACON 2015, Duff & Phelps will be presenting its Best Practice model for Information Governance for Law Firms, discussing how firms can win more corporate business with Legal Project Budgeting and bringing clarity to the somewhat cloudy matter of Cloud Computing.

nQueue, Booth #904

At ILTACON 2015, nQueue will be introducing iA Scan Desktop. iA Scan Desktop allows legal and other professionals to easily and properly route scanned documents to a personal folder, email address or document management system, whether the scanning is done personally at a desktop scanner or remotely at a multi-function device or facilities management operation. It automatically opens a popup box on the desktop whenever a document is scanned. With just a few clicks, the owner can choose the electronic version’s format and destination. Because iA Scan Desktop leverages nQueue’s Adaptive Intelligence technology to anticipate the most likely client/matter detail and favorite destinations, documents can properly routed in as few as five clicks.

LawBase, Booth #228

LawBase is a powerful and configurable case and matter management solution, known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software solutions that maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

Business Integrity, Booth #818

ILTACON attendees are invited to visit Business Integrity at booth 818 to see demonstrations of the latest versions of its popular ContractExpress document automation suite of products including ContractExpress 5.4, ContractExpress for Salesforce v.4 and ContractExpress for SharePoint v.5.

ContractExpress is trusted by the world’s leading law firms and corporations to generate standard legal documents from automated templates, reducing or eliminating the delays, costs, bottlenecks, and risks inherent with manual drafting. With automated contract drafting, lawyers are freed to work on higher value negotiations, non-standard matters, and realizable matters. The result is a faster, more efficient, more consistent, more compliant legal service.

In addition to exhibiting, Business Integrity is very proud to sponsor for the third consecutive year the ILTACON 2015 Law Department & Legal Operations Day on Monday, August 31. The event focuses on operational strategies and issues for legal technology professionals working in law departments or as part of legal operations. Legal department operations (LDO) is a growing segment of the legal industry focused on improving operational aspects of law department management. Registration for the event is exclusive to ILTA law department and legal operations staff.

InOutsource, Booth #716
InOutsource, a trusted consultation and legal technology implementation services company, has partnered with FileTrail to resell its records management solution. The agreement allows InOutsource, known for its information governance expertise and best practices, to offer hands-on implementation, deployment and configuration of software solutions.

InOutsource will demonstrate FileTrail Monday, Aug. 31 and Tuesday, Sept. 1 in Forum Ballroom 13 of Caesars Palace. To reserve a demonstration, visit
Two executives from InOutsource will also be presenting during ILTACON.

Nancy Beauchemin, CRM, president and founder of InOutsource, will join the panel discussion for “Building Information Governance Like ‘Ocean’s Eleven’” (scheduled for Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. PT). The session will cover how to assemble the perfect team for IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

On Sept. 3 at 2:30 p.m. PT, InOutsource’s Director of Operations Eric Mosca, CRM, will join a panel of law firm experts to discuss “Better Business Results through Better Business Intake.” He will cover the new pressures law firms face in regards to client intake and how technology can play a significant role in enabling quicker, more adaptable business acceptance and workflow execution.

Tikit, Booth 811/813

Tikit recently announced its Carpe Diem App for the Apple Watch. This app expands remote, on-the-go timekeeping options for legal professionals. The new natively designed App, developed using the new Apple OS2 operating system, is included with Tikit’s Carpe Diem Mobile module. The Tikit Carpe Diem Apple App for the Apple Watch is convenient and easy to use. A simple interface with both stopwatch and increment tracking, as well as narrative capture via voice, provides just the right level of functionality to engage users intuitively. The App will premiere at ILTACON 2015. For conference attendees interested in app development and in particular the conversation surrounding ‘HTML5 vs. Native’ should plan on attending Tikit’s Solution Spotlight session #SS003 titled ‘HTML5 vs. Native Development: Which Is Best? When and Why?’. Tikit also announced increased demand for its recently released Carpe Diem Next Generation timekeeping solution and eMarketing version 6 software. Within the last six months more than 20 Tikit clients, both in North America and the UK, have chosen Carpe Diem Next Generation timekeeping, as well as eMarketing version 6. These include prominent law firms Seyfarth Shaw, Finnegan and Stradley Ronon. In total, more than 20 percent of existing clients are in the midst of software upgrade projects, representing more than 5,000 users within North America alone. Carpe Diem Next Generation, eMarketing version 6 and the new Carpe Diem App for the Apple Watch can all be test driven at the Tikit booth #811/813.

Handshake Software, Inc., Booth 407/409

Handshake Software, Inc. and LexisNexis Legal & Professional recently previewed the integration of the LexisNexis® Digital Library with Handshake Software’s Portal & Search for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. The integration is licensed through Handshake Software and enables firm attorneys and law librarians to review and check out eBook titles via SharePoint, and gives them greater efficiency by contextualizing their subscription to LexisNexis Digital Library around practice areas, people, matters and more. It offers access to electronic titles that are relevant to the focus of a user within the SharePoint portal. For example, on a matter summary page, an attorney automatically sees and can access relevant digital publications for that particular matter in addition to financials, documents, contacts and other content. Handshake also announced that The Firm Directory, the leading people-based expertise location system for law firms and legal departments built on the Pulse collaboration platform, now integrates with its SharePoint-based Portals, Enterprise Search and data-driven Expertise Locator products. Clients can now utilize The Firm Directory’s skills taxonomy to surface attorney experience, which is now integrated with Handshake Software’s data-driven attorney expertise from financial and other line-of-business systems, time entries, documents and contacts.

Conference attendees interested in SharePoint case studies and new SharePoint expertise location products should attend the ‘Latest SharePoint Updates and Features’ conference session or CEO Doug Horton’s ‘Handshake Software: Find your true firm experts’ solution spotlight session on both on Wednesday, September 2nd. ILTACON attendees can visit the Handshake booth #407/409 for more details and live demos.

Encoretech, Booth 627

For legal technology training and learning program provider Encoretech , ILTA 2015  is all about the rise of Training-as-a-Service (TaaS). First introduced in 2014, TaaS is a flexible subscription-based managed service built on short, focused distance learning opportunities delivered by highly skilled instructors, individual deskside coaching and a rich catalog of well-designed, easy to digest on-demand content. The easy delivery of TaaS solutions and the results reported by early adopters such as Womble Carlyle have put TaaS on the map. Case in point, Encoretech is a short list candidate for ILTA’s 2015 Distinguished Peer Award in the ‘Innovative Solution Provider’ Category for the work on TaaS. Stop by ILTACON booth#627 to chat with the Encoretech team about how TaaS can work for you. Not convinced, listen to Encoretech President Jeffrey Roach explain TaaS  in his recent Reinventing Professional Services podcast. Need more reasons to seek out Encoretech? Stop by the booth to see the Suffolk/Flaherty Legal Tech Audit  and Assessment at work. For a complete list of Encoretech’s ILTA activities, click here.

So we’ll see you in Las Vegas – I’ll be dressed as Da Bears fan in Booth 109 on Monday night in the Exhibit Hall.  Please stop by and say “Howdy!”

Dave Glynn
Editor for

2015 8th Annual eDiscovery Survey Response Analysis

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Survey Says:  Lawyers need more technical assistance with eDiscovery
By: Tom O’Connor

The Law Bulletin Publishing Company has just concluded its 8th Annual eDiscovery and Technology Survey of Illinois attorneys. The survey asked a number of specific questions regarding attorneys experience with eDiscovery matters, vendors and products. The final two questions asked for opinions as to what attorneys felt were the most important eDiscovery issues they faced.

Who’s Who?
The respondents to the survey represented a good cross-section of practitioners, with the majority being in private practice (68% – down slightly from the last four years at or just over 70%), 16% in government practice (up from 10% last year) and 5% in corporate practice, down nearly half from 9% from last year. The remainder were in a variety of administrative, teaching or public service roles. Of the private practitioners, 20% were in a solo practice, a return to the number of 2 years ago, while respondents from firms between two and twenty attorneys at 40% also returned to the 2013 number. Firms between 20 to 50 attorneys were at 8% (down 1%) while firms over 50 also increase to 27%, close to the 2013 number. And firms over 300 also jumped significantly, from .05% last year to 8% this year. The distribution of responses has gone back to a more balanced distribution with 40% solo attorneys and increased representation by large firms, compared to last year’s, down from last year’s dominance of nearly 2/3 of the responses from solo or small firms.


The number of partners dropped to 32% (down from 43% last year) with 11% being associates, both numbers returning to 2013 levels. In-house counsel dropped to 5% while the number of non-attorneys also returned to 2013 numbers at 39%. The overall trend, then, was a reversal of last year’s dominance by solo and small firm respondents and a return to a more balanced level of participation by large firm participants. An increasing number of ediscovery specialists, including IT managers, practice managers, paralegals, claims examiners, law students and even document reviewers also responded to the survey. 50% of the respondents identified themselves as litigation specialists (up slightly from 46% last year), with specific areas of Family Law, Personal Injury and Insurance dominating their practice areas. Corporate law rose from 5% to 16%, reflecting the increased number of in-house counsel answering the survey. Taxation dropped again (7% to 5%), Real Estate rose slightly (14% to 15%) as did Finance (7% to 11%) also reflecting the return of large firm responses. Probate law increased from 9% to 13% while Bankruptcy dropped slightly from 7% to 5% and Family Law logged in at 12%.

eDiscovery Initiatives

As with past years’s survey responses when a majority of respondents did not answer a general question about eDiscovery initiatives, avoidance of this area in this year’s survey responses was high. By noting that only half the respondents answered the general question, showing an ongoing lack of awareness of how ediscovery rules and principles are evolving. Although 68% of the respondents knew about the 7th Circuit ED Pilot Project (which has been underway in Chicago for the past three years) down from 74% last year, only 3% had heard of a similar project in the USDC for the Southern District of New York, down from 5% last year. 66% were familiar with the EDRM project (up strongly from 46% last year and soundly beating the 51% response from 2013) and the Georgetown ED Academy ticked up slightly from 10% to 11%.

eDiscovery Activities

Just as familiarity with the EDRM project increased, so too did the rate of knowledge with the components of that project. 58% felt they were familiar with identification and processing, 61% with review and litigation hold requirements. Only early case analysis and collection dropped slightly from 54% to 53% and 54% to 53% respectively. Familiarity with the Meet and Confer process increased slightly from 53% to 58% as did statistics for familiarity with the process itself. Last year, 80% said they had not actually participated in a Meet and Confer session, a number which dropped to 74%. And of those who did hold a Meet & Confer session, last year 82% said they didn’t know if it helped lower the costs in their matter, a number which dropped substantially to 53% this year. Several new questions in this section brought interesting results. 37% of respondents were aware of impending changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) coming this December. But only 8% were aware of the recent Rio Tinto decision which dealt with standards for Technology-Assisted Review and even less, 3%, had heard of the Branhaven case dealing with attorneys’ ethical obligations during discovery under FRCP Rule 26(g).

Reference Sources
eDiscovery reference sources of information showed some significant shifts, notably an increased reliance on case law (up to 58% from 39%) and court rules (up to 44% from 38%). Conferences also showed a sharp increase (36% to 44%) while RSS feeds held relatively steady at 36% from last year’s 34%. Print media more than doubled (17% to 38%), better than the previous year’s responses and websites also rebounded from 30% to 40%. Consultants held steady at 16% while vendors surged from 13% to 25%. Social media showed an interesting divergence as Twitter only registered a 7% response but LinkedIn had a robust 27%. The drop in small firm respondents this year seems to have shifted the answers with a return to a more diversified set of information sources, but all respondents clearly were looking to case law and rules for guidance. Lawyers continue to acknowledge that there are multiple sources of information and are availing themselves of most of them.

How Much Is That Case Worth?

The increased survey participation by attorneys pushed a small increase in people saying they handled matters involving eDiscovery from 50% to 54%. Of those, 23% said that their eDiscovery caseload had increased from last year, the same percentage as last year.

A real surprise here was that 52% of the respondents said they had an eDiscovery matter in Circuit Court versus 45% in Federal court. The remaining 3% were in specialty courts. A major change this year was that 53% of the respondents had matters valued under $100,000 (up from 22% last year) while cases valued between $100,000 and $1,000,000 dropped slightly from 33% last year to 27% this year.

But for those who had eDiscovery matters, the number spending less than $50,000 on ED services dropped substantially from 70% to 57% while the number spending between $50,000 and $1,000,000 also dropped from 33% to 22%.

The above figures continue to counter the common perception that eDiscovery is a ’high-cost/big case Federal court’ area of practice. In fact, like most legal work in the U.S., the majority of the cases and the median costs appear at the low end of their respective ranges and that number continues to grow more than the high end number.

At the same time, the cost spent on those services has dropped, reflecting what appears to be smarter consumers using technology more effectively while forcing increased commoditization of eDiscovery services.


Methods and Services
The strong trend of in-house performance of eDiscovery services that started last year continues with 55% of respondents doing some form of in-house eDiscovery. In-house processing is at 48% while 60% are doing some form of in-house document review. A more specific breakdown of in-house tasks shows that on the technical side, 48% are doing collection themselves, while 59% performed redactions as part of the review process. Deduping picked up noticeably to 26%.

On the non-technical side, 48% engaged in some form of overall eDiscovery project management (the same as last year) while 40% performed Early Case Analysis, up from 25% last year. Only 37% said they rely on an outside service provider compared to 33% last year, while the hiring of an independent consultant ticked up to 37% from 26%.

The choice of outside service providers continues to be widely diversified. Of the 26 named providers, none had a double digit response and the single largest response was “Other”, where a list of small local companies figured heavily. Applied Discovery was the biggest loser, dropping from first place last year at 28% to 14% while Kroll dropped from 25% to 21% where they were joined by Advanced Discovery, FTI and DTI. Clearwell also showed a strong surge from 1% to 7%.

The “Other” response dropped dramatically from 41% to 21% but it is important to note that once again this year, this question, like several others, continues to have more non-responses than answers. 79% of the respondents did not answer this question and that margin may, in fact, dilute the significance of the specific answers.

Software of Choice
Just as with the choice of service providers, the selection of software continued to show major shifts although long-time leader Summation held steady at 33%. But Concordance rebounded from 30% to 47% and Ipro did the same from 9% to 14% local product Relativity and Thomson-owned CaseLogistix each jumped from 19% to 38%

Clearwell however dropped from 9% to 4% and Autonomy dipped from 6% to 5% a score shared by Catalyst.

Web-based products showed similar diversity:

On the Web
These numbers show a continued rise in web-based applications to host eDiscovery documents. No single product dominated the responses, although Relativity retained its home field advantage at 45% (33% last year). Case Logistix also jumped from 17% to 32%. Catalyst remained at 5% while IConnect was a strong 22%. And the biggest winner? Lexis Nexis™ FYI which last year had dropped from 37% to 10%, this year rebounded to 27%.

Chart_4_Web_providersAnd in another positive note, the “Other” response went from the largest number last year to only 9% this year, with last year’s favorite response “I don’t know” not appearing at all. Once again this year, the numbers reflect a diverse use of products and lack of clear market domination by any one product. But I also believe the drop in overall numbers reflects the increase in smaller cases which cannot afford the vast majority of web based ED products on the market.

Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)

A new question in this year’s survey asked, “Have you specifically employed or used any type of predictive coding, concept searching or analytic software for your e-discovery?” Only half the respondents answered this question and of those, 20% said “yes”.

When asked if these product(s) helped speed up the eDiscovery review process, 83% of the TAR users said “yes”, with the most common response being “I got to the most important documents quicker.” Of those same respondents, ALL of them said that this process also lowered their costs, with reasons ranging from “faster search”, “gave me less documents to review which lowered final cost” and “lowered my spend with my outside vendor.”

Most Important Issues Regarding eDiscovery

Several questions were asked about the scope of the eDiscovery process and most answers continued to show strong opinions that jumped to the forefront last year, with one significant exception: The number one concern of respondents was again price, increasing slightly from 48% to 50% while review costs increased from 14% to 20%

Processing dropped from 13% to 10%, while judicial decisions dropped from 7% to 3%, and concept searching remained at 7%. Predictive coding fell off the chart altogether as a major issue. What leaps out as a new issue of prominence is technical competence due to the scope of many new rule changes and bar association opinions in 2014 and early this year. 33% of the respondents felt technical competence was a major issue, putting it second only to price.

When it came to simplifying the eDiscovery process, all categories stayed roughly the same as last year. 41% stated they would like to see the processing stage simplified, compared to 44% last year. While 27% would prefer to see collection made easier compared to 26% last year. Changes to review went from 37% to 34% and identification from 26% to 18%. Early Case Assessment ticked up slightly from 29% to 31%.

The two top issues listed by the respondents were overall price and technical competence, the latter being a sharp change in previous years’ answers. And once again, when asked to discuss specifics of their litigation hold experience, more respondents skipped the questions and 80% of the respondents said they were not involved in crafting litigation holds for clients. So what exactly does that tell us? Cost remains the leading concern but ‘technical competence’ has replaced ‘education about the process’ as the second biggest concern.


As we have noted for the past two years, eDiscovery has matured into an integral part of the litigation process, cutting across all the legal demographics of firm size, case values and attorneys. This year’s results supports that even more with attorneys from all firm sizes responding to the questions and small firms not dominating the responses as they did last year. Case decisions and eDiscovery-specific rules continue to dominate the resource landscape. But now we see technical competence in its first-time appearance as a major issue. This is compelled by attorneys becoming more aware of the need to understand their ethical responsibilities in the eDiscovery part of their practice.

Well-known products such as Summation and Concordance continue to see the market share erosion of the past two years continue and web-based applications continue to grow in usage. Cost continues to be a major issue and attorneys continue to press for easier technical solutions to procedures such as collection and processing. And while many firms turn to fullservice eDiscovery vendors for support on those procedures, last year’s trend of in-house functionality continues to grow. The emergence of TAR as a factor is clear and shows the increased understanding and comfort with eDiscovery technology is growing.

Yet we continue to see unanswered questions which seem to reflect signs of unfamiliarity with many phases of eDiscovery. The need for greater technical knowledge reflects that uneasiness and the return to prominence of conference and even printed material as resources shows the continued market for developing that knowledge level.

About our author Tom O’Connor

tom_oconnorTom is a nationally-known consultant, speaker and writer in the area of computerized litigation support systems. He is currently Senior ESI Consultant at Advanced Discovery. Tom’s involvement with large cases led him to become familiar with dozens of software applications for litigation support and he has both designed databases and trained legal staffs in their use of eDiscovery tools. Tom is also the author of The Automated Law Firm, a guide to computer systems and software published by Aspen Law & Business and The Lawyers Guide to Summation, published by the ABA.

About the Article

This article will appeared with several others covering the topic of legal technology in the recent Legal Technology Update, a special supplement to the Chicago Lawyer Magazine.

JuraLaw retains Joseph Scott for strategic growth

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Chicago, IL & Calabasas, CA – April 6, 2015 – Law Bulletin Publishing Company today announced that the company has engaged Joseph Scott, Founder of GSS&P Consulting, to help strategically grow its JuraLaw® legal calendaring business. Mr. Scott has an impressive record of success across a number of legal technology companies. He is a recognized leader in law office technology with expertise in the implementation of innovative products that help law firms achieve their goals. Mr. Scott will help to position JuraLaw to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the legal market.

“Joe’s significant experience makes him a valuable addition to our team,” said Sandy Macfarland, CEO of the Law Bulletin Publishing Company. “His expertise in the legal calendaring and legal risk management fields will be of immense value to JuraLaw and our clients.”

“I am very excited about helping a company with such a strong reputation, and high caliber professionals who are so experienced in the legal vertical,” said Mr. Scott. Having served on several industry and company advisory boards, and authored numerous articles on legal technologies and risk management, Mr. Scott regularly speaks to legal professionals illustrating the power that software and Internet-based solutions can provide to law firms.

About Joseph Scott & GSS&P Consulting
Joseph Scott is the founder of GSS&P Consulting, providing strategic counsel to law firms and technology companies on deploying and utilizing emerging technologies to achieve more powerful, productive, and successful operations. Mr. Scott is a licensed California attorney, entrepreneur, and consultant with over 20 years of experience in the legal vertical. He has authored numerous articles and whitepapers on legal technology and risk management. To learn more, visit

About Law Bulletin Publishing Company and JuraLaw®

The Law Bulletin Publishing Company, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a diversified legal and real estate information company. Founded in 1854, the company is the oldest privately held legal publisher in the country and is an industry leader in court information, docket and calendaring services. The Company has consistently been at the forefront of legal technology. Law Bulletin introduced the first electronic docket management product, DM2000, over 30 years ago. JuraLaw, the successor to DM2000, incorporates the latest features and technologies needed in today’s law practice. More at and