Law Bulletin Publishing Company’s DM2000(R) Expands into Will County

Law Bulletin Publishing Company’s DM2000(R) Expands into Will County, Illinois; Law Firms With Cases in Will County Courts Gain Powerful Case Calendaring Tool

CHICAGO, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Law Bulletin Publishing Company
announced today the expansion of its Court Docket Management Program,
DM2000(R) into Will County, Illinois effective today. The Will County
Circuit court calls and information will also be published each day in the
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin(R) and available online via name and case number
search at

DM2000(R) is a case and calendaring program that enables law firms to
connect their cases to the Will County courts by matching their case
numbers with the Northern Illinois court calls. The program has been
available in Cook County since 1984. Various court calls have been added to
DM2000(R) over the years including DuPage, Lake, McHenry, U.S. District
Court and U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of Illinois,
Eastern Division as well as U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit;
Illinois Appellate Court; and Illinois Industrial Commission.

“This unique, full-featured case management program provides attorneys
and law firms the best possible litigation diary available,” said Cheryl
Blalock, Director, Law Bulletin Information Network. “DM2000(R) integrates
the court’s diary with the firm’s diary to create a total solution to
calendaring. This improves the firm’s workflow and its ability to
effectively manage caseloads.”

Blalock said the steadily growing population of Will County and the
corresponding increase in court cases there prompted Law Bulletin to
further expand the information networking solutions it provides across the
Chicago metropolitan area. It is through the cooperation of Pamela J.
McGuire, Clerk of the Will County Circuit Court, that this information has
become available for publication and use in DM2000(R).

Through DM2000(R) daily, weekly, and monthly reports supply crucial
information necessary to meet court deadlines, appearances, depositions,
and more. The program’s “Black Line” Court Call feature further defines
activities that are on the trial call (above the “Black Line”) and cases
waiting for trial assignment (below the “Black Line”). For mobile
attorneys, advance notice from DM2000(R) may also be distributed directly
into attorneys’ Blackberry devices. Will County Court dates set for
Wednesday, October 15, 2008, will be available on Friday, October 10, 2008.

Nearly 800 attorneys represent firms located in Will County.

For more information about DM2000(R) and its expansion into Will
County, please contact Cheryl Blalock, Director, Law Bulletin Information

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