Legal Futurists Project Consumer Styled Apps at LegalTech NYC 2013

It is not a coincidence when two different companies in entirely different sectors of the legal technology product market make the same prediction and put hard dollars behind it.  Throw another great mind with the same concept – and you have kismet.

Consumer apps are changing the face of legal technology.  This is not entirely new – we witnessed this at last year’s LegalTech NYC with the MyCase guys.  And I’ve seen glimpses in products before.  But two products just rolling out into the market now – HighQ and Cicayda‘s Fermata have the look and feel of social media, i.e. Facebook.  Both products serve different purposes.  The UK-based HighQ provides deal rooms for collaboration, Fermeta is a legal hold product for eDiscovery that is just the beginning of a suite of eDiscovery products.

Both of these products are SaaS, and both have flexible development teams behind them – who are willing to take a U-turn in their product roadmaps, if necessary to meet a market need.  Both companies involve their customers heavily in the development cycle and both promise to have success.  HighQ already has most of the large firms in the UK and Cicayda’s founders built CaseLogistix from the bottom up.

I had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from both companies today at the NYC LegalTech 2013 at the New York Hilton.  Roe Frazer, Managing Executive and partner with Jason Cox for Cicayda believes that there suite of eDiscovery products will be extremely price disruptive. They are offering an entirely different model that does away with pricy storage costs associated with eDiscovery.  Roe believes that through his experience with social media (he boast several important clients – Keith Urban, Stax Studios) that lawyers will be more comfortable with consumer-styled applications. They are focusing most on iPad development and Web apps.

High-Q is also focused on providing an interface that will work in any framework ,it’s Version 3 due out next quarter will fit to an iPad, iPhone, Android and web. It’s easy to spin up a deal room and provide a secure and collaborative area to share work with a client or clients.  The number of users appears to be nearly unlimited.  Law firms can skin the product with their own branding. The mobile version will be 100% as fully functional as their current version.

I met with a young futurist by the name of Eric Hunter who has helped his law firm of Bradford & Barthel to rethink collaboration through the use of Google Docs and Google+.  Eric talked about building spherical models of collaboration where traditional billing goes away, unstructured data is searchable, and where there can’t be a difference between strategic thinking and technology.  Are you scared yet?  Remember the earth was flat theory – well, there you go.  Business and collaboration is round, Silly! It appears that our friends mentioned above (HighQ and Cicayda) are grasping Eric’s theories – like all great minds, they got there at about the same time.

Eric is presenting at LegalTech NYC on Thursday in the Track 6: Information Governance in a Big Data World at 10:30 a.m. and at 12:15 p.m. Check out these new theories that will reshape the practice of law or possibly the technology will fit better to the practice and the strategies will drive the technology.  That might be nice for a change.

~ by CDLB on January 29, 2013.

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