Law Still Has to Be Practiced – More About Products at LegalTech New York 2013

Despite the over saturation of eDiscovery applications at LegalTech NYC 2013, some real work by lawyers still has to be done as it relates to their day-to-day law practice.  So lawyers and law firms still require software/web applications to get their work accomplished, right?  Here’s a few folks I talked to at the show that offer law practice products – some were exhibiting or sponsoring, some were just hanging out:

Roberta Gelb – Chelsea Office Systems

One such application is the ability to create templates for documents that require redundant information.  I spoke with Roberta Gelb of Chelsea Office Systems, who for 29 years has championed efficient document creation in workflow in law firms.

Roberta and her team can evaluate and identify document workflow, drilling down to how templates can be developed around standard language and what variable information can be handled in dialogue interfaces.  For instance, her team can take a trademark infringement process that originally took seventy-five minutes; and through the use of document workflow automation, can slim that process down to seven minutes.

Chelsea Office Systems handles a variety of legal document workflow, whether it’s letters of engagement, a criminal case, civil ligation, or pro bono work, Chelsea can provide some serious production improvements.  Ms. Gelb points out that in firms where they have increased productivity, staff have been refocused to expand business opportunities for the firms, i.e. branching out into different practices.

It is important to note that Chelsea Office Systems sponsored the CIO track at LegalTech.

Lori Page Hall – Levit & James

I spoke with Lori Page Hall who proudly works for Levit & James, the single best automation software for creating Tables of Authority.  Lori tells us that the much anticipated Version 3 is now released.  L & J had a very successful beta where they received tremendous feedback that led to some additions and enhancements.  The best of the enhancements is the ability to track citation revisions.  A user can see what’s new, what’s been changed and updated and makes it that much faster.

Through each software build of the beta L & J increased efficiency.  So much so that four hundred pages with thousands of citations will scan in just under two minutes.

Several clients are adopting the new version – many who participated the beta.  Updating training tutorials are available online and L & J is holding Web training classes.  L & J have always provided free Web training and video tutorials on demand.

Stay tuned as Version 3.1 is under consideration and development will begin soon based on the feedback from Version 3.

Kevin Harris – Orion Law Management

So if you’re practicing law and you want to get paid for it, you still have to bill your client, right?  But who’s sitting down in front of their PC these days?  Lawyers and staff on-the-go can now take advantage of iOrion, the IOS application interface that works on the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.  Kevin Harris of Orion Law Management told me that the new apps have more than doubled in use.  Lawyers and staff can get right to their Orion contacts, client/matters and bill their time. And when their making phone calls or initiating emails, they can run a ticker that will keep track of time spent. All of this will create a billing record automatically.

Orion 4.5, coming down the pike, will have expense reimbursement management, adding practice management and event (task) management among other great features.

Ray Zwiefelhofer – Worldox

One of my favorite guys to sit down with is Ray Zwiefelhofer of Worldox, mainly because he gets so darn excited about his company’s next product development venture.  Being a product development geek myself, I follow him, tail wagging.  Ray’s latest project is the Worldox for Mac.  Ray sees a significant trend in lawyers and staff moving toward iPads and Macs.  Ray is pretty good at figuring out what’s valuable to invest in, so Worldox is considering this strongly.  The question he poses is, “What would the tipping point be to adopt the Mac if a true Mac-based DMS was available?”  Now in development is a Mac version on the Cloud – Where Worldox will make the Isis indexer and Oracle viewer available.  Ray cautions that all of this is in the test phase and its success will determine whether Worldox will make it available to the marketplace.

Ray also reminded me of the new Worldox GX3 Cloud, which I covered in my LegalTech NYC 2013 preview post.

~ by CDLB on February 11, 2013.

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