Global Warming at LegalTech NYC 2012

Normally it’s snowy and crummy in NYC during the LegalTech Show.  In fact, last year, many of us were snowed in and could not return home for a day or so.  This year the theme is global warming – both inside and outside.  This morning it’s rainy, but a balmy 52°.  Inside the exhibit hall at LegalTech it’s much more tropical due to all the warm bodies running around, vendors busking, deals being made, and all the smart phones heating up the hall.  I’ve almost collided with several people who were engrossed with email and texting and most importantly, using several of the LegalTech exhibitor’s mobile applications.

Christine Musil of Informative Graphics Incorporated told me that they were focusing on big screen, medium screen and small screen.  I should have asked her to super size me.  She showed me ICG’s latest mobile app, Brava, that allows one to download a document, image or other object and have everyone who’s involved in a case to provide review comments that resemble text messages.  And there’s no text limit for a lawyer who has a lot to say.

Ray Zwiefelhofer of Worldox was touting his new iPad app that leverages Cloud On – the new MS Office suite for the iPad. The application currently leverages Drop-Box for the document repository, but Ray promises that soon you’ll be able to drop everything into a Worldox container.  Ray also discussed his GX3 platforms which is the next generation of Worldox.  GX3 professional offers many of the features explained in a recent LexTek post from the ILTA show. Midyear, GX3 Enterprise will leverage Windows Remote App so that companies with worldwide offices will have access to the full version of Worldox over the Internet and without the limitations of a web browser.  GX3 Cloud, to be released in the Fall, will offer a cloud-hosted solution of the GX3 full-featured product.

Jim McGann of Index Engines spoke to me of their advancement in the legal hold archive area and their ability to offer direct extraction into Relativity. Their new Octane Forensic Archive for Litigation Hold can preserve ESI from all sources including online networks, email servers, forensic images and backup tapes in high speed. Index Engines’ recent partnership with Merrill Corporation has them doing some pro-active compliance work in major corporations to help them carry out corporate governance initiatives.  Jim sees a fast-moving trend for companies who have been delaying in-house legal procedures up until now.

BIA‘s Brian Schrader was very excited about’s expanded coverage to include social media and web mail like Yahoo and Gmail. is an end-to-end solution that can collect from every tool, device and custodians.  They can collect, download and encrypt to the cloud. And then analyze, filter and send out to attorneys for review.  They also offer attorney review services.  Their theory is to provide tools to the clients so that they can easily conduct these processes themselves, but they also full services to those clients who do not wish to do hands-on work.

I’ll have more to report later today in balmy NYC.


~ by CDLB on February 1, 2012.

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