Managing your online reputation

For lawyers interested in learning how to manage their online reputation, today’s 2010 ABA Techshow session “Managing Your Online Presence: The Care and Feeding of the Online You” provided some much needed answers.

Nicole Black, founder of and a writer for the Daily Record, and Matt Homann, founder of LexThink LLC and a former lawyer, started their session by stating that being on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is easy. Managing and monitoring your reputation online is a bigger challenge.

Ideally, your online reputation will match your real-life reputation. With so many people providing feedback on services (think Google Local Business), lawyers need to be aware of what is being said about themselves and their companies. Matt Homann says, “We live in a ratings-driven economy,” and that the new yellow pages is social media. Monitoring comments posted about your company or products on sites like Yelp! can be accomplished using free digital tools like Google Alerts and

Nicole Black emphasized that individuals can actively manage their online reputation by branding themselves across multiple social media application.  She referenced the website Namechk as a place to start planning out your digital footprint strategy.

Here are a few online tools mentioned by Black and Homann that they suggest will help you build, grow, and manage your online reputation.

  • Namechk – stake your claim and brand yourself across numerous social media applications
  • Feedly – organize your RSS feed reader and share articles
  • – track your reputation online, find out what is being said about you, your company or your products
  • Google Alerts – similar to

You can follow Nicole Black on Twitter @nikiblack and Matt Homann @matthomann.

The 2010 ABA Techshow hashtag is #techshow

~ by CDLB on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Managing your online reputation”

  1. […] Managing your online reputation seems to be a prevalent theme at this year’s 2010 ABA Techshow conference. Both Pinnington and Rosch emphasized the importance of lawyers and firms defending their reputation online. Getting “positive Google juice” as Dan Pinnington said, requires lawyers to post positive content about themselves online. Start by Googling your name and you’ll see, as Pinnigton said, “how the rest of the world sees you through the eyes of the Web.” […]

  2. […] and convenient ways to monitor their online reputations, how to work and thrive in a “ratings-driven economy” and ways to get “positive Google juice“. Other presentations addressed topics […]

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