ILTA 2012 Redux – Wheeling and dealing has never been easier

As promised, I have more to report from the ILTA 2012 show. In fact, I could probably fill about six more blog entries, but in deference to time restraints, I’ll cover and cram as much as possible into this LexTekReport entry.

Each year I look forward to the results of the ILTA Purchasing Survey conducted in partnership with InsideLegal, the survey captures some good information about buying trends by law firms. 116 firms responded to the survey. It looks like purchasing overall is trending upward from 2009 and cloud products are being considered or already implemented by 32% of the respondents. 66% of respondents indicated they were buying iPads and 35% of the firms have some security in place to cover those iPads/tablets.  For more, you can download the survey as of the writing of this blog entry, the survey link was on the top left-hand side of the InsideLegal home page.

I spoke with several vendors – some exhibitors, some not – and here are the highlights from some of those conversations..

HighQ – I sat down with Michael Worth and Ajay Patel of High Q who told me all about their electronic deal room product called HighQ.  Not to be confused with Haiku, a poem consisting of seven/five/seven syllable lines (OK, I had too many English classes), HighQ has been adopted by 21 of the top 25 UK law firms and has been quickly adopted by ten major US firms. HighQ goes well beyond the capabilities of MS SharePoint when it comes to building and maintaining virtual deal rooms.  A complete SaaS product, HighQ offers fully functional document exchange with several levels of security and digital rights management.  HighQ also provides wikis, blogs, project management, and even social networking based on the “yammer” concept of social networking.

HighQ is positioned as a first solution for real estate, M & A and IP deals. A law firm can spin off several deal rooms, in fact, one Cleveland firm had 40 active sites running simultaneously.  You do not have to be technical to use HighQ and there is limited IT involvement required.  HighQ is ISO 27001-complaint.

As a bonus – here’s the HighQ haiku (and I’m not getting a kick-back for this – OK, Judge Alsup?):

leading provider

secure document exchange

equal to HighQ

I spoke with Kevin Jacobs a VP at DTI who tells me that DTI continues its mission of bringing managed review in-house and bundling reviews and services as a fixed-price offering.  DTI is combining assisted review technology and traditional review in-house.  Through first-pass, subsequent, privilege – law firms typically do it themselves.  DTI backs brute-force labor with technology and QC.

DTI recently acquired a small forensics company on the West coast – called Data Forte.  It was a talent-based acquisition in that Peter Garza, a renowned forensics expert came with the company.  DTI plans to continue growth in the area of forensics.

DTI has also seen growth in professional services and is getting more successful on selling services around eDiscovery, i.e.,  project management, consulting  and data analytics.  DTI is packaging pricing so it is reasonable as a full-service offering.

DTI focuses on the fact that eDiscovery is a process-based business – more important than the tools selected, and DTI pays close attention to workflow, processing and communication.

I sat down with Sue Pasield of Capensys who told me that Capensys has made some interesting breakthroughs in learning via mobile technologies.  Capensys teaches lawyers how to use computer applications, following attorneys’ work flow by offering training to match their daily practice.  Sue said that they cover tasks like, “This is how you want to work with your PDF before filing.  Here’s how to handle emailed attachments, etc.”  The training offered is a blend of elearning – videos and workshops.  Lawyers can learn on-demand.

The main breakthroughs that Capensys wanted to emphasize with me is that they have targeted how attorneys work and the training is available on a device.  Sue said that there is always a problem training lawyers in a law firm with the pressure of billing. Now with their use of iPads, iPhones & smartphones they can reach attorneys easily.  Capensys can cover most main applications used by lawyers – MS office, Acrobat, document management products, etc. and can customize the training.  Capensys began in the UK, has been in business for 4 years and is employee-owned.

I met with Dean Kuhlmann, VP, Business Develoment, of Lateral Data (a Xerox Company). Lateral Data was not exhibiting at ILTA 2012.  Dean told me about Viewpoint, an all-in-one eDiscovery product – major boxes in ERDM model, process and review, analytics and productions.  Product was built by Lateral data as a one-product solution. Dean said that, “Being in the business ourselves and trying to buy and combine several tools,  we decided to build own comprehensive product.  We have used the product for six years so it’s production-ready.  By building things into the product , there is no need to export or import to other products for the eDiscovery process.  It allows us to compete  with anyone in the process space.”  Dean goes on to say, ” We compete in the review space and we can stand side-by-side can stand up to Relativity in a ‘proof of concept’.  Every single time we’ve installed for a ‘proof of concept’ we have never lost.  Our product is more robust, attorneys like it better, and the anayltics are built-in.  We don’t nickle and dime – one license fee. ”

Viewpoint offers reduced license fees and end users are unlimited.  Analytics are bundled at no extra cost.  There are no royalty fees back to other vendors and no extra fees making it a budgetable product. Lateral Data has 35 clients worldwide since the 2010 roll-out.

It’s always exciting to meet a young entrepeneur at ITLA, and Justin Blessing of Compiled Services (not an ILTA exhibitor) who told me about their premier product ReadySuite, a quality control tool for the eDiscovery process. Justin’s background was as a member of the  practice support department of McGuire Woods where he was managing day-to-day eDiscovery in the hot seat for cases going to trial.

ReadySuite enables lawyers to thoroughly check their content before providing it to opposing counsel for review. All content can be ingested from their native formats directly into ReadySuite for review.  The visualization of the data makes it easy to redact data and mark items as privileged. ReadySuite will also catch documents added later in the mix.

Justin was very excited about the ReadySuite and seemed very pleased to be able to apply his background to build a successful tool for his former colleagues in the eDiscovery trenches.

Todd  Horst from First Advantage Litigation Consulting introduced himself to me. Todd has been with First Advantage for eight months and he is working on the effort of reintroducing company. Acquired by Symphony Technology in January of 2011 and in Nov 2011 the company separated First Advantage and First Advantage Litigation Consulting.  First Advantage (not Litigation Consulting) is in Human Resources support business as a supplier of services like background checks and drug testing.  First Advantage Litigation Consulting is a full-service Ediscovery consultancy.

Todd tells me that complex global litigation is the advantage (pun intended) of First Advantage Litigation Consulting over the competition.  Todd said, ” We have a lot of experience overseas. The largest matter we worked on was the Siemans FCPA matter – that provided us with a lot of experience in China and Germany  and several other jurisdictions around the globe.  We were able to handle very sophisticated matters involving multiple law firms, multiple languages  several project managers it was over 100 terabyte project.

I never have enough time to spend at ILTA – too much information is provided over the course of five days – that’s not a complaint, just a fact.  But this is all the time we have for coverage today.


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