Case law says you MUST buy this product

Q: What are the three main reasons lawyers embrace technology products? (or as we like to say are dragged screaming into the 21st century) A1: The client demands that they buy it, A2: the other side has it and will use it against them – or – and this is the BIG ONE –  A3: case law dictates they use the product.

WorkProducts, Inc., architect of the MatterSpace® Evidence Lifecycle Management (ELM) has introduced a new newsletter called MatterSpace® ELM Monthly which provides case law and precedent that supports the use of their products.  WorkProducts is leveraging the third answer above that motivates lawyers.  Lawyers don’t want to get called out by judge in a court of law for not doing their due diligence.  Lexis and West both used similar strategies years ago to sell their products successfully.

About the product:  “MatterSpace is an advanced, easy-to-install-and-use pre-configured server designed for companies facing numerous new law suits each year,” states the press release from WorkProducts, Inc.

If you’re representing one of these companies they mention above, then you probably have job security as long as the corporate money doesn’t run out.  On your client’s behalf and to save embarrassment in the courthouse (answers No. 1 & 3 above), you’d better look  up  WorkProducts and subscribe to the ELM Monthly newsletter.


~ by CDLB on February 17, 2009.

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