Google helps lawyers leapfrog into the latest gadget

When was the last time you bought yourself a new gadget? Chances are, not recently. Chances are you are secretly pleased that your desk has a landline because it reminds you of simpler times (or so you like to think) and that despite telling your associates that you will get the broken trackball on your Blackberry fixed its current state doesn’t bother you as much as the aggravation of knowing you have to get it fixed.

Sound familiar? You are what marketers call a laggard. You are slow, sloth slow, to change your ways and it usually takes something monumental, i.e. a permanently stuck button on your phone’s keypad, to force you to buy a new product.

As Clive Thompson explored in a recent Wired magazine article “Why Gadget Makers Should Target Late Adopters” leapfrogging happens more often than originally believed. Thomspon writes, “A laggard, merely by behaving like a laggard, can wind up becoming one of the most avant-garde of early adopters.”

If you are looking for an excuse to leapfrog from your age-old technology into the latest gadget – continue reading.

This year's Google I/O took place in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California

Google introduced a few new features for its Android operating system during the second day keynote speech at the 3rd annual Google I/O convention in San Francisco that might make you give up your pay-as-you-go phone once and for all.

• Tethering

o Make your phone a portable hotspot. No more searching for free wi-fi cafés or paying for airport wi-fi access. Be your own hotspot.

o À la Mr. Tolkien, have one bill to run all you devices…and in the darkness bind them.

• Browse the web on what Google is calling the “World’s Fastest Mobile Browser”

• Watch Flash

o Yes, Android supports Adobe Flash. Now who is the cool kid on the train ride into work?

• Text messaging

o Okay, this isn’t a unique feature for the Android operating system, but getting a new phone gives yourself a reason to learn how to text message. Yes, we know you don’t know how. Yes, it bothers us.

Google introduces Froyo as World's Fastest Mobile Browser at 2010 Google I/O

And in case you thought no one was judging you by the phone that you carry, think again.

Still need a push? The Sprint HTC EVO 4G debuts Friday, June 4.

~ by CDLB on June 3, 2010.

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