ILTA 2012 – Mature market dictates product enhancements

One thing that is clear at this year’s ILTA show is that the market has grown up quite a bit. The level of buyer is highly educated and has advanced and specialized product knowledge.  In other words, you’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to offer a lame product at ILTA.  So the pressure is on for companies to develop advanced products that can meet the demands of legal IT buyers.  I talked with several exhibitors at the show and asked them about their latest product lines.  Here’s a summary of my conversations:

Shaw Gaines of kCura/Relativity

cKura/Relativity – I spoke with Shawn Gaines of Relativity to learn the latest trends of a product line that has made a great name among eDiscovery vendors and is used by many eDiscovery vendors. Shawn discussed Relativity Assisted Review – which makes predictive coding workflow possible. Subject matter experts can train RAR to propagate decisions about content. RAR allows a user to get to documents quickly through a conceptual search based on issues.  The text analytics engine powers the assisted review – categorization of responsive, non-responsive goes quickly. According to Shawn, there has been some growth in use of the text analytics engine. You can select a passage of text and search based on that selection.

The Relativity Ecosystem is a platform to integrate and build apps on the system to extend capabilities. It’s an open development structure – litigation support professionals, third party developers, and kCura’s own team can build applications on top of the system.  No programming background is required, just experience with APIs.

There are some unique integrators  – like Fios in their development of the Fios redaction assistant.  – extending redaction capabilities of Relativity and speeding up the redaction process.  This is because it enables a user to redact a string across the board.

Fios proudly announced the Fios Redaction Assistant at ILTA 2012.  FRA is a significant time saver as it allows users to create a redaction pattern, or select from a library of predefined patterns, using the Relativity interface. A redaction pattern can be a string of text, a full page, or a pattern, such as a social security or phone number. These patterns can be grouped into reusable profiles.

FRA also provides a quality control (QC) automation features including a pass/fail status for all redacted documents, informing the user which documents should be inspected individually. Additionally, review managers have audit trail reports that reveal information such as the time of redaction, who performed the redaction and what was redacted.

Ray Zwiefelhofer of Worldox

I sat down with Ray Zwiefelhofer of Worldox. It is always a treat to meet with Ray, because he is a true innovator and always delivers as promised! According to Ray, business is gang-busters, and the market is great right now. Worldox just announced GX3 Enterprise – designed for mid-sized to larger firms with centralized data stores.  Of the Worldox 5,000 clients – 500 have multiple office locations with 1,000 user firms.  Law firms are looking to have a centralized data set rather than storing in all the remote locations.  They are expecting the same speed and performance they can get locally to be served up through the new architecture.  According to Ray, GX3 delivers. Those using GX3 Enterprise include a mix of new customers and existing customers.  Large bank customers are testing in multiple country offices.  GX3 Enterprise responds to the need of clients to deliver more efficiently over the wire.

A quick hit for Worldox is the new ability to drag and drop documents to the cloud on the iPad using Dropbox and CloudOn.  This is intended for small firm users and the feature can be blocked at any firm that is concerned with BYOD security issues.

Slated for LegalTech NY – GX3 Cloud will be unveiled, an entirely hosted Worldox – at a large, name-brand center.  GX3 Cloud product will have huge advantages over typical cloud system – its ability to publish Adobe PDF editor tool in the cloud.  Allowing customers online without downloading the potentially large PDFs. Adobe X/Adobe Pro.  Ray demonstrated this capability to me – it was impressive – not having to download a cumbersome PDF to work on the document.

Another offering of Worldox is Legal Hold which is offered at no extra charge.  Ray said that it may not constitute a legal hold in all states, it is enables customers to move documents to the legal hold location and become read-only documents until the Judge in a case will order a release of the docs.  There is a full audit trail around the legal hold utilization.  This feature allows Worldox to venture into more eDiscovery areas.

I spoke with Lori Hall of Levit & James about Best Authority 3 their latest version of the super automated Table of Authorities product.  Lori told me that their first phase of Beta began in February and provided valuable feedback from their customers that led them to add “some fantastic features.”  Legal vendors pay attention: Levit & James always keep the clients in the mix .  Key features of the new product  include the fact that it works with MS Word ribbon, and their review mode provides a dockable review pane that offers a tree view, showing  groups, authorities and citations.  The user can make changes right at the tree view where they can move, cut & paste.  Best Authority 3 is four, to twenty times faster than the previous version.   For instance, a document with hundreds of citations in the previous version took eighteen minutes to run, in Best Authority 3, it takes a minute.  The new feature encourages lawyers to use it- the preview pane that will show what the final product is going to look like and you can make changes right there.  This is especially true for the next generation.

After Labor Day (2012), all clients will receive the Beta – and can test the new product in their Office 2007 and 2010 images.  It also works with 2003, but you can’t take advantage of the ribbon. Levit & James offers training videos and quick how-to’s videos embedded into the product.

I met with several folks from Workshare including Steve Yount ,  Matt Brown and CEO Scott Smull – Workshare has  80% of the AmLaw 200 using the product and they specialize in corporate legal and legal compliance.

At ILTA, Workshare is announcing the Cloud Collaboration Platform – located at – focusing on three main areas – secured file sharing, secure file synchronization – with a dropbox flavor – also built for iPad, iPhone and Droid.  Cloud Collaboration Platform allows secured access from anywhere with the ability to take documents away.  All around collaboration is possible in the cloud and they have also integrated comparison technology as well.  The concept is to bring attorneys together. According to the Workshare management, they feel they that no one else is addressing technologies as a whole and certainly no one for the legal market.

Cloud Collaboration Platform focuses on the consumerization of IT – (the issue of BYOD, a prominent them of ILTA 2012).

Workshare boasts that of its 1.8 million customers – half a million are using “protect client”, a meta data cleaner and seamless plug-in for MS Outlook. When they use MS Outlook they have a feature called Send Link.  Uses the same MS Outlook configuration, and rather than sending the entire document, it sends a link. You can set it up for a group of users.  Logical next step is introduce to the cloud platform.

Catalyst – John Tredennick a trial lawyer for 20 years and a legal technologist for many more, John was convinced early on that content was going to continue to grow and that lawyers, law firms and corporate counsel need trusted, central repositories for data. Catalyst has twelve  years of experience.

The new product, Catalyst Insight, is a completely hosted, grid based (not SQL-based) system that can handle large varieties of data including Asian language data.  Catalyst Insight is completely SaaS.

John says, “It’s faster than anything we’ve ever done.” Insight is the new product. They have built everything in an XML data store.  Insight automates the entire eDiscovery process from one end to the other. It allows the ability to load raw data into the system, run searches, do early case assessment, predictive coding and review.  Without the need of service behind the seeds.

Catalysts’ free form searching is very intelligent. Lots of assistants built into the search engine.  The redaction tools built in.  Sexy communication tracker, charts of results – nice visual representation, charts, there is a very visual communication report that shows the links between communicators. There is also a faceted search.  I was impressed by the visualization of this product and the ability to find a needle in the haystack.

More from ILTA to come…


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