LegalTech Show in NYC – Many Creative Programs This Year

I just arrived in NYC for the 28th Annual LegalTech show sponsored by Incisive Media – the folks that you bring you all of the AmLaw publications. The show has several very creatively titled and formatted programs this year, stressing a little more fun in grappling with the legal technology subject matter. I’m hoping that James Lipton will host “Inside the LegalTech Studio: Impact of Technology on Legal Leadership and Decisions”, sponsored by Seagate Services. Will they ask those important Bernard Pivot questions, i.e. “What is your favorite sound: Opposing counsel wheezing after I produce the smoking gun due to our firm’s eDiscovery diligence.”

Another newly-formatted program will be the LegalTech Town Hall, similar to a presidential campaign town hall meeting/debate, attendees will submit questions via video for the panel of experts to answer. The panel will be led by Patrick Oot, Director of Electronic Discovery and Senior Counsel of Verizon, and will consist of top thought leaders in the industry. There seems to be more beef to the sessions this year than in years past which tend to be vendor-driven and vendor-focused.

Incisive is also holding two other conferences in conjunction with this – one focused on law firm CIOs and the other focused on paralegals. Exhibitors will fill three floors of the New York Hilton to hawk their products. And in the exhibit hall there’s an energy found at this show that is far more kinetic than other legal trade shows.

From a first run through the exhibit hall the show appears to be vendor-rich despite the worsening economy. After all, this show survived the dot-bomb and post 911 economy fairly well in 2001, so we’ll see how they fare this year.


~ by CDLB on February 2, 2009.

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