Illinois Appellate Arguments to be Available Online

The Illinois Supreme Court today announced that Illinois Appellate oral arguments will be available online beginning Monday, November 2nd.  This is in keeping with the Supreme Court’s “desire to bring greater public access and understanding to the courts.”

Under the direction of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts and its division of Judicial Management Information Services (JMIS), the appellate courtrooms in all five Judicial Districts have been equipped with digital audio recording systems that will preserve audio quality long term for archival purposes. The systems also are compatible with standard computer software readily available on most personal computer systems, and will allow the legal community and the general public to listen to and download audio recordings of all appellate arguments and workers’ compensation hearings.

The Supreme Court has been posting both video and audio recordings of its oral arguments on its Web site since January 2008.  “Implementation of the Appellate audio-recording project continues to promote the Supreme Court’s use of technology to increase access to court information for educational and informational purposes,” said Skip Robertson, assistant director of the JMIS division. “With the assistance of Appellate Court personnel, JMIS staff is able to prepare and post audio recordings, linking a filed opinion to its recorded oral argument.”


~ by CDLB on October 30, 2009.

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