EDD for the little gal or guy

If the world of electronic discovery sends shivers up your spine or sets your mind spinning, you’re not alone, especially if you run your own firm or work in a small one, two e-discovery experts said Friday morning during an ABA Techshow presentation at the Chicago Hilton.

Whatever your reaction to the EDD acronym (electronic data discovery) — even if it’s arrogance — you need at least a rudimentary understanding of the field when you take a case that will involve some form of e-discovery.

“I would equate ignorance of EDD with an invitation to a legal malpractice suit,” said Sharon Nelson of Fairfax, Va.-based Sensei Enterprises Inc.

Nelson and Dominic Jaar, legal counsel and consultant at Ledjit in Montreal, covered the major steps in EDD and warned about the potential pitfalls. During their talk entitled “E-Discovery for the Rest of Us: What You Need to Know, Now!” Jaar said that while attorneys can handle some aspects of EDD themselves, neophytes would do well to hire an expert to help out — at least at the early stages.

Even so, both Jaar and Nelson said hiring outside help doesn’t mean spending at levels that evoke the Pentagon’s budget. Large EDD companies have to cover high overhead, Nelson noted, adding that smaller firms are just as capable at providing the assistance you need.

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~ by CDLB on April 3, 2009.

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