Lawyers need Google juice

Dan Pinnington, left and Mark Rosch, right

Dan Pinnington, Director of practicePRO at the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company, and Mark Rosch, Vice-President of Internet For Lawyers (IFL), presented a sweeping tour of Google products and tips on how lawyers could boost their productivity by using them.

Managing your online reputation seems to be a prevalent theme at this year’s 2010 ABA Techshow conference. Both Pinnington and Rosch emphasized the importance of lawyers and firms defending their reputation online. Getting “positive Google juice” as Dan Pinnington said, requires lawyers to post positive content about themselves online. Start by Googling your name and you’ll see, as Pinnigton said, “how the rest of the world sees you through the eyes of the Web.”

Here is a short tweet recap of the session, aptly titled “Google Tools for Lawyers”:

@kellblazek: Don’t be the last to know what others are saying about you. Get Google Alerts on you and your firm : @DanPinnington & @MarkRosch #techshow

@familyLLB: #techshow “Google Tools.” even more link (foll’w), toolbar, news, email alerts, maps terrain search, street view, earth, videos, blog search

@SheilaBlackford: #TECHSHOW Dan PInnington & Mark Rosch Google Tools put positive things onto web counters negs there “need good Google Juice”

@MAllinotte: Google servers are all over the world. PIPEDA woukd be breached for all us Canadians. #techshow

@familyLLB: #techshow “Google Tools …”: calendar, meeting rescheduler, embedded web site calendar, docs enable online document collaboration

@familyLLB: #techshow “Google Tools …”: word processing software in Docs, spreedsheets creator / editor, presentation creation, custom forms, voice

@familyLLB: #techshow “Google Tools ..” search tips: advanced search, avoid common words, more terms (words) narrow search result, try double quotations

It’s also worth noting that Mark Rosch described Google Wave as “a solution looking for a problem” and he didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about Google Buzz either.

Below are a sampling of the many Google products Pinnington and Rosch suggested are worth exploring:

~ by CDLB on March 26, 2010.

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