iPhone. Do you?

iPhone 3g (from Apple)

iPhone 3g (from Apple)

The Apple iPhone is one snappy gadget. It probably traces its ancestry (at least in the conceptual vein) to the Sony Walkman, the portable cassette player that let you pick your own soundtrack for the world.

The iPhone has become much more than its miniature jukebox cousin the iPod (save maybe the Touch). It’s a cell phone, web browser, emailer, navigator, calendar, calculator and camera that all fits in a glossy black (or white if you like and get the 16GB version) package.

It’s pretty cool, and plays your tunes, too.

But beyond the slick side, the iPhone can be a powerful business tool through a host of applications (apps for short — you’ve seen the commercial, haven’t you?).

Apple boasts that there are more than 15,000 applications available. And they’re either free or cheap. A buck or two is a common price, though you can shell out 10 or 20 clams for some programs.

In a series of upcoming posts, I’ll be looking at apps from several broad categories that you might find useful for your practice: time and billing, dictation, document handlers, general business, finance, travel and reference.

Maybe you’re among those who say iPhone, therefore I am. If so, tell us about your favorite apps.


~ by CDLB on February 24, 2009.

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