CRM is about relationships – How Reed Smith chose their CRM vendor

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Victoria Gregory, Senior CRM Systems Manager of Reed Smith LLP, at their Chicago office.  The subject was about what it takes to select and implement a large law firm’s CRM system.  Ms. Gregory had a lot to say about the subject and we had our ace video photographer/editor Hilary Fosdal on-hand to capture Victoria’s knowledge.

The highlights of the video interview tell us that it’s not your father’s law firm any more.  Keeping clients close to the breast in a global practice is dangerous at best.  At worst, opportunities for potential business are lost not to mention the risk of losing existing clients because of the lack of relationship management.  For Victoria and Reed Smith, a new CRM system should be an exemplary tool to manage relationships.  But as you’ll find out, if you are a CRM vendor, you better have your own client relationships in order before you try to pitch your latest CRM system features to her firm.

Here is an excerpt (Part I) of a series on the Reed Smith CRM vendor and system implementation, and oh, by the way, they chose Client Profiles and Microsoft:


~ by CDLB on March 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “CRM is about relationships – How Reed Smith chose their CRM vendor”

  1. Hi Vic,

    Spot on with what we all need our CRM systems to do for us. Well done with the implementation and roll out.


  2. […] Part I  of  the video series that discusses the selection process can be found here. […]

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