Quick Hits – Life after TechShow

Just because the ABA TechShow is over doesn’t mean that legal technology is dormant.  Here are a few comings/goings:

Not American IDOL, that’s Autonomy IDOL – “Meaning Based Computing” is the latest tech buzz word.  Autonomy/Interwoven continues their education-marketing blitz so someone can understand why they need to buy their products.  Their latest push is for you to know what your customers/clients are thinking using IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer).  Read more from Autonomy.

One-Stop-eDiscovery-Shopping – @LEGAL Discovery LLC, is launching their new CaseView product this month.  It promises to replace your multiple eDiscovery vendors with one product/service for cost savings and streamlining.  Check ’em out on their Web site.

Close the door, the horse is out of the barn – American Lawyer founder, Steve Brill, now thinks publishers should charge for content.  Here’s a link to our hosted AP article on the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin online discussing the new test venture.  BTW, this article is free, but don’t steal that book!

Parting  Shots from TechShow – you can catch the wrap-up of the TechShow by Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell and Adriana Linares in podcast format on the Legal Talk Network.

The Life Doesn’t Totally Stink [Yet] series of seminars:

Attorneys In Transition Seminar – A free networking breakfast and panel discussion is available to lawyers in transition from 8 to 11 a.m. on May 8 at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago’s Loop. The event is co-sponsored by the Law Bulletin and The John Marshall Law School. For more info, visit AttorneysInTransition.com.

Get a Life, will ya? – Total Attorneys’ Get A Life. Conference is set for May 27 & 28th – Run Your Practice Without Running Yourself into the Ground. In this two-day conference you’ll learn how to manage all the moving parts of a successful law practice while still maintaining a life.  Learn from some of the foremost experts on the subject.
Total Practice Management Association – Chicago

New Page on LexTekReport.com – we’ve just added a jobs page – and we have a real job listed.  Check it out on the right-hand navigation.


~ by CDLB on April 15, 2009.

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