LexTek Product News Roundup for April 2010

A lot is happening around the legal technology world and the technology world in general.  Probably the most notable is the 500,000 iPad users that are sucking up the entire world’s bandwidth.  We think these Mac lunatics are out of control, right Mr. Gates?

We reported last week in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin that the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia held that the Federal Communications Commission does not have authority to sanction Internet provider Comcast for slowing users’ access to a file-sharing service called BitTorrent.  So expect to pay a premium for some content in the near future, like an extra fee from your Internet provider to watch Netflix online, or just turn on your iPad.

Will Google become the next utility powerhouse?  Their earnings this past quarter were off the charts according to last night’s Wall Street Journal, so you may see them marching ahead pretty quickly to replace your cable and DirectTV guy.  We’ll see Google trucks swarming the cities and suburbs.

News around the legal technology world includes the following bytes:

Geller Data Solutions, Inc. (GDSI), the fastest growing developer of software solutions for Autonomy iManage, announced today the release of two new products, Internet Explorer Integration for WorkSiteTM and Outlook TerminatorTM. With the launch of Internet Explorer Integration for WorkSite, Autonomy WorkSite users gain the ability to download documents from the internet directly into iManage. GDSI also announced the launch of Outlook Terminator, a utility that ensures that Microsoft Outlook closes properly. Outlook TerminatorTM makes certain that with a proper shutdown the myriad of add-ins, toolbars, and integrations also shutdown correctly thus ensuring that when Outlook is restarted, all the users preferences are correctly installed.

3BView, a global leader in metadata removal, announced 3BCleanDocs, a cloud-based service designed to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of metadata in documents sent by email via desktop, laptop or mobile devices, is now available for the iPad. 3BCleanDocs enables users to remove any metadata in a document by simply adding a code to an email address. All of the hidden data stored behind the visible content of a document, such as tracked changes, author, time stamp, etc., will be removed and not available for the recipient to view.

Index Engines, providers of the fastest enterprise discovery technology on the market, today announced the new Tape Assessment Program. This program delivers a customized tape remediation plan to organizations storing large stockpiles of historical backup tapes. The program leverages Index Engines’ expertise and technology for backup tape discovery to formulate a timeline and implementation strategy that will allow even the largest enterprise to cost effectively remediate backup tapes within the confines of their retention policy. Index Engines’ patented technology allows cost effective and efficient tape discovery and remediation that was not previously possible.

Nextpoint Inc., the nation’s leading provider of next-generation litigation support services to law firms and corporate law departments, announced today that the company has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the OnDemand Top 100 winners.

Master’s Conference Buzz: Alan K. Tse, Vice President and General Counsel of LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A., Inc. and Lisa Tanzi, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for the Business Division at Microsoft Corporation, will be the keynote speakers at this year’s conference. The conference will be held October 4-6, 2010, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. The Masters Conference will bring together experts and leading professionals from law firms, corporations, government entities and the bench to discuss Cloud Computing, and its effect on litigation, discovery and data protection.

Scarab Consulting, a premier provider of litigation support and electronic discovery services for law firms and corporations, announced today the establishment of its first Center of Excellence in Austin, Texas. The enhanced facility includes significant investments in technology infrastructure and operational improvements to upgrade its nationwide delivery of electronic data discovery (EDD) services. Scarab Consulting provides technology-driven solutions for litigation and electronic discovery. The company has offices nationwide to serve its robust client list which includes Am Law 200 law firms and Fortune 1000 companies. Scarab has established a strong reputation for its technical agility, client-centric approach and ability to reduce litigation and corporate compliance costs.

Altman Weil, Inc. and Project Leadership Associates, Inc. announced this month that they have signed a formal strategic alliance agreement. Both firms provide strategic advisory and consulting services to the global legal market.

Document Technologies, Inc. (DTI), the nation’s largest independent provider of on-site management services and electronic data discovery solutions, announced today the expansion of its corporate accounts sales team with the hiring of Michael Factor, a veteran of the litigation support services industry. Michael is DTI’s newest corporate accounts sales executive, thus broadening the company’s presence in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country.


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