Law Bulletin Launches JuraLaw

Law Bulletin launches JuraLaw

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Dorothy Tressler, a docket manager at Locke, Lord LLP, and Scott Allers, a docket manager at Dykema, Gossett PLLC, talked about how they use Law Bulletin Publishing Co.’s DM2000 and how they anticipate the new Law Bulletin product, JuraLaw, will help them.

March 27, 2012

By Robert Loerzel
Special to the Law Bulletin
This article appeared in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin® and has been republished on with permission

After at least 25 years of helping Chicago law firms manage their court calendars with the DM2000 software program, Law Bulletin Publishing Co. moves into the next generation of software.

The company (which publishes the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) will launch a new Web-based SaaS program called JuraLaw this week at the American Bar Association’s Techshow Conference and Expo.

“Our goal with JuraLaw is to provide a Web-based single-source solution for a law firm,” said David S. Glynn, vice president of docket management technologies for Law Bulletin Publishing Co. “With JuraLaw, law firms can manage cases, calendars and dockets in a single legal software product.”

Unlike DM2000, which the company installed on computers at law firm offices, JuraLaw will be accessed by logging into a website.

“It’s completely Web-based, so there’s no need to install any client-end software or database,” Glynn said. “The only requirement is a Web browser.”

JuraLaw will replace DM2000, which 96 of the top 100 Chicago law firms use. DM2000, which Law Bulletin introduced in 1984, will be discontinued once law firms switch over to JuraLaw.

Bryan M. Sims, a Naperville lawyer who writes about technology for law firms on his blog,, said Law Bulletin Publishing Co.’s move toward Web-based software as a service is part of a trend in the legal profession.

“Probably the biggest move is … getting a lot more services as a SaaS rather than a traditional program on your computer,” he said.

The new features in JuraLaw include constantly updated court rules for other states. For jurisdictions that use a rule-based system, JuraLaw uses a trial date for instance to calculate when the other events in a case are to be scheduled.

“Let’s say you have a trial in Los Angeles,” Glynn said. “You put in the word ‘trial’ in a particular jurisdiction. It will populate all of the events that will be associated with that trial into calendar events and (the law firm) can choose to accept or reject them.”

“We only covered Illinois prior to this,” said Rosemary G. Milew, vice president of sales and marketing for Law Bulletin Publishing Co. “Now, we’ll cover states across the nation. This decision was based upon the demand of our customers, who prefer to have only one integrated docket-management system in their firms that are now more national in scope.”

Two docket managers in Chicago, Dorothy Tressler at Locke, Lord LLP and Scott Allers at Dykema, Gossett PLLC, said DM2000 has been an essential tool for their firms, minimizing schedule mistakes while creating searchable historical archives of all the clients and cases their firms handled over the years.

“(DM2000) has been very good,” Allers said. “Chicago attorneys love the Law Bulletin system.”

“It’s much better than anything else,” Tressler said.

Extensive and accurate Illinois court call information is not readily available anywhere other than the DM2000 software and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin — and now, JuraLaw, Glynn said.

“We are able to take lawyers’ cases and match those case numbers against upcoming calls at both the local county circuit courts and the federal courts in Northern Illinois,” he said.

“JuraLaw will be available to current and new customers on a subscription basis,” Milew said. “The new court rule sets will be available for an additional fee.

“Multiple-year flat-rate contracts will be available too.”

Law Bulletin touts the quality of its federal, state and county court call information for the Chicago area.

“It really requires keeping the content up to date — sometimes by the minute,” Glynn said. “That ranges from the Supreme Court all the way down to the lowest court on the Illinois side.”

Law Bulletin experts, with at least 120 years of combined experience, proof, verify, correct and format the data before it is released via DM2000 — and now JuraLaw. Docket managers communicate the relevant information to attorneys via customized reports that they can generate from Law Bulletin’s docket management programs. JuraLaw includes an option for lawyers to receive e-mail alerts as deadlines and court dates approach.

Tressler and Allers praised the customer service they’ve received over the years.

“I’ve always had very good dealings with Law Bulletin,” Allers said.

Tressler said she looks forward to using the Web to access JuraLaw.

“I think it’s great because I can even do it from home,” Tressler said.

Glynn said law firms are “very concerned about security” when it comes to storing their case information in a system such as JuraLaw. JuraLaw offers the most experienced and extensive customer support and the most comprehensive and secure technology available in the market today, he said.

Firms with DM2000 have built up detailed databases, which they can transfer into JuraLaw.

“They have years and years of historical information in DM2000,” Glynn said. “We’ll be converting all of that information over to the new product — seamlessly.”

About Jura Law

For those interested in learning more about JuraLaw:
Twitter: @GetJuraLaw
Social Media: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn
Phone: (312) 644-7800

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