Lawyers conjuring rule to OK e-mail service of court papers

John Flynn Rooney reports in today’s Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about eService in civil cases, here’s an excerpt…

A public hearing Monday on a proposed change to a rule on the service of court papers yielded an unexpected extra: an advance look at another suggested change that may be ripe for consideration a year from now.

Chicago lawyer Bruce R. Pfaff raised the prospect of service of court documents by e-mail in civil cases while discussion was under way on service of court papers less than seven days before a court hearing is to be held.

The matter on the official agenda was an amendment to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11, which deals with the service of court papers other than process and complaint on parties not in default in the trial and reviewing courts.

”Whenever I see Rule 11, I cringe and see it as an opportunity for us to move into the 21st century,” said Pfaff, a principal of Pfaff & Gill Ltd. in Chicago.

For the rest of the article, visit the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin – you can order a free trial for 15 days  if you are not a subscriber.

~ by CDLB on January 27, 2009.

One Response to “Lawyers conjuring rule to OK e-mail service of court papers”

  1. Email is unreliable, unmanageable and creates too much risk for clients. There are numerous examples of where a failed or missed email has caused damage in a case. Rather than email, Chicago Bar should consider the use of e-service vendor solutions, wherein secure exchange of documents amongst counsel can occur at a substantial savings over paper document exchange. Hosted e-service solutions are widely used across the country already, including Los Angeles Superior Court, Maricopa County AZ, Harris and Dallas County Texas and many other major metropolitan areas. Attorneys in those cases are recognizing up to 80% savings in costs over managing paper-based service processes.

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