ILTA 2011 promises shift from doom and gloom

This year’s International Legal Technology Association’s annual conference vows to move away from the doom and gloom permeating IT in law firms.  If that isn’t reason enough to sign up for the conference, an impressive syllabus of educational sessions will.  Grappling with Cloud computing, digital information lifecycles, future-proofing and the high-cost of IT?  Then this conference is for you. Sessions are also promised on supporting mobile lawyers, ipad apps, Sharepoint as a DMS, and how to talk technology to lawyers. will be attending the conference set for August 22 to August 25th at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville and reporting on the comings and goings.  Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in this year’s exhibit hall:

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) – Booth 424

Informative Graphics Corporation has developed enhancements to its Redact-It Desktop electronic redaction software.  Redact-It is an easy-to-use desktop application that helps you quickly remove sensitive content and privacy information from documents–including PDFs, office documents and scanned images. It creates a new PDF rendition of their redacted file, leaving the source file untouched.

The newest Redact-It Desktop version, which will be demonstrated at ILTA, offers a customizable redaction log that is easily imported into a privilege log. Choose which fields you wish to include in the redaction log to ensure they match the privilege table, then simply cut and paste. Redact-It also now offers the ability to export log information to the EDRM XML format to make importing the information into the case management system easier.  For more information, visit

InOutsource – Booth 525

InOutsource experts provide client intake and records management consulting services to help law firms and corporate legal departments ensure valuable client information is properly managed and protected to mitigate risk and preserve client confidentiality. InOutsource is the renowned leader in the legal community for their in-depth knowledge of the issues law firms face with managing client information. At ILTA 2011, InOutsource will be showcasing their records retention policy development offering. For more information, visit

Index Engines – Booth 815

At ILTA, Index Engines announces traction and results for its cloud-based backup tape load services, which have been integral to the success of many large-scope electronic discovery projects, including one recently executed by Innovative Discovery.  Index Engines’ cloud-based services provide full identification and access to tape data for eDiscovery.

Innovative Discovery, an Index Engines partner, had been faced with an eDiscovery challenge.  The dataset consisted of 464 DLT backup tapes with 21 terabytes of information, including 350 million total files (of which 223.9 million alone were email) from 2400 custodians.  The dataset comprised nearly 10 years of corporate electronically-stored information.  Using Index Engines’ cloud services, Innovative Discovery reduced the haystack down to 7 custodians; indexed, culled and tagged the data; and extracted the 1% relevant data, all in 25 days.  For more information, visit:

Keno Kozie – Booth 111

Keno Kozie ( will be in booth #111 to showcase why law firms across America are making them their IT partner of choice. There will be experts at their booth to talk about managing the information and IT infrastructure at a firm and what can make it easier. Also, Barry Keno, President of Keno Kozie, will be speaking on the topic of “HelpDesks: In-house and Outsourced Options” on Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 p.m. In this presentation, Barry will examine the many helpdesk options available to firms today, the costs involved with each, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of in-house vs. outsourced models.

Intelliteach – Booth 404/406

Intelliteach Releases 2nd edition of Guru’s Guide for Service Desk Support Focused on Legal Helpdesk Metrics and Statistics

Intelliteach, the only law firm-specific outsourced service desk company, today announced the availability of  the 2nd edition of the ‘Guru Guide’, a complimentary published report aggregating independent law firm user support and service desk statistics and metrics. The  updated Guru Guide provides unique benchmark data relating to the most supported legal applications as well as service desk staffing and service quality ratios pre and post software conversions, among others. The data presented in the updated Guru Guide is based on 1.2 million service desk tickets collected and analyzed from January 2010 through June 2011 across a variety of law firm sizes, locations and hardware/software configurations.  2nd edition Guru Guide findings include:

  • Top ticket categories: Over 42% of 1.2 million service desk tickets logged are specific to various versions of Microsoft Office, 20% of those are specific to Microsoft Outlook. 14% of all helpdesk calls, pertained to various firm document management systems;
  • Increase in Microsoft Office 2007 tickets: Microsoft Office 2007 calls currently account for 51% of all Microsoft Office calls, compared to 22% for the same period 12 months earlier;
  • Conversion & upgrade impact on the service/helpdesk: Conversions cause a significant increase in volume and add additional strain to existing resources, systems, and service quality. Based on Guru data, ticket volumes increased by 42% during firm-wide upgrades (average tickets per user per month increased from 2 to 2.85 during rollouts) and took an average of 90 days to return to pre-conversion levels;
  • Live rates: Pre-conversion, the overall live rate is 93%. If staffing is kept the same during conversions, live rate drop by 25%. On a related note, “average wait time in the queue” jumps from 10 seconds to 81 seconds;
  • Tickets by origin: How are users reaching out to the service desk? 70% used the phone and 27% sent an email describing their technology issues however it seems email is far less efficient for both the user and the service desk: 86% of live (phoned-in) service desk tickets are resolved in that first contact whereas only 7% of email tickets can be resolved in one single contact. Data indicates that, on average, tickets created via Email have a lifespan 6 times longer than those originated by telephone;
  • Tickets by weekday: Based on 1.2 million analyzed tickets, Tuesday sees the highest call volume (20.52%) and Friday (16.81%) the lowest.

Intelliteach will be providing an executive summary of all the Guru guide findings at their ILTA Conference booth 404/406.

AccessData – Booth 500/502A

Access Data (booth #500/502a) will be showcasing their early case assessment tool. The company will be demoing the tool during a Hands-on Lab on Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 am and 2:30-3:30 pm in Hermitage E. In addition, the company will be teaching a “Forensics 101 for Legal Professionals” session on Tuesday from 9:15-12:30 pm and debuting AccessData Case Vantage 7 during a sneak peak session where attendees will get to be the very first to debut the Access Data built Summation release.

Levit & James – Booth 120

Legal software company Levit & James will be previewing Best Authority Version 3.0 at ILTA 2011, which is the next major release of the company’s Table of Authorities production software.  Slated for official release in early 2012, Best Authority 3.0 is a breakthrough product.  The company’s development team has entirely reworked the underlying technology, and the impact of this will be immediately apparent.

According to Levit & James President Fletcher James, “In Version 3.0, each step in the TOA-production process will be faster – four to twenty times faster – than Version 2.7, and processing of even the largest documents with thousands of citations will be effortless.  The user interface will feature many innovative ease-of-use features, such as drag-and-drop, and a “final version preview” mode.  And, because so many of the steps will be entirely intuitive, end-user training time will be greatly reduced.”  Best Authority is the leading tool for producing a Table of Authorities (TOA).  By the end of 2010, projections indicate that Best Authority will be used by more than half of the National Law Journal’s NLJ 250 law firms.  For more information, visit:

Margill – Booth 226

Margill ( will be showcasing their simple-to-use, intuitive and powerful tool designed to make interest calculations easy in their booth (#226). Whether doing interest calculations for pre and post judgment interest, arrears, collection – receivables and judgments, structured settlements, or loans & mortgages you will see how well this software works on multiple areas of the law and does calculations based on specific state requirements.

Wave Software – Booth 831

Award-winning Wave Software (Booth #831) launches Trident Expert at ILTA! Wave Software, a leading provider of early case assessment, legal hold, electronic data discovery, and litigation project management technology for global corporations, is known for its family of products such as Trident Lite, Trident Preview, and Trident Pro. Trident Expert offers the next level of technology because it is a Unified Module that allows users to manage all data sources and processes in a single, seamless interface. It allows users to De-Duplicate, interactively search and export the selected results into many review formats including iCONECT, Concordance, Summation and Relativity.

Trial Solutions – Booth#129

eDiscovery leader Trial Solutions will officially announce at ILTA 2011 that the company will now be known as CloudNine Discovery.  President Brad Jenkins explains that this major rebranding and name change was necessary due to a gradual expansion of the company’s scope of product and service offerings in recent years, particularly in the areas of online data and document review hosting platforms like OnDemand® online hosted review and FirstPass® early case assessment online hosted technology.  Therefore, the name Trial Solutions was no longer a sufficient or accurate representation of the company.

The name “CloudNine Discovery” was selected for two primary reasons: 1) to reflect the company’s dedication to client service which puts their customers “on cloud nine”; and 2) to also represent that the company is the world’s leader in combining self-service access with managed hosting and “cloud” storage.  Jenkins says, “CloudNine Discovery’s mission will continue to be to simplify the discovery process through innovative technology, transforming data hosting into a world-class experience that is easy and affordable to anyone.  CloudNine Discovery will offer the same products and services provided by Trial Solutions, and our core leadership will remain intact.”  For more information about CloudNine Discovery, OnDemand or FirstPass, visit

In addition, the company will be previewing OnDemand® Release 10.5 and its new features and enhancements in advance of its official release, slated for September 10.  The biggest enhancement here is behind-the- scenes as OnDemand’s online review tool has been migrated to a new virtual environment, providing a much more robust system architecture, increasing speed, flexibility and capacity for users.  OnDemand will also unveil several application enhancements, including enhanced password reset and strong password functionality, synching of images in the grid view display, support for quick search on metadata fields, support for Internet Explorer 9, and a streamlined document viewer installation module. Read more about OnDemand at:

nQueue Billback – Booth 809

nQueue Billback provides software-based cost recovery, information accountability and expense management solutions to the legal market and others. Their tools capture data to enhance the automation and processing of any operational and administrative expenses, which can be deployed to recover costs, improve decision-making, implement better workflows and more.

At ILTA, nQueue Billback will be highlighting iA Expense Manager, which easily captures data from all expenses, even those incurred outside an organization’s devices such as travel, research, overnight and courier charges, court fees and credit cards. Automating intake allows information to be collected as expenses are incurred—rather than asking attorneys and administrators to recreate it after the fact. iA Expense Manager captures data more accurately, allowing the firm to get a better handle on all expenses, resulting in less effort, increased accuracy, more knowledge, more efficient billing and more recoveries.  For more information, visit

World Software Corporation – Booth 224

At ILTA this year, World Software Corporation will be previewing its upcoming release of Worldox Web Mobile 2.0.  With Web Mobile, attorneys can access their documents via the web, a mobile device and a native iPad app.  Some of the new features in Version 2.0 include the integration with Microsoft Office applications to save and open documents from the native application and a newly designed user interface.  Worldox Web Mobile 2.0 will be available either for installation on your firm’s network, or as a hosted version with a monthly subscription.   Read more about Worldox Web Mobile here:

Document Technologies, Inc. (DTI) – Booth 315

Document Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is the nation’s largest independent provider of discovery services and document outsourcing. Through sophisticated technology centers in key metro areas and in local facilities across the U.S., DTI provides an extensive suite of solutions integrating professional services and current technologies to meet law firm and corporate legal department clients’ most demanding e-discovery needs.

DTI’s end-to-end discovery services include:

  • Discovery consulting (including litigation readiness, data mapping and workflow optimization)
  • Data preservation, acquisition and early case assessment
  • E-discovery processing
  • Hosted document review (tools include Relativity, Discovery Partner and iCONECT)
  • Paper-based discovery services
  • LitWorks – litigation certification training

For more information, visit

DocSolid – Booth 626

DocSolid, a leader in enterprise document scanning solutions for law firms, will announce the integration of its cloud-based Airmail2 scan capture solution with the Autonomy iManage document management solution. With Airmail2, law firms can use every digital copier, MFP and scanner on the market without added hardware, software or device integration. Airmail2 provides an enterprise-class scanning utility with a secure, cloud-based deployment that is now tightly integrated to the user’s matter workspace in iManage.  DocSolid already has more than 80 large Autonomy iManage customers capturing their scans with KwikTag, its document imaging and workflow scanning solution. KwikTag integrates within the firm’s existing software packages, while Airmail2 provides enterprise scan capture as a technology service.

“We see most law firms at the pivot point of their advancing scanning needs,” said Dave Guilbault, vice president of DocSolid. “They’ve got various ways to get scanning done across the firm, using different procedures from different vendors on different devices. As scanning activity expands, they now recognize the need for uniform device interaction, consistent productivity and process integrity. They want a scanning platform that doesn’t complicate life at the Exchange Server and that is easy to administer for basic capture needs firm-wide. Airmail2 delivers against these enterprise needs in a surprisingly simple deployment. You can turn it on in a day, and pay for it only where it is used.”

Airmail2 for iManage is ideal for medium-sized law firms needing a firm-wide scan capture that integrates with their document management matter workspace. Airmail2 is also a strong solution for corporate legal departments and accounting firms that rely on iManage. Visit

Biscom – Booth 113

Law firms of all sizes face the challenge of securely transferring large documents to external parties such as clients and counsel. One wrong keystroke or improperly erected FTP site could mean compromising client confidentiality and large fines from noncompliance with government regulations. Biscom offers secure file transfer with audited file transfer technology that integrates with popular legal technology software such as Autonomy iManage.

At ILTA, the company will be launching Biscom version 4.1, which includes anti-virus integration, enhanced reporting, IP address-restricted login, and proxy server support. The new version also integrates with PayPal, which allows senders to collect payment for files before the recipient is able to download them.

The company will also be featured in ILTA’s State of the Art Technology Demos conference track on August 23 at 1:30 p.m. CT in the Canal E Room.

Visit Biscom at booth 113 to learn how you can receive complimentary sender licenses.

Thanks to contributors Carolyn Depko of Edge Legal, Christy Burke of Burke & Company and honorable mention to Jobst Elster at Envision.


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