Coming soon to iPhone?

Software developers are diving into a new set of features expected on the next generation of Apple’s iPhone. Aside from filling gaps that current iPhone users saw in the device, such as landscape orientation for the keyboard in all apps and cut, copy and paste functionality, the smartphone will be able to talk to like devices through what’s called peer-to-peer networking.

One possibility with Bluetooth networking is using the iPhone as a modem to connect your laptop to a cell network. This sort of access, though, is presumably up to AT&T, which holds the exclusive rights to (and a massive investment in) iPhone distribution.

Something else on the horizon may be peripherals that make using the iPhone easier. Keyboards and backup modules come to mind. It seems a safe bet that at least one person at Apple imagines the day when the iPhone replaces the laptop.


~ by CDLB on March 25, 2009.

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