The marriage of legal services and technology

Google’s products navigation bar has a drop-down menu that reads “even more” and “even more” is what you got in terms of choices for sessions to attend at this year’s ABA Techshow at the Hilton Chicago. Whether attorneys were interested in boosting productivity with practice management software, taking the plunge into social media, or simply learning the best practices for creating a larger digital footprint there was a little something for everyone.

If there was one predominant theme at the 2010 ABA Techshow it was that legal services and technology are wedded together. To take the analogy one step further, the happiest marriages are the ones where dialogue is free-flowing between both parties.

This means attorneys and firms need to be comfortable, and dare we say skilled, going where their current and potential clients are – online. All. The. Time.

Sessions were geared around teaching attorneys how to be accessible to clients using social media applications and collaborative tools like Google Docs. Legal professionals instructed attendees on practical and convenient ways to monitor their online reputations, how to work and thrive in a “ratings-driven economy” and ways to get “positive Google juice“. Other presentations addressed topics such as how to preserve ESI and the pros and cons of  ‘cloud’ computing.

Just how many sessions were there? Over 60.

So where could you have had your picture taken with a life-sized cardboard cut out of Chris Noth from CBS’ ‘The Good Wife’? Or bumped into a man dressed from head-to-toe in green lycra à la Jim Carrey in ‘The Mask’? Inside the ABA Techshow EXPO. The EXPO housed over 100 vendors tasked with keep attendees vertical in between the hour long sessions.

Ari Kaplan presented the keynote address “The New Big Bang: The Convergence of Technology and Marketing” on Thursday, March 25. He spoke about how technology is making marketing easier as podcasting, blogging, webinars and self-publishing eBooks become part of the new ‘freeconomy’. You can watch the video of his speech here.

Next year’s ABA Techshow convention is already slated for April 11-13 2011.

Reconnect with folks you met on ABA’s Facebook page.

Did you miss this convention? Check out the Green Legal Matters Conference taking place April 26-28, 2010 in New Orleans.

~ by CDLB on March 29, 2010.

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