iPhone apps: time & billing II

If you bill by the hour and carry an iPhone, you may want to log your time using one of the dozen or so apps available in Apple’s iTunes store. Last week, LexTekReport covered (we’re going in alphabetical order) Bill4Time Mobile, ClockedIn and iPunchclock.

Apple's iPhone App Store

Apple's iPhone App Store

As a quick review, these applications either let you enter your own time, say in 15-minute increments, or they work like a taxicab meter that starts when you pull the flag. Some allow both approaches. Probably the most important application feature  is exporting (if available) so you can transfer your records to your firm’s billing or accounting system.

iTimeSheet — Developer JF Grang softwares offers two flavors of its app: free and $5.99. The “Lite” version is limited to a single task level, which would hamstring the detail available on billings. A helpful video on the developer’s Web site covers the basics of configuring and using the application. After the initial setup of projects and tasks, in particular, you can copy them to new clients and new projects, saving time in the long run. Other features include exports formatted for Excel; the ability to pick a default client, project or task; and the option of marking tasks as not chargeable. Average rating, on a scale of 1-5 in the iTunes store, *** (based on 30 reviews).

LionClock — This app by Smart Software Development is the other one that comes in two versions, but the major difference is that LionClock Lite at $29.99 is the most expensive app after LionClock Plus, which runs $59.99. LionClock Lite caps the number of projects at 50; going beyond that means deleting old projects. The more expensive edition puts no limit on how many projects you track. This application lacks any data export function, instead the developer touts e-mail invoices that include PayPal payment links. This could be useful for attorneys who have mostly onetime clients, say, at traffic court. Average rating ** (16 reviews (Lite edition)).

My Time — Developer Owen Shaw sells what looks to be the most basic of the time tracking programs that came up in my search. My Times takes the stopwatch approach and lets you round times to fractions of an hour and e-mail reports. There’s no data export functionality, but it only costs 99 cents. Average rating **½ (6 reviews).

Time Manager Pro — This application by telienceSoft takes the hybrid approach to logging time. You can use the stopwatch or manually enter or edit tasks after the fact. For those concerned about losing their info, the developer offers a backup feature for copying and restoring data via a wi-fi connection. Time Manager also lets you budget your time and track how well you meet your goals. Average rating **½ (6 reviews).

Timewerks Mobile Billing — Sorth LLC designed an app that has a range of options for managing billings, including the ability to set different rates for different tasks and charging for expenses (perhaps photocopying or mileage) associated with a particular project. Using a wi-fi connection and standard Web browser, Timewerks can export data in either comma-delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited (TSV) format for importing to a spreadsheet or database program, or you can e-mail invoices straight from your iPhone.  Average rating ***½ (50 reviews).

Coming up: dictation apps.


~ by CDLB on March 4, 2009.

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  1. Time59 (www.time59.com) is a web-based time and billing app that is formatted for the iPhone’s Safari browser. Track time and expenses, manage accounts receivable, and send invoices from your iPhone. Of course it works on your regular computer too.

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