ILTA 2013 – News from the trenches

There was more activity going on in the exhibit hall of this ILTA 2013 – Catalyst Conference in Las Vegas than in any casino I passed through.  I was pleased to see a great turn-out for the exhibitors and a lot of smiling faces.  It’s usually old home week for me as I run into many friends whom I refer to as “the usual suspects”.  There were many fresh faces too, and I had the opportunity to chat with several new friends too.  Here’s a recap of my conversations that cover their new product offerings:

Cavo ED/Humanizing Technologies – Booth 107

I met with George Witwer, the founder of Humanizing Technologies and Cavo ED, who made the discovery of a new search algorithm ten years ago that searches concepts, nouns and noun -phrases. He found that the use of his algorithm, one could create a conceptual profile of the document by where the info is located is in the document, a so-called fingerprint of a document. And that by creating that profile, you could search for conceptually similar documents. This would provide the ability for counsel to write a synthetic document (smoking gun) as a reference document to locate other similar documents.

Prior to four years ago Cavo focused on building out a search platform and learned that the larger collection of documents was, the more value the algorithm has. Cavo built a platform that processes data in a distributed way and provides an intelligent search over the collection in the end. Essentially a search platform for big unstructured data.

Four years ago, Cavo decided eDiscovery was the most appropriate market for the platform. This led them down the path to provide a single platform. They could provide different features to different situations and an effective interface over our product. Cavo ED covers the lifecycle of eDiscovery. All of this is accessible via a web browser that offers the complete sophistication of a full-blown eDiscovery product.

Most importantly it threads all of the information together in lieu of despondent work streams and thereby provides a more holistic approach to the eDiscovery process.

The final piece that lays over the eDiscovery intelligence engine is case management with budget forecasting that offers measures of productivity throughout the product. A library of process checklists can be utilized that provide best eDiscovery practices. Once you establish the checklist, you can budget against them and use that to forecast the cost of a case. You can marry a case plan with a case and all tasks flow into calendar – syncs with billing systems, accounts payable, and MS Outlook. Cavo ED also offers some sophisticated BI tools within this case management portion of the product.

Cavo ED are first-time exhibitors at ILTA and embarking on a soft launch to gather awareness and customers. Cavo has some customers that have been using the product in the sandbox. Cavo ED is offered in both SaaS and appliance models.

Workshare – Laureen Smith – Booth 602

I spent a few minutes with Laureen Smith and her team from Workshare. There was a lot of activity at the Workshare booth at ILTA this year. Workshare announced its release of Professional 8 that includes file sharing – a secure alternative to Dropbox. Key features customers have been asking for are also included in the new release like OCR capability for image based PDF and PDFA. The secure file sharing helps lawyers and associates to keep documents secure. Workshare had been working on developing policy engine around document security and the secure file sharing offering is a good example of that.

Workshare believes it understands the legal profession and wants to follow the current workflow of the legal professional in its integration with outlook and document management systems. Workshare works with the leading document management systems like OpenText, iManage, NetDocuments, Worldox, and MS SharePoint.

Workshare indicates that it provides all of its solutions under one umbrella, unlike its competitors; Box, Accellion and Citrix Share File. Workshare has security in mind.

Workshare professional costs $175 per user, per year. Just announced – if a customer is current on their license, the business edition of the secure file sharing option is provided at no additional cost. There is also an enterprise edition available at an additional cost.

Levit & James – Lori Page Hall – Booth 434

Lori informed me that Levit & James now has 80% of AmLaw 100 table of authorities market. And even with that kind of dominance they are still adding clients – including taking clients away from Lexis/Nexis – LMO – (Lexis for MS Office), Litera’s CitationWare. According to Lori, there are two reasons for this. One reason would be the depth of the product in what it can do and flexibility. The second reason would be that it’s easy to use, does a fantastic job and is supported by great customer service. L & J offers free training including live on- site, web training and video tutorials. Firms can download the videos and load them into their own learning management systems. Version 3.1 supports MS Office 2013.

Innovative Computing Systems – Steven Meyers – Booth 329

Steve Meyers informed me that Innovative Computing Systems was established 22 years ago in LA to support the IT infrastructure to the local legal market. In the past decade, ICS has expanded to San Francisco, Newport Beach and is looking to become nationally-focused. They are proving that commitment by setting up a centralized helpdesk in Austin, TX. ICS currently has 300 active clients that range from small law firm boutiques to AmLaw 100 firms. They also support some corporate legal departments for fortune 500 companies and educational institutions. ICS uses Amazon Web Services for its support platform and offer the full range of IT solutions and management.

In the past few years the legal IT market has become concerned with a hardware and software lifecylce of every three years. ICS works toward providing a operational expense model vs. a capital expenditure model. ICS helps firms to better deal with crippling expenditures of overbuilding and under serving to which IT departments are challenged.

ICS admits that certain applications might have to adopt a hybrid model. In other words, they may not all fit into the Amazon Cloud environment, but they are working to get most applications to be managed in that environment. They are working with various vendors like iManage/Autonomy, Microsoft and others to complete the goal of moving everything into a managed environment.

LawBase/Synaptec Software – Philip Homburger – Booth 604

Phil Homburger and I had a nice conversation about LawBase, a case and matter management system now in its 34th year. LawBase’s latest offering is the enhanced bidirectional integration with Microsoft Exchange and the availability of bidirectional integration with Worldox Document Management to its capabilities. LawBase was also touting its integration with Bellefield’s iTimeKeep, the highest rated app for legal time entry in the Apple App Store.

LawBase is fairly flexible can provide unique views at each client site. Cost based on perpetual, concurrent licensing, subscription model. LawBase offers professional services around the install, training and conversion. Online videos are provided. LawBase boasts well over 250 customers – from small to mid-range law firms and corporate legal departments.

Dave Glynn

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