Take a Letter Maria in the Digital Dictation Age

Digital Dictation/Transcription services were abound at the NYC LegalTech show.   Here’s a couple of highlights:

iDictate Your Pocket Secretary



More focus on this product for the solo/small firm, iDictate allows you to call into a toll-free number and dictate to a phone-in secretary who will send you a transcription in “record time”  via email.   This could be very attractive for solos and small firms.  It’s an on-demand service that you can charge via credit card.  iDictate provides 24 hour access for those late night lawyers who have to get a letter out.  A fun application offered by iDictate is Quicktate – that allows you to update your facebook or send a twitter message through voice by calling a number.  http://www.quicktate.com/quicktate/ for Quicktate and for iDictate – http://www.idictate.com/.



Big Hand

Another digital dictation company exhibiting at the LegalTech NYC show was Big Hand who concentrates on enterprise installations of their robust server software for mid and large-sized firms.  Lawyers can submit dictation both onsite (in their offices) through their desktop and remotely through their Blackberry and the staff can turn around the transcriptions more quickly due to the “easy to use” software.  Some firms find it more productive to dictate letters and documents versus lawyers drafting them on their own and having a legal secretary clean them up. Big Hand encrypts the messages so that security is much tighter than other methods of dictation. More on Big Hand, an international company, at www.bighand.com.


~ by CDLB on February 6, 2009.

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