LegalTech NYC 2012 – Day One

Here’s some scoops from the vendors at the New York LegalTech Show out of the gate this morning:

IGC Announces Results of Redaction Survey at LegalTech NY ‘12

65% of respondents were law firms, over 25% still redacting manually,
86% preferred electronic redaction for professional appearance

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – January 30, 2012 – At LegalTech NY today, Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) announces the results of its Redaction Survey, which aimed to benchmark user adoption and attitudes toward electronic redaction software. Nearly 65% of the survey respondents were from law firms, clearly demonstrating the importance and prevalence of redaction in the legal industry.

Over 25% of participants were still doing redaction manually, with markers or redaction tape, 32% were redacting electronically, and nearly 38% were using a combined approach with paper-based and software-driven redaction.

Of respondents that had electronic tools, 86.3% of them preferred electronic redaction for its professional look, while 79.5% preferred it because it saved them time. 70.4% of participants thought their office would benefit from electronic redaction because of its efficiency, environmental friendliness and its faster, more accurate completion of redaction projects.

Andy Lowe, IGC Product Manager for Redact-It, said, “We would like to thank everyone that participated in the Redaction Survey; the feedback we received on the usage and needs of electronic redaction users was very valuable. IGC strives to create quality products that are truly useful and this survey has given us insight into what is most important to electronic redaction users today.”

The survey results can be viewed on and at LegalTech New York ’12 at IGC’s booth (#2401).

For more information about Redact-It, visit


Booth: 1518

MEETandCONFER.COM is a patent-pending e-discovery software platform that guides attorneys, their clients, and opposing parties through the required “meet and confer” process. The software was launched August 2011. The company will introduce a new functionality opening day of LegalTech New York.  A Budget Projector module will be integrated into the existing software.  It will allow users of the MEETandCONFER.COM system to estimate the costs of their e-discovery requirements as they proceed through the meet and confer process.  The Budget Projector will provide a snapshot of the total costs that will be associated with ESI requests during the meet and confer. This will allow the parties to assess the proportionality of their projected e-discovery costs with the value of the damages that are being sought.

The use of the MEETandCONFER.COM system provides consistency, defensibility and cost-effectiveness to the handling of this crucial aspect of the e-discovery process.  MEETandCONFER.COM simplifies the “meet and confer” process by defining, structuring, and confirming all of the e-discovery steps that are required to cost-effectively comply with the legal requirements mandated by Rule 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as similar state court rules. The MEETandCONFER.COM process not only assists attorneys and their opposing parties to agree on the content of relevant data to be collected within budgetary constraints; it also documents that the appropriate steps have been taken to insure that all relevant data is preserved to prevent spoliation.  This web-based technology is used by lawyers, litigation support professionals, discovery project managers, judges and other legal staff.


Contacts: Charlie Magliato, legal practice director and Richard Orlando, executive vice president

Booth: 1516

Biscom, the leading supplier of secure document exchange for the legal industry, delivers advanced technology that enables users to send and receive large files easily and securely. Biscom has been selected by a growing number of AmLaw 200 law firms to resolve the security, compliance, and file attachment challenges of email and FTP. Since 1986, Biscom has been providing enterprise document delivery and workflow solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Learn more at

New product: Biscom iPad app

The Biscom Secure File Transfer iPad App delivers secure ad-hoc file transfer capabilities for lawyers and litigation support professionals on the go. The Biscom iPad App allows for secure, encrypted receipt, access and delivery of documents and files, reducing the risk of data breaches related to mobile activity. The Received Deliveries view displays all of the user’s received Biscom deliveries (stored on the Biscom server) in the left panel and allows access to a specific delivery in the right panel. Access to deliveries are SSL 128 encrypted. Files included in the delivery can be viewed and downloaded to the iPad. For added security, downloaded documents can be accessed and viewed offline only by the Biscom iPad App The Biscom iPad App allows the user to compose and send securely to multiple recipients. The delivery can include notification and secure messages and files that have been downloaded by the app.

Day One Keynote General Session Presentation: Ethical Business in a Global Economy: Preventing Corruption and Bribery

From 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. this morning. Prosecutors and corporations rank the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention as top compliance priorities. In this session, John Frank, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Chief-of-Staff at Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs, will discuss the challenges and opportunities of building effective compliance programs to prevent and detect corrupt payments in a global business. Creating solutions that combine technology, ethics, culture and business process requires new skills and new approaches that are essential to success in our global economy.


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