ILTA 2011 Up close and personal

I was able to spend the last few days chatting with vendors in the exhibit hall.  Many were very forthcoming about what they do and what they plan to do regarding their products and services.  Here’s a recap of those conversations:

Document Technologies, Inc. – Keith Conley, Executive Vice President

Keith told me that business for Document Technologies comes from two different sectors; facilities management (40%) and discovery including eDiscovery (60%). 70% of their business comes from corporate customers and 30% from law firms. 70% of their business is contractual which means they experience a steady flow of business.

DTI forensically collects data and processes the data in a searchable database. Keith emphasized that DTI was in the service business, not the software business and licensed products like kCura and Clearwell for customers to view and mine their eDiscovery data.

When I asked Keith what separates DTI from other eDiscovery service companies he told me that DTI is nimble and objective. They simplify the document review process, are software-agnostic, and are objective about tools. Bottom line is that they can cull the data quickly and get the client up and running.

DTI recently acquired EDD out of Seattle and Unlimited Discovery out of California.  DTI continues to look for more acquisitions to compliment its products and services.  Talks are in the works to acquire a Chicago company.  Keith emphasized that through acquisitions they are able to host data centers throughout the country.  They also have assistance from RR Donnelly for document review both onshore and offshore.

We look forward to hearing more about DTI and its anticipated growth at LegalTech 2012 in NYC.

Levit & James – Ian Levit

Ian Levit has best mustache in the business – a mustache that could rival that of any 1960’s folksinger. His company’s latest version of Best Authority – Version 3 could rival that of any competitor.  Ian tells us that they rebuilt the entire application with some exciting new product enhancements in mind. Ian emphasizes that his customers play a huge part in the product development process.

Among Best Authority – Version 3’s features are the fact that it is four to twenty times faster than the previous version.  It is significantly easier to use as it supports a ribbon interface in MS Word and is has enabled all of the standard MS Word right-click functionality.  It will work with dual monitors and you can see a preview of the finished table of authorities while you are drafting/reviewing/editing.

The software now comes in a lite version for solos.  Most attorneys can learn to use the lite version after watching a 20-minute video. Pricing for the site-license version of the product is based on how many attorneys are in the firm.

Levit & James will review the new product with their customers to determine the next product development track. Beta testing of Best Authority Version 3 will start in four to six weeks with an expected delivery by early next year.  The new version will give you more free time to grow out your mustache (or if you’re female, grow your hair down your back) and learn to play the guitar.

Worldox – Ray Zwiefelhofer

Ray Zwiefelhofer is one happy guy and who can blame him – the man likes to renovate and rebuild homes and he’s had some great opportunities to also do that with Worldox. Worldox has had a great foundation and reputation for document management in the legal market.  Ray, with a tremendous amount of experience in the legal vendor community has built upon that foundation and has added some solid features and new enhancements.

The focus this year has been on productivity tools and mobility. Earlier this year Worldox launched their productivity tool and an iPad app.  Worldox also redesigned the interface to make use of the  ribbon bar that enables the user to open, draft and save a document within WorldDox.  The announcement by West regarding the incorporation of Worldox into its CaseNotebook is an example of the over 100 companies with which Worldox integrates.

The next item in the hopper is a ‘thin client transport’ by which an end user can have use of all of the features of Worldox over the Internet.  Stay tuned. Meanwhile, Ray will be sharpening his tools to build a few more additions to the Worldox product line.

Informative Graphics Incorporated – Christine Musil

Christine Musil, ICG’s Director of Marketing, is very excited about Redact-It’s new features including the ability to add comments to documents and reply to the comments of others.  You can now give a document a  status, e.g.”up for Discussion”, “resolved”, etc. A strong feature specifically for the legal field is that one can now have a redaction log that can be imported into the privilege log.

A new swipe tool enables you to globally remove similar phrases/text throughout a document. And it has stemming capabilities for partial words. You can now OCR PDFs in addition to TIFs.  The latest version of Redact-It is embedded in the most recent version of Concordance Evolution. And Redact-In Enterprise is available for MS Sharepoint.  Look for more exciting announcements at next year’s LegalTech NYC show.

Cloudnine Discovery – Brad Jenkins/Doug Austin

It’s all in the name – at least you might think so since these gentlemen changed the name of their company from Trial Solutions to Cloudnine Discovery.  These guys are into full-service and self-service, if that makes sense.  It’s like when you go to a good restaurant and the server knows just when to come to the table – not too often and not too seldom – just enough.  Cloudnine’s product OnDemand is very self-oriented, allowing the end-user to upload their own data and set up user rights to include/exclude items for viewing.  Cloudnine prides themselves on simplifying the discovery process through innovative technology.  There are no software licensing fees, the client pays as they go.

Cloudnine was very proud to be among INC Magazine’s top 5000 companies for 2011.  I suspect Brad cooks a mean burger too – not too rare, not too well – just right.


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