What was your 2011 top tech?

If you looked back at 2011, you might think of declaring it the year of the tablet. Apple released the iPad2 in March, and wound up topping CNET’s tablet category in its best-of-year wrapup. HP countered with the TouchPad on July 1 – and then announced it would discontinue all of its webOS devices less than seven weeks later. Amazon’s Kindle Fire hit the market on Nov. 14, and has its fans and detractors.

HP’s move took third place in CNET’s Tech Turkeys of 2011. (The top spot went to Netflix’s decision to split into two wings, spinning its DVD-by-mail service into an entity called Qwikster – a plan that was quickly abandoned.) The iPad and Fire were numbers 1 and 3 among gadgets in Time’s Top 10 of Everything. And all three made the PCWorld top 100 products of 2011 list.

As the year draws to a close, tablet tech dots the best of/gift guide lists. Computerworld even has three separate categories for tablets in its roundup. The iPad makes appearances in PCMag’s holiday gift guide and its best products of the year list.

With each new tech toy advance comes the promise of increased productivity across the professional spectrum. “There’s an app for that” isn’t just an ad campaign. It’s a way of doing business, communicating with colleagues, and promoting your brand.

So as the calendar turns over to 2012, we’re asking: What was the one product or app that influenced your daily work? What worked and what fell flat? And what would you like to see in the new year that would help you the most?

~ by CDLB on December 16, 2011.

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