Tinker, Lawyer, Justice, Spy – LegalTech NYC 2016

legaltech-logoIt’s that time of year again! At least the snow storm hit NYC a week earlier than usual so that this year’s LegalTech won’t be a big ‘if’ for visitors traveling to the Big Apple.  Weather looks clear at least for the first day – Tuesday, February 2nd – which kicks off with the Keynote session, “How is Technology Being Used in Today’s Court Rooms and Cases?” and features a panel of several US District Court Judges to talk about how they are using technology and some of the challenges they face.  “Cybersecurity and Data Espionage: Spy Stories for Lawyers” starts off day two featuring Eric O’Neill, Founding Partner of the Georgetown Group.  If you attend this one, they may have to kill you :).  And finally, day three is led by the keynote, “Private Network Servers, Deleted Emails & Texts and Other Controversies in the News“.  A host of other sessions will be offered on advanced eDiscovery topics, information and cloud-governance, risk management and regulatory compliance.  One of the spicier series of sessions is sponsored by Codex, the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology (LST), entitled, “Legal Disruption Lightning Rounds One and Two.  All of the session information is available online in the LegalTech sessions list.

LegalTech NYC is the first big tech show of the year and always includes big product announcements and launches.  Here is a preview of what you can expect to see in the LegalTech NYC exhibit hall – a complete list of exhibitors can be found here.  Here’s what’s to come:

JuraLaw (Booth 1521)

JuraLaw® from Law Bulletin Publishing Company will be rolling out its new mobile version of its cloud-based case, calendar and docket management product.  JuraLawyer™ provides firm lawyers with a view into their upcoming calendars and cases and allows them to send comments back to the firm’s docket professionals with regard to outcomes.  JuraLaw, the most innovative legal calendaring product available, is the first and only completely cloud-based docket management product. The JuraLawyer™ mobile app is the first of its kind and will greatly improve communication between lawyers and the docket department furthering risk aversion in the law firm.  Stop by JuraLaw Booth #1521 and experience the mobility of JuraLawyer™.

Inventus (Booth #507)

Inventus, LLC, a top-tier international legal process outsourcing (“LPO”) services provider to Fortune 1000 corporations, global law firms, and government agencies, announced that the company is launching Spotlight. Inventus Spotlight is a sophisticated business data analytics platform which provides clients with unparalleled insights into their litigation portfolio, enabling comprehensive outsourcing visibility, predictability and cost management.  Inventus will showcase Spotlight in booth #507.

Inventus Spotlight is an advanced business analytics application.  Aggregating data from various sources including Relativity, LAW and other third party applications, Spotlight gives clients real-time insight into their data and litigation portfolio.  This tool empowers clients to quantify the ROI on eDiscovery spend and better manage and predict the capital that goes into their eDiscovery budget.  Because data is presented in fully customizable charts and graphs, clients can now easily prepare law department budgets and executive level presentations. Spotlight is available on mobile devices and tablets providing clients with access into their data anytime and anywhere.

Omtool (Booth #310)

Omtool™, Ltd. (OMTL.PK), the trusted provider of document capture, fax and workflow solutions, will be demonstrating its popular AccuRoute Document Capture Platform solution at LTNY booth #310.

AccuRoute is used by law firms in many innovative ways, to scan and route current documents and also to digitize the records room, an increasingly popular request.  Omtool Executive Vice President Karen Cummings explains, “Many law firms are now facing the final frontier of document scanning – the records room. With AccuRoute, we are able to help them scan their entire records room contents directly into their DMS which provides the benefits of efficiency, searchability, cost savings and greater client responsiveness.”

This week, Omtool also publishes results of a survey entitled “Patterns and Trends in Digitizing Client Records at Law Firms.”  Conducted by ALM, the survey polled legal professionals to uncover trends in legal records scanning including whether firms were scanning, to what extent, what drove these initiatives, the benefits they realized, and what their future plans were.

The survey’s findings showed that 69% of firms were already scanning at least some records. Of those, the biggest benefits of implementing records digitization were increased efficiency (on locating and retrieving records), lower costs (related to storage, courier costs, office space requirements, etc.) and improved staff productivity. However, only 35% of them were scanning both current and historical records; most firms’ digitizing initiatives were limited to only current records.  65% of respondents had yet to digitize their records room, so law firms still have far to go in their quest to go paperless.

Catalyst (Booth #1411)

Catalyst, the leader in powerfully simple e-discovery, today announced its agenda for Legaltech NY 2016 that includes an opening night concert, “Rock More, Review Less,” a fund raiser for Equal Justice Works, and the plenary session on the first day of the show.
The Catalyst Legaltech Agenda

  • Throughout the show at Booth #1411, Catalyst will demonstrate Insight Predict, Legaltech’s 2015 new product of the year honoree, and discuss the launch of its new global forensic investigation and collection services, and how to lower the total cost of review
  • Catalyst will present the Day 1 Plenary Session, “TAR for Smart People: The Future of CAL,” on Feb. 2, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The session will discuss how to take technology assisted review to the next level, using it to enhance early case assessment, quickly find key documents in inbound productions, protect privilege and more. Speakers will be John Tredennick, CEO and founder, Catalyst; Diane Barry, assistant attorney general/e-discovery, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office; Dera J. Nevin, director, E-Discovery Services, Proskauer Rose LLP; Daniel J. Polatsek, partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP; and, Sharyn M. Procaccio, vice president, assistant general counsel, Hunt Companies
  • Catalyst will also be releasing the second edition of “TAR for Smart People.” Revised and expanded, the second edition has new chapters focused on learning about TAR and CAL, along with new case studies that reinforce the power of TAR 2.0 systems, and updates on TAR case law with the latest decisions. This edition also reflects comments from readers that led to the updated and clarified sections. Available in hard copy or eBook format at the booth.
  • Opening night party, “Rock More, Review Less,” an informal event with live music, all to benefit Equal Justice Works – a non-profit network dedicated to the mission of creating a just society by mobilizing the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice – on Feb. 2, 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., in the West Grand Ballroom. The event is co-sponsored by Catalyst’s partners DSicovery, Ricoh, BIA, Brainspace, The Claro Group, the Document Control Group, Innovative Discovery, and ALM

Venio Systems (Booth #1994)

At Legaltech 2016, Venio Systems is launching VenioOne, the latest incarnation of its flagship end-to-end e-discovery platform. As a single, end-to-end platform, VenioOne is designed to reduce risk and cost while increasing speed to completion of discovery projects, as data need not be transferred from one system to another, so it cannot be lost in transit. There is also a cost savings because there is no need to buy multiple software products and an end-to-end platform also improves project workflow, as documents that have been culled out stay in the system, in case they are needed later due to a change in trial strategy or key words.

BQE Software (Booth #1520)

BQE Software, Inc., a world leader in time, billing, accounting and project management software, has released powerful updates for BillQuick® Legal 2016 to accelerate the efficiency, effectiveness and convenience of legal time tracking and billing. The new features in BillQuick Legal 2016 enable attorneys and legal professionals to effortlessly organize matters and manage accounts payable. BQE Software will offer demonstrations of the solution during Legaltech New York in booth number 1520, February 2-4. Designed to help attorneys and legal professionals optimize processes for maximum results, the new features for BillQuick Legal 2016 focus on automation, efficiency and technical excellence.

LawBase (Booth #311)

LawBase is launching LawBase 12.5 at Legaltech New York Feb. 2-4. The product will be available for viewing at booth #311 or private demos are being offered in the company’s suite. LawBase 12.5 includes a new workflow editor, customized tool tips, improvements to LBConcierge automation tool and Exchange integration, enhanced html and rich text data types, and improved product update distribution method.

LawBase is a powerful and configurable case and matter management solution, known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software that maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

TCDI Fox (Booth #1311)

TCDI is launching Fox, an affordable end-to-end discovery solution for the legal industry at Legaltech New York. Fox brings together data processing, complex databases, workflows and review strategies in one simplified SaaS product to streamline the review process for the midtier corporate and law firm market. Fox ensures all cases are given access to the best available technology, including CAAT® analytics, at predictable pricing so they can be properly litigated and defended on merit.

In addition to having demos of Fox available in its booth (#1311) at Legaltech New York, the company is partnering with ALM to bring a Fox Hunt to the event. Attendees will receive texts throughout the event to learn more. More information is available at www.tcdifox.com.

LawStudio by Veritext (Booth #1515)

Veritext will be demonstrating LawStudio – its new secure, cloud-based collaboration platform built especially for the legal industry and released this past fall. Veritext is also offering Legaltech attendees a special introductory offer of $99 per user per month when users sign on for a one-year subscription.

BigHand (Booth #1404)             

BigHand’s  productivity technology offers enterprise digital dictation, mobility applications, speech recognition, document creation, formatting, and metadata management software applications; giving professionals proven business applications that enable them to increase operational efficiencies and reduce overhead costs. BigHand also provides a workflow management solution that allows businesses to use BigHand’s extensive workflow, priority and collaboration tools to digitize and manage the document production and task delegation processes. This enables clients to attain greater visibility over their workload and benefit from greater efficiency through increased collaboration.

UnitedLex (Booth #2104)

UnitedLex (Booth #2104) will be showcasing its industry-leading legal and cyber risk strategies and solutions as well as their just-announced Total Project Cost Guarantee supported by its QuestioTM Discovery Service. In addition, UnitedLex will be discussing results from their Legal Department Operations Survey being released at the conference and trends that will have significant industry impact in 2016. See additional detail below.

  • Announcement of a Total Project Cost Guarantee: In response to the growing concern around rising legal spend, UnitedLex has announced a Total Project Cost Guarantee supported by its QuestioTM Discovery Service. As part of that guarantee, UnitedLex promises to deliver better and faster results at a fixed-fee price point – enabling greater cost predictability and a significant reduction of legal spend compared to vendors who price eDiscovery services using unit rates.
  • Total Project Cost & Performance Guarantees: The “old way” of pricing e-discovery services (per-gigabyte pricing, hourly rates and unrealistic estimates) is being replaced by the “new normal”: a focus on total project cost, fixed fees and performance guarantees. A recent ALM study found that a majority of respondents preferred “total cost” arrangements vs. negotiating lower unit rates, as the latter fails to provide the desired cost-cutting results.
  • Continued M&A in 2016: With recent acquisitions such as Consilio/Huron, DTI/Merrill, Epiq/Iris, legal tech companies need to demonstrate continuous positive valuation through innovation and differentiation or they will be ripe targets for consolidation.

In addition to the above topics, UnitedLex will be hosting a track, The “New Normal”: Coping with Today’s Leaner, Meaner, More Demanding Legal Environment, on Wednesday February 3. The track will include three sessions: 1) Transforming Your Legal Department into a Profit Center; 2) Slashing E-Discovery Costs: Innovative Approaches and New Pricing Models; and 3) Cyber Security: GCs on the Front Lines. We hope you will participate in one or more of these informative sessions.

Opus 2 (Booth #1304)

Building on the momentum of consistent triple digit growth rates, prestigious industry awards, a series of technical innovations, and surging use of its technology among US law firms, The US division of Opus 2 International (opus2.com), a worldwide litigation services and software development company, today announces the company’s plans for exhibiting at the LegalTech New York 2016 conference. Opus 2 intends to showcase two significant new developments for LegalTech attendees in Booth #1304:

  1. Opus 2 Magnum 6.0 empowers law firms with firm-wide transcript and case analysis software in a private cloud. At LegalTech New York, the company will officially launch enterprise licensing for Opus 2 Magnum with the release of Version 6.0 of its cloud-based platform for collaboration on transcripts, documents, key facts and attorney work product. Opus 2 Magnum 6.0 enables law firms to leverage the award-winning transcript and case analysis software on a strategic, firm-wide basis. Magnum 6.0 continues to drive workflow efficiency and empower case team members with better tools for managing work product, and it includes new functionality that will enable law firms to self-manage aspects of the tool and leverage it across all cases, while still gaining the advantages of a private cloud-based service. Demonstrations may be pre-booked by sending your preferred date and time to info@opus2.com.
  2. Opus 2’s blend of cutting-edge software, state-of-the-art infrastructure and industry-tested collaborative tools fuels a richer M&A experience. By appointment, Opus 2 will offer exclusive previews of its soon-to-be-released deal room of the future. This modern VDR will redefine how sensitive information is secured, accessed, reviewed and shared during 21st century transactions. It will streamline due diligence and give sellers unprecedented confidence throughout the process. To schedule an exclusive preview with Opus 2 legal consultant and product manager, Charlie Harrel, please send your preferred date and time to info@opus2.com.

NetDocuments (Booth #513)

Earlier this week, NetDocuments, the leading native cloud/SaaS-based document and email management service for law firms and corporate legal departments, announced its products’ integration with DocuSign Inc.’s eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform. SignatureBridge, a middleware technology developed by NetDocuments technology partner Trumpet, Inc., will deliver seamless, end-to-end digital signature and cloud-based document and email management for law firms and corporate legal departments. SignatureBridge addresses the needs of law firms and corporations who use NetDocuments and want the ability to “close the loop” as they route documents digitally for approval and electronic signature via DocuSign. Streamlining the process of managing digital signatures while securing transaction documents within the confines of the document management service ensures that security, compliance, and encryption are maintained while the digital signature takes place – this is a critical piece of firms’ overall information governance practices. In addition to showcasing the latest technology/third party integrations, NetDocuments will be hosting an invitation only executive briefing for large firm CIOs to provide an update on a record fourth quarter that saw the addition of 130 new NetDocs customers. NetDocs leaders will provide updates on the company’s expanding Microsoft alliance; current firm security and governance challenges and how NetDocs is addressing them; an update on the company’s predictive email management technology, and review of ndOffice, its embedded MS Office integration. Visit NetDocuments at #LTNY16 booth #513.

Zapproved (Booth #1400)

At LegalTech NY, Zapproved, creators of the Z-Discovery platform and Digital Discovery Pro, will be demonstrating a significant technological advancement in electronic discovery. Zapproved is breaking the data access barrier with 1TB/hour processing with Digital Discovery Pro. Digital Discovery Pro offers corporate legal teams immediate access when responding to litigation or conducting investigations. As SaaS based software built from the ground up, Digital Discovery Pro takes full advantage of cloud computing by tapping into the power of parallel processing, first pioneered in supercomputing. The software applies the amount of computing power required to accomplish any task quickly. The technology gives in-house legal teams unprecedented control, efficiency, and affordability over discovery.
Additional Show Highlights:

  • Mini-Survey Results: Zapproved will also be discussing the newly released findings of a mini survey they conducted on in-house legal staff’s use of and experiences with E-discovery Data Processing and Review.
  • Updates on Legal Hold Pro, Data Collect Pro, & the Z-Discovery Platform.

Lex Machina (Booth #100)

At LegalTech New York, Legal Analytics® creator Lex Machina will be previewing an exclusive new feature that dramatically improves the quality and accuracy of government-supplied attorney data for District Court cases. The new Attorney Data Engine is designed to enhance attorney information from PACER, which can be inaccurate, missing, or flat-out wrong. Attorney Data Engine enables lawyers to correctly identify which attorneys were associated with a specific case, and what role they played, so that they can better formulate winning legal strategies.


Earlier this week, DocsCorp, a global leader in integrated document workflow solutions and technologies, announced plans to deliver a new, cloud-based capability that will be called DocsCorp Cloud. In addition, DocsCorp will publish new Add-Ins that will extend the functionality of cleanDocs and compareDocs within Office 365.

The new solutions will be hosted on public cloud platform Microsoft Azure. The DocsCorp Cloud-based versions of cleanDocs and compareDocs will not replace desktop editions of these products, but will provide clients with additional options and a greater degree of flexibility in accessing DocsCorp technologies from devices such as Surface Pro, iPad, Mac, and web browsers. DocsCorp will continue to develop and enhance its suite of Windows-based desktop products, including contentCrawler and pdfDocs in addition to cleanDocs and compareDocs. The company is also in discussions with key partners in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management System (DMS) space about integrating their software with the DocsCorp Cloud.

Also, DocsCorp will be announcing enhanced integration between its suite of document productivity tools for PDF creation and editing, document comparison and metadata removal with iManage Work 9.3 and iManage Share at next week’s LegalTech New York (LTNY).

iManage Work and iManage Share are leading work product management solutions for professionals. iManage Share is the fastest and easiest way to secure share work product, such as documents, images and spreadsheets, from inside iManage Work. iManage Share fully integrates with iManage Work, Microsoft Outlook and the key legal productivity tools from DocsCorp, such as cleanDocs, to enable users to share and collaborate on business-critical documents in a way that maintains security and complies with industry standards on data governance, including audit control and tracking.

DocsCorp is not exhibiting at LTNY, but several executives will be attending so for more information or to schedule an in-person meeting at the show, email info@docscorp.com.


Lecorpio, the leader in intellectual property (IP) management and analytics software solutions, will be attending LTNY next week. Earlier this week, the company released results from a Patent Program Benchmarking Survey conducted to measure how companies are actively engaging with inventors, how they are communicating with them, and how they are rewarding them.

Elisa Cooper, VP of Marketing at Lecorpio, explains, “As expected, the survey shows that most IP-focused companies are financially rewarding their inventors at patent milestones including invention disclosure, patent filing, and issuance. However, we were surprised to learn that only 58% of respondents are tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gauge quality, quantity and efficiency since corporate executives are often keenly interested in accountability derived by objective metrics.”

For more information about the Lecorpio survey or to schedule an in-person appointment during LTNY, email marketing@lecorpio.com.

Handshake Software

Handshake Software recently unveiled its integration partnership with the legal research platform Ravel Law. The strategic integration between the two companies’ products will significantly improve users’ Microsoft SharePoint-based search experience, underpinning Handshake Software’s “All knowledge. One place” approach to developing a comprehensive legal Knowledge Management (KM) technology solution. The integration combines Ravel Law’s powerful tools including interactive visualizations and analytics with Handshake Software’s SP Bridge, which extends SharePoint Search to a firm’s enterprise search platform and creates an environment where users can easily find and review critical firm data, firm expertise as well as on-premise and online legal research materials. This creates a powerful set of search results that allow an attorney to more effectively manage both the business and practice of law in a single environment. Lawyers, CIOs and Knowledge Management professionals want one system to deliver one-stop KM information to their users and Handshake Software delivers. This news comes a month after Handshake announced its integration with West km, the Thomson Reuters knowledge management platform. The integrations enable lawyers whose firms use Handshake to directly search West km from within their firm intranets. Visit the Handshake team at the Law Firm Chief Information and Technology Officers Summit 2016 #LFCIO16.

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